March 18 2024
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes: 195.575

A small patch to correct some fishing/construction issues and adjust message in a bottle quest rewards.

♦ Repeatable quest reward from Paezer for those who have completed fishing quest for every 7 scroll quests. If you cancel you lose your progress towards the reward.
♦ Removed a cave exit egg in Gauntlet.
♦ Fail confirmation message for banana leaf gathering.
♦ Horse Tie requires a blue print to place to prevent animal cruelty.
♦ Sledgehammer degrade and destroy in same turn will no longer destroy the returned item as well.
♦ Added prints/sysmsg for loot altar for those brave enough to make the entire server angry with them.
♦ Updated gauntlet sign details -> 5 event tickets.
♦ Updated gauntlet reward info from NPC says correct amount of 10 mil gold for final reward.

March 11 2024
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes: 195.568

♦ Removed double degrade for Carbon Filet Knife; skinning knife uses dex and skill level to determine degrade which may be slightly more frequent than before.
♦ Some breadcrumbing for artraxis quest; npcs in Duremar will give info.
♦ Bel's thinking cap ppd set to silver instead of red.
♦ Made Valinor basement music different than above to prevent loss of music when switching Maps.
♦ Added some barrels to Valinor undead outpost for stashing stuff.
♦ Expanded check for raft in Duprik's dialogue to include the ToF raft offer deed.
♦ Removed incorrect prints in newbie leadership trainer.
♦ Quest typo "breatehs".
♦ Quest Stage was wrong for Half Empty or Half Full quest.
♦ Frieda's taming list (added nor. warlord to flayer, added commoner to all tamable).
♦ King Lotor's Lake timed fishing quest was not giving exp.
♦ Added consume for blueprints for thrones.
♦ Gauntlet work.
♦ Added Magic Skinning Knife to Talazarian Infiltrators.
♦ Reduced Pristine Blue Scale drop rate off Greater/Young Blues.
♦ Fix for gatherer's cloak - will allow to double any resource obtained from lobster traps.
♦ Upped rate on bottles and maps with quest completion and a special buff.

March 5 2024
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes: 194.561

♦ Blood Lich now tameable.
♦ Guildstone particle effect should decay/not stick around forever.
♦ Fix for gauntlet.
♦ Added another name to fallen warrior memorial - Master Mike.
♦ Tackle Box and Message in a Bottle can now be used from boat.
♦ Removed buoy spawn that was too close to GDI land.
♦ Reduced degrade chance on Carbon Knife to about 30%.
♦ Valinor items all adjusted to have 500 item health.
♦ Fixed erroneous tooltip for Banana Pie.
♦ Fix in print for newbie blunt trainer.
♦ Ruby's chat with player has a weird # in it.
♦ Duprik will accept raft DEEDS instead of raft obj itself.
♦ Fix for guild vaults not being able to be stored.
♦ Fix for particle effect shmear on guildstone pink particle.
♦ Corgeryn typo.
♦ Adjust to fishing pole chances on some quest stages that were too punishing.
♦ Grammar fix in Midnight warrior quest.
♦ Mage chair deed now droppable as the other pieces are.
♦ Fixed some areas of graal's dragon cave that dragons could spawn into walls.
♦ Exterior Plant 4 given its own unique plant type; was being turned into house plant 4 when stored.
♦ Fixed issue where player couldn't progress if using a mask on corgeryn's quest.
♦ Fixed chance to get silver if ToF disabled and you have level 100 mining.
♦ Fixed dialogue issue with Paezer's quest.
♦ Increased restore kit values from 5/25/50 to 10/50/100 for a total change from 150 > 300.
♦ Reduced item degrade to 10 from 20 (was 5).
♦ Guild chat color fix.

March 2 2024
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes: Construction / Fishing Update - 3.2.2024

Major work was done on the construction system to make it possible to store your player home or guild hall in the event of a foreclosure with the opportunity to then replace those homes after re-subscribing, for a gold cost. Our growing player base and real estate market also necessitated the creation of a new map layer just for homes/halls. The work done allowed us an opportunity to expand our support tools to assist guilds in the event of a leader who goes missing or is deleted, and our support team can search all guild information, an option previously not available.

IMPORTANT: For the first 30 days after this patch, we are not enabling foreclosures to happen. You will possibly still receive messages about it. But you will need to make sure you are up to date on your VIP subscription on or before April 1, 2024.

✧ New Housing Menu (Z button)
♦ Shows your current homes, locations, and construction status (in progress/livable/foreclosed) along with VIP expiration date down to the minute.
♦ Login messages to inform you of VIP subscription time if you are within 30 days of expiration. Once subscription expires, there is a grace period of 30 days before the house is removed/stored.
♦ Allows you to replace your last foreclosed/destroyed home for a gold cost:
• Home replacement: 15,000,000
• Guild Hall replacement: 150,000,000
♦ Admin capability of providing additional support for housing related issues.

✧ New Map Layer
♦ Travel to the housing map by portals placed outside Parian, Krog, Josody, and from within Lotor’s Summer Palace. Each corresponds to a new city. See #dev-blog on Discord for more details.
♦ Themed areas of interest to set up your house or guild hall.
♦ Minimap now show location of your guild or player hall (while you are on that map), also calls an uber for you if you’d had a bit too much Lotor’s Pale Ale.

✧ Construction Additions
♦ Drinks that boost skills and orbs available for sale from various towns in the new housing map. Bendy straws not included. Other fun and useful things for sale in these new shops.
♦ Some new NPCs that offer fun perks and other enjoyable side activities, such as insulting you, trying to get you to buy an extended warranty on your artifacts, questionable birthday celebrations, revealing your fortune, staring at you blankly.
♦ Trophies from bosses and normal mobs that can be placed in your hall with use of Blueprint, a new token store item. We will gradually be rolling out more of these. Boss trophies are generally no drop, if your guild needs to know for drop rules.

Added information from dev-blog (— 03/04/2024 9:23 PM) about Trophy Hunting.
A few spoilers for those hunting for the new trophy items. I'm not going to post the looks for them all but I will say they might be some of my favorite new additions to the game. You can see a sample of the BoneSnarl trophy in above posts.

Note: Boss trophies are NO DROP to discourage camping. Everything else can drop from a normal creature or a boss creature if one exists in the set - for ex, various werewolf types have a chance to drop the werewolf trophy as does Ignis. Arllandah and the high level storm giants will drop the Storm Giant trophy.

Note part two: Some of the trophies must be placed on west sides of walls. Some may only be placed on North walls. Some are free-standing. Some are also containers.
• Bonesnarl
• Frump
• Chomper
• Zule
• Nithhogr
• Lich Prince
• Mack Mack
• Mannabrotur
• Great White Shark

• Triddle
• Imp
• Rotten Zombie
• Werewolf
• Death Tyrant
• Storm Giant
• Not the complete list...
Happy Hunting!

♦ New crafted containers that can be placed in your house/hall and placed with Blueprints.
♦ Vouchers – deeds that allow you to make/store/giveaway new containers (crafted with various tradeskills, for ex, voucher for a feather box made with carpentry).
♦ Horse Tie object (placed with Deed, existing item) allows you to summon temp farm animals.

Major changes were made to fishing to allow for more meaningful progression through the skill. This included a rework of fishing chances, bonuses to fishing equipment, and an entire line of fishing quests including standalone and repeat quests.

✧ New fishing quest line starting with Paezer in Whisperdale (requires the Silvest quest from Ceric and level 5 fishing to start).
♦ One quest every 10 levels to bring players through fishing up to level 90, with an ending master quest.
♦ Message in a Bottle: no drop repeatable fishing quests unlocked at skill level 20.
♦ Treasure Maps: Unlocked upon reaching master quest line; see below for more info.

✧ New fishing equipment including but not limited to:
♦ Casting Nets (sewn with 5 imbued malacinth at level 50 tailoring, req level 40* flycasting to use).
♦ Tackle Box (obtainable during quest).
♦ Waders (obtainable during quest).
♦ Other fun and silly possibly useless items to fill your banks.
♦ Two new followers.

✧ New fish types; at this time they cannot be roasted.
✧ Treasure Maps: a no drop item that does not stack. May only have 1 active at a time. Dig at random coordinates using a Treasure Trowel (crafted with 3 Heartwood at level 53); chance for spell scrolls, useful new items, garbage, fishing equipment, and some very rare things. Requires you to be at start of the master quest to obtain or use them (90+ fishing).
✧ Fishing Tournament reviewed/updated
♦ Announcements given and time left in event presented when signing up.
♦ Contest lasts 2 hours now instead of indefinitely.
♦ Contests can be started by players with 10 event tickets.
♦ Record your wins and win while online; collect at any time after winning.

✧ Gatherer’s Cloak works with lobster traps/oyster buckets.
✧ Fishing Lures adjusted (hp down, rarity up); cooldown on lures to discourage macroing.
✧ Fishing art in general was reviewed and updated (SoC fish, mystical marlin).

Added information from dev-blog (— 03/04/2024 5:05 PM) about Fishing Quest.
Since the release of fishing quest, I thought it might be helpful to post a mini guide as you work through puzzles, which are a prominent feature of this quest.

• Make sure to read carefully what the NPCs are telling you. If you missed the speech, you can access it in your chat logs. In most cases NPCs will repeat a similar or condensed version if you speak with them again.
• There is a pattern to some of the quests; do not overthink them. They will be in similar areas/regions for the most part.
• Make sure to speak to lots of NPCs in the area where you are questing. They should give you clues.
• If you finish a quest, speak to the NPC Paezer and he will give you advice on what to do next.
• Most of the NPCs involved with the quest are located near water, docks, ponds, and so on.
• Your alignment and choices impact the dialogue and story a little bit; depending on how you treat some NPCs you might get a different reward or a different outcome - or a different quest requirement.
• I added alternate ways to complete some of these quests, but you must discover them.

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

Our design team reviewed SoC in general and decided some changes would assist with progression and pvp flow. In addition, there is a new quest in honor of Chaos Season 9 winner (D/BT) Midnight. That quest begins in Rahura. It is a difficult quest.

✧ GDI got a small redesign to allow hunting, including Graal’s cave, without ToF.
✧ Some items associated with that area that were marked ToF are now marked SoC.
✧ A new dragon type was added along with a few new weapons.
✧ Tunnels and land bridges added to alleviate PVP chokepoints and create some circulation to GDI and dragon lands; see maps details below for more info on where those are located.
✧ Wurms added to other spawn areas South of Khafra, on the Artonian island, and in tunnels to GDI from north of Rahura.
✧ Watcher entrance changed; watcher now above ground near the portal entrance, a new exit added to blue level to lava field, stone stairs exit behind portal entrance.

The Gauntlet Event is now released and available for you to enjoy at your own leisure for 5 event tickets. Enter without any items equipped or in backpack (yes, you have to remove your own frickin’ boat) and attempt to survive a maze of increasingly difficult creatures with only a few pots, bandages and one very brave flame arrow. The farther in you go, the greater the prize! To enter, speak to the Armsmaster in South Parian (just east of the South Parian Bank, near the weapons shop).

NOTE: We will enable this event once things are settled from patch as it costs tokens to run.

Leadership was redesigned to make it more simple to obtain followers with the whips etc and make them more helpful. Several weapons were retrofitted for the Druid class which summon followers (see below for details). Many require a Druid build or something similar.

✧ No longer requires a certain orb to tame creatures. What you tame depends on player level only. Except high-level giants; those require Frieda’s Flayer.
✧ Number of creatures you can tame is a flat/fixed value of 2 at leadership skill 30, 3 at 60.
✧ New item to help instruct; leadership guidebook; obtain at weapons shops.
✧ Changes to many existing weaps to allow better progression for druids (evenly split STR/DEX/INT builds that focus on leadership and mixed melee/magic):
♦ Cedar Staff of Druid
♦ Spellshrieker Sabre
♦ Scimitar of the Scorpion (guess what it summons!)
♦ Gazegouger Bladestaff
♦ Staff of the River Serpent (not a serpANT)
♦ Bow of Nature (summons a level 100 Rick Flair)

Since this was such a long turnaround, and some of the team had extra time, we also fixed and adjusted a number of other bugs and design issues. See below.

Reminder: If you haven’t done so to pay a visit the memorial section of LSP. We sadly updated it to include a player whom many of you knew and played together with on the Legends server, Mr. Brownstone, who passed recently. If there are other names to be added to this area, please let us know.

♦ Bonesnarl nerfed slightly, given a new ring and trophy.
♦ Minor adjustments added Full Metal Ore chance to Ignis, Tangled Hide chance to Greenteeth, slightly increased Ghast chance to drop Spectral Cloth.
♦ Reduced drop chance of misc magic table on lower lvl mobs that drop them.
♦ Reduced Arrow Resistance on several monsters:
• Greater Skeleton 80% -> 30%
• Large River Caiman 75% -> 35%
• Zombie Gorilla Guardian 75% -> 45%
• Fire Elemental 50% -> 30%
• River Caiman 50% -> 25%

♦ Gelatinous Cubes changed to Solo tag.
♦ Reduced resistances from 100% to 80-85% for Hound of Cerebus and Carrion Feeder.
♦ Python Stats and difficulty raised slightly.

♦ New player tombstone marker on the map for added visibility.
♦ Fixed some swamp water where Matriarchs can spawn in and summon player into swamp.
♦ Fixed a few areas at orc reaver mining entrance where players can get trapped.
♦ Fixed several mountain areas where flying creatures could spawn in and get stuck.
♦ Slight redo of GDI expanded, tunnel added from North of Rahura.
♦ Land bridge from wurms gate added to relieve PVP chokes somewhat.
♦ Additional exit on blue dragon level, changes to the entry level design.
♦ Fix for dragons caves; lots of black areas and out of place chunks backfilled.

♦ Various craft tools/resources marked properly.
♦ Tailor trainer gives more info about how to get wool if player speaks again.
♦ Fix for newbie leather crafter (was looking at any kind of crafted, not specifically leather leggings.
♦ Fix for chef's cap not degrading on failed mix.
♦ Mystic orb of alchemy working again; now no drop.
♦ Allowing players to farm malacinth in greater quantities underground.
♦ Golih quest req 35 instead of 25 now.
♦ New high level alchemy potion which will allow you to change your skin color: Potion of Skin Change. You must find the recipe. Locked to your race type skin colors only.
♦ Carbon filet knife no longer craftable; must hunt! Less HP on knife as well.

♦ Reduced respawn of Talazarian spies.
♦ Raised Dark Guardian encounter limits.
♦ Shadow dragons added to blue level.
♦ Adjust to GDI and Blues L1 next to Anby (more spawns).
♦ More wurm spawns (artonian island, coast >> of Lava Mold, tunnel to GDI).

♦Fixed missing Jewelry family for Warding Amulet of the North, Lotor's Wedding Ring, Wyvern's Eye, The Warlord's Essence.
♦Removed King Kobolds drops outside of his spear. Made King Kobold Spear no-drop /no value.
♦Fix for stats on ring of cyclops artifact; mismatch between tooltip and stats.
♦Newbie mage gear (sash/rings) given slight boost.
♦All sickles are now 1-handed weapons.
♦Adjusted damage and speed on Axe of Cleaving and Champion Axe.
♦Fix for Thrakk's Guantlets to make the naming convention more orc intellect appropriate.
♦Removed ability to accidentally sell some irreplaceable items (quest items etc).
♦Ring of Northwind adjust to make it a more exciting quest reward.
♦Voidhammer adjust.
♦Removed 400 mage skill req on Hammer of the Ancient Gods.
♦Sword of Ryonkah req 70 STR/INT, 6 rune slots.
♦Adjust to Wyvern Scale and Pristine Dragon Sets.
♦Ettin hide reduced to level 40req, inc drop rates.
♦Removed STR req on swashbuckler set.
♦Neptune INT req lowered to 70.
♦Wyvern Scale set req level 110.
♦Warmage’s Fury req 70 INT; proc rate adjusted.
♦Deathmaul proc rate adjusted up some.
♦The Burning Ring: added +10 Crit Blast.
♦Several containers could not be used from a boat, now should work (most new containers, Santa’s big Sack, Cavendish’s Cauldron, Scroll Case, etc).

♦ Misery spell changes; is now a damage spell with minor heal, better exp return.
♦ Disruption now requires line of sight.

♦ Additional faction checks in neutral quest; was not including all possible faction types (there are 3 neutral possibilities).
♦ Fixed quest skill reward in the Krog Fishing quest to reward FlyCasting (was giving "Fishing" which is the category not subcategory).
♦ Added progress update prints for defaced lizard totem quest (Vesos).
♦ Newbie trainer quests on Valinor are no longer bugged in various ways; can be taken simultaneously/not abandoned. Rewards made consistent regarding stage. Upped gold rewards. Leadership gives bandages + gold.
♦ New Quest (go find it!) allows players to gain ability to change their hairstyle from bald to bald or bald to Mohawk, or Mohawk back to bald, which are the only two acceptable hairstyles. Moustaches not included.
♦ Min Level on Dransik Trading Mercenary quests set to 40.

Junk Drawer
♦ Fixed alignment of Captain Rictor match town alignment.
♦ Fixed typo in item restore tools - "minium" and "maximun".
♦ Fix for a few innkeepers who did not have the location check on binding soulstone.
♦ Updated print to player for consistency: Farmers Ring > Farming Ring.
♦ Typo in Lightning bolt spell ("lighting bolt").
♦ Wrong quest group for a scroll quest.
♦ Lots of “flavor” npcs added in various cities to liven the world and instruct player, plus a few new fun things for you to find/use/acquire: Valmond, Hammerfist, Duremar, Meroven, Khafra, Chlera.
♦ 10 bandages added to Lord Trembley’s welcome kit, and a coupon for all you can eat spider legs.
♦ Added gold value to Pirate Earring.
♦ Scroll of the Foul Horde check for newbie flag, and it was made more a touch more foul.
♦ Some spell scrolls can be purchased from select mage shops/temples (Silvest, Krog, Whisperdale, Parian, LC, Jos). Scroll of Isos/Veldan/Ulthien’s blessing reduced to 5 charges, retail for 2.5M gold.
♦ Spell Scroll’s final use no longer locks you in conversation.
♦ Removed bonus alacrity +15 dex from minor spell scroll.
♦ GMs can now notify you that they paid a visit and left a message.
♦ Thanksgiving event modified some.
♦ Jail enhancements, GM Jail additions for chronic, cruel and tragic shenanigans; does not include pistol whipping for mentioning word shenanigans.
♦ Trash Barrel informs player of what happens to items put inside of it.
♦ Throwing Nets check for level diff – can only be used by someone within 20 levels of you.
♦ No more disparin’ during the KoT event; KoT’s should not cast spells on each other like a pair of rascals.

A few changes/fixed to note that was forgotten in above notes:
♦ Flourish is now a 4-slot spell.
♦ Ignore feature is now working properly (/i +FujiQ) for ex or (/i -FujiQ) or (/i)


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