January 21 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 01.21.2023 - Post SOC Patch

Just a bit of cleanup on spawns, drops, items, and the gauntlet event.

❄ New Item: The Prime Fist
❄ Fixed typo in Legendary Wok stamina text.
❄ Stat mismatch corrections - tooltips now accurate:
  • ➘ Calamity Wake boots +8 DEX
  • ➘ Ritual Sheers +22 INT and +8 CON
  • ➘ Evil Council Leggings +9 CON
  • ➘ Robe of Dark Rites +20 STR and +28 INT
❄ Symboled Blade of Destruction proc adjustment
❄ Adjustments to Dirk/Sabre/Axe of Many Souls proc effects
❄ +100% Soul damage to Dirk/Axe/Sabre of Many Souls
❄ Oleander bloom marked SoC
❄ Adjusted Lotorian Dungeon drop tables slightly to add Talazarian Emblem to the lower tier KC/EEO/BL/LP tables. This means mini-bosses now have a chance to drop these spawning items.
❄ Adjusted drop of Rune of Shalox up some on the mobs that currently have it (design here is that you are not meant to get entire set unless you hunt after or do quest multiple times).

❄ Lord Cerebus respawn time reduced and randomized. Still a trigger chance to spawn, but duration between respawns has been halved to allow two chances minimum per dungeon pass timer.
❄ The Prime Creation has been given a shorter and randomized respawn timer, increased chance of boss vs PH.
❄ Shark guards will patrol dragon coast for anchored boats…
❄ Adjusted rotted ghoul spawn in Meroven graveyard and Gnobol Mauseleum, greater skeles moved below

❄ Stat buff spells (excluding movement speed buffs) reduced cast times across the board to match Holy Aura’s speed.
❄ Chat printout for buff values on Mind buffs (Cerebral Though, Brilliance, Insight, Resplendence).

The Junk Drawer:
❄ SI altar adjusted to correct time (30 min cooldown; if starting at 9pm, can start a new SI at 10:30pm). SI cooldown is there for all levels of solo/small group players; this is not an ideal long term fix but something to help those players not be at the mercy of SIs which drastically impact their ability to hunt. Long term idea is placeable altars/totems which increase spawns in a radius on ground or on the player using.
❄ Faction Quests for Lotor/Talazar now allow you to cancel once started (speak to faction officer to cancel) plus additional conf to begin neutral quest.
❄ A bit of cleanup on faction timers and quest text.
❄ New Name for Lotorian Faction Dungeon quest (was “For the King” which was the same title as the faction quest itself; now it is “Royal Relic”).
❄ Gauntlet event adjust (reduced mob spawns).

January 14 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 01.14.2023 - The SoC Update

A rework and update of one of the iconic expansions for Ashen Empires - Sands of Creation. This content has been due for an update to bring it in line with the rest of the game experience. We focused on improving map design and item stats/drops to help more groups progress through content. A new NPC - the Shadow Dragon - and additional hunting grounds, updated Dragon caves, and more exits/entrances throughout should make it more varied and dynamic.

Other work to note in this update are with Faction Dungeons and the Broken Finger dungeon. These, too, needed a bit of an update to fit them for PvP settings and for overall ease of use.


New Area: Dragon Coast
➘ Added New Dragon Coast with heavier spawns of younger dragons meant as a group challenge.
➘ New dragon type Shadow Dragon, small chance to spawn on New Dragon Coast, also spawn on Nithhogr level.
➘ One way entrance to new Dragon coast through Fire Elemental Cave.

Updated Area: Dragon Caves
➘ Added extra loops in Dragon Caves, modified flow so it's less linear in nature with some less direct routes/side loops, added escape portals (one per level, one-way) back to previous level at various locations.
➘ Dragon Eggs now have colors reflective of their parent dragon.

Updated Area: Vinteruul’s Fortress
➘ Warlord Vinteruul spawning mechanic has been readjusted, is now a summoned spawn using Talazarian Emblem, still requires quest in order to spawn.
⚔ Vinteruul now leashed to his room, similar to dragon bosses.
⚔ RNG on clicking horns and statue removed, this will be a single click per step, and he will spawn (statue will disappear for 10 minutes and may then be spawned again if you have the proper item)
  • ⚿ Step 1.) Obtain an elusive Emblem from creatures within the dungeon
  • ⚿ Step 2.) Use the Bloody Altar to give an appropriate sacrifice
  • ⚿ Step 3.) Click summoning horns
  • ⚿ Step 4.) Click the Warlord Statue
  • ⚿ Step 5.) Git Gud or die trying
➘ The Lich Prince has moved into the Lotorian Dungeon with Warlord Vinteruul.
➘ Added Talazarian Blood Cleric spawns around Lich Prince's new room and above in Vinteruul's castle.
➘ Secret exit/entrances added to this fortress.
➘ Fix for being unable to progress on Lotorian faction quest if not on PVE server.
➘ Added 5 new items to Warlord Vinteruul:
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Severance
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Goring Helm
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Wall
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Essence
  • ⚔ Cultist's Bloody Orb
Updated Area: Broken Finger Dungeon.
➘ Trigger spawn chances added/adjusted (similar to Asterion) for:
  • ⚔ Mingor the Merciless
  • ⚔ Ragaxm the Destroyer
  • ⚔ Gorgor the Pit Fiend
  • ⚔ Lord Cerebus
➘ Broken Finger Dungeon changed to not require a party for entry/access to full dungeon (you may still need a friend or two to survive!).
➘ BFD pass countdown timer should suspend when player leaves the dungeon now (only uses when you are in hunting).

Passages, Escapes, Tunnels:
➘ Added underground passage between Redwake and Rahura.
➘ Removed evil spawn gate on Khafra island.
➘ Added alternative passage from Rahura Water Elemental Cave to cross river to area before the gatekeeper; no longer a single bridge as a chokepoint.
➘ Portal from Fire Elemental Cave (Khafra) to SE corner of New Dragon Coast, one-way, use at your own risk.
➘ Added entrance/exits to Horned One (neutral faction dungeon) on charred island and dunk’s dungeon.
➘ Added entrance and/or exits in Ghost of Lotor (Talazarian faction dungeon) on Salamander and Crypt levels.

➘ Increased amount of caimans to spawn (min/max limits).
➘ Added Desert Giant Noble as a rare spawn in Desert Giant spawns (split spawn).
➘ Added more dedicated Desert Giant Noble spawn locations.
➘ Added Titan Scorpion spawns southeast of Rahura across the river.
➘ Added/increased Titan Scorpion spawns in Blacktail's lair.
➘ Increased chance of Sandsting spawning instead of placeholder.
➘ Faster respawn for Lava Mold, randomized, no longer drops magical items.
➘ Fixed several encounters that were despawning during an SI due to a config issue.
➘ Fixed some mountains where creatures could spawn inside and get trapped (Josody/RT, TR/Snow Elves).
➘ Faster respawn timers and better randomized timers for:
  • ⚔ Anbrasxas
  • ⚔ Der Schlaechter
  • ⚔ The Lich Prince
  • ⚔ Krank Bruut
  • ⚔ Ghost of Lotor I
  • ⚔ High Priest Volsey
  • ⚔ Crypt Protector Hobensnarl
  • ⚔ Sir Lancel

❄ Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Mannabrottur are now tied to expansion flags, if Tides of Fate is disabled they will drop nothing.
❄ Dragon NPC resistance adjusts (each dragon now has one magery resist that they are weaker against).
❄ BFD/Talazarian/Lotorian dungeon creature difficulty slightly increased by scaling hitpoints upwards to better match Asterion Minos.
❄ Caimans changed to land creatures.
❄ New Item Summoned Followers - Blood Cleric, Crypt Guardian.
❄ Vessel of Isos now has 0 hitpoint regen and does not damage player.
❄ Removed Valinor Orb Reset limits.
❄ Removed Bonesnarl killcount limit.
❄ Town Guardian reduced to solo/duo difficulty, he's now basically a difficult guard.
❄ Minor mechanics adjustments to Sir Lancel (Attack Range, Pounce), Crypt Protector Hobensnarl (Ethereal), High Priest Volsey (New Spells), Krank Bruut (Teleport), Der Schlaechter (Knockback), The Lich Prince (New Spells).
❄ Artonian Hassassin removed Disease resistance.
❄ Adjusted Dragon Heal to have a low/medium/high replenish amount instead of just low/high, resulting in less chance of a high 50% heal.
❄ Sand Golem, Desert Giant, Desert Giant Noble all lost their MIND (resistance).
❄ Sand Golem gained 50% Nature and 80% Soul resistance.
❄ Guards in SoC received some survival training.
❄ Set type of crabs to be vermin instead of sea creatures (if swim type, sea creature, if land, not a sea creature).
❄ Added reindeer to animal group for DTM counts.
❄ Removed solo tag from Small Skeleton.
❄ Removed social tag from Minos since they have no allied types.

Loot Tables:
❄ Removed generic Mainlands loot tables from many SoC creatures, added their respective SoC table in some cases as it was missing.
❄ Adjusted boss tables in BFD and Faction dungeons to reflect their shorter respawn times, removed useless items (Mainlands tables).
❄ Removed generic Mainlands loot tables from all Faction Dungeon creatures (excluding Salamanders/Basilisks area of Talazarian cave).
❄ Removed generic Mainlands loot tables from BFD creatures.
❄ Claws of Overwhelming Darkness and Virulent Axe removed from tables used in SoC/Faction Dungeons, instead added to ToF/110 bosses.
❄ Scroll of the Ancients no longer drops from Ghost of Lotor I.
❄ Amulet of the Dark Mage removed from Nithhogr and added to Young Dragon tables.
❄ Faction dungeon creatures have a chance to drop all pieces of armor sets within the dungeons, mini bosses drop at a much higher rate.
❄ Neutral dungeon rates reduced considerably on Level 1 for legacy Horned One items.
❄ Ghost of Lotor I and Warlord Vinteruul have new powerful items as a rare drop.
❄ Raised rates for Rune Armor on hell monsters.
❄ Added Rune Armor loot table to Lord Tserith.
❄ Slight increase to Fresh Mead rates in Frieda Dungeon.
❄ Increased Beekeeper rare table on Queen and Warriors, reduced common tables inversely.
❄ Slightly increased Caiman Teeth drop count to 1-2 at a time.
❄ Sand Wurms are still just as annoying, but now drop Mystic Orbs and Magic Skinning Knife in their new loot table.
➘ Added 5 new items to Warlord Vinteruul:
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Severance
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Goring Helm
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Wall
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Essence
  • ⚔ Cultist's Bloody Orb
➘ Added 4 new items to Ghost of Lotor I:
  • ⚔ Lotor's Battle Crown
  • ⚔ Ancestral Robe of Lotor
  • ⚔ Lotor's Wedding Ring
  • ⚔ Lotor's Summoning Crystal
  • ⚔ Added/increased runes dropped for Vicarious Lotor, Talazarian Blood Cleric, Sand Golem, Sand Wurm

❄ Adjusted buff spells to have increased rune charge costs per cast but significantly lower fail chances if player has appropriate skill requirement.
❄ Nullify changed to a 1 rune spell and reduced cast difficulty substantially.
❄ Slightly reduced 8 slot spell damage boost from Northern Cleric's Staff, Northern Wizard's Staff, Staff of Prismatic Waves.
❄ Reduced Int modifier on Ice Bolt and capped damage at 450.
❄ Added purple (A3) color to claw/exposure messages when they wear off for more visibility.
❄ 6 New Scrolls that can cast a variety of class and tier based spells; these are on a trial basis for now and available through events.

❄ Dragonian Skinning Knife requirement reduced to 80 Skinning.
Raised level req to 105, removed orb requirements, NEW ART!
  • ❄ Blue Dragon Leather Set Bonus - Reduced Crafting Time Sewing/Weaving 25%, allows crafting as if using a Runespire.
  • ❄ Gold Dragon Leather Set Bonus - Reduced Crafting Time Leatherworking/Tanning 25%, allows crafting as if using a Runespire.
  • ❄ Green Dragon Leather Set Bonus - Reduced Crafting Time Carpentry/Milling 25%, allows crafting as if using a Runespire.
  • ❄ Red Dragon Leather Set Bonus - Reduced Crafting Time Forging/Smelting 25%, allows crafting as if using a Runespire.
❄ Adjusted drop rates of lvl 100 craft materials up some (tangled, spectral, full metal).
❄ Removed skinnable corpse from Greater Kudo.
❄ Tradeskill Taskmasters now require Tides of Fate expansion enabled on the server.
❄ Apple Pie Slice tooltip said +2 Stam Regen (is +1).
➘ Changed minimum Skinning skill level requirement on the following:
  • ⚔ Wyverns: 55
  • ⚔ Salamanders: 65
  • ⚔ Dragons: 80
❄ Adjusted cost of vellum/scrolls and inks down.
❄ Marked scrolls as books, set up scroll case to hold books.
❄ Added scroll case and scholar’s trunk for carpentry at level 43 and 8 enchanted heartwood and level 69 and 15 enchanted greater heartwood respectively to craft; holds books and scrolls (quest scrolls, return scrolls, demon scrolls, identification scrolls).
❄ Lobster Traps used from land have smaller distance to prevent player from placing it where they cannot retrieve it.
❄ NPC Basil in Parian will sell you a sharp shovel for 100 black pearls if you have completed required quest stage.
❄ Sharp Shovel now requires quest stage completion to use (the stage it is obtained originally).

❄ Re-enabled and adjusted Scroll of the Demon Horde - now also drops outside of ToF.
❄ Item expansion flag changed for Soothsayer, AQB and HotAG from ToF to SoC.
❄ Complete rework of Dragon Leather sets, now better match their parent dragon resistances.
❄ Complete rework of Spore Crusted set, now grants hitpoint regeneration on each piece (req Level 100, 45 DEX, 30 CON).
❄ Complete rework of Scavenger Bone set, now useful for mages (req Level 100, 70 INT, 30 CON).
❄ Corrected item hitpoints for Salamander Skin Leggings.
❄ Titan Hide set slightly reduced in overall stats to reflect its challenge to obtain.
❄ Large Gold Coin drop from Desert Giant Nobles made stackable to be kinder to your inventory slots.
❄ Leather Collar/Chain Collar/Iron Collar not marked as Jewelry for purposes of fitting into jewelry case.
❄ Corrected tooltip on dagger of fleeting thoughts (+15 Dodge/Crit Hit).
➘ Adjusted some SoC quest reward items based on quest difficulty/level:
  • ⚔ Ring of Fire Req reduced to 105, +5% Body resist
  • ⚔ Strange Glowing Gem +4% Pierce
  • ⚔ Brimidian Miners Ring +10 Mining, +10 Lumberjacking
  • ⚔ Palm Woven Gloves +4 All Stats, +3% Pierce
  • ⚔ Woven Sand Wurm Glands +15% Disease, +10 Sewing, +0% Poison resist
  • ⚔ Scarf of Nachup +7 All Stats, +5% Pierce
➘ Add several new weapon proc effects:
  • ⚔ Dragonspirit Blade vs Elementals Base DEX + Total STR
  • ⚔ Superior Composite Bow vs Dragons Base DEX + Base CON + Total DEX
  • ⚔ Devastating Ice Pick vs Minotaurs Base DEX + Total STR
  • ⚔ Greatsword of the Wurm vs Humanoids Base DEX + Total STR
  • ⚔ Dragon Tooth Axe vs Demons Base DEX + Total STR
  • ⚔ Darken Shivbow vs Giants Base DEX + Base STR + Total CON
  • ⚔ Pentapiercer Crossbow Base DEX + Base CON + Total DEX
  • ⚔ Whirlwind Shot Base DEX + Base CON + Total DEX
  • ⚔ Dagger of Hiding Base DEX + Base CON + Total DEX
  • ⚔ Axe of the Knightcaster Base DEX + Base INT + Total STR
  • ⚔ The Warlord's Severance Base DEX+ Base CON + Total STR
➘ Adjustment to procs on:
  • ⚔ Gorehammer slightly increased chance
  • ⚔ Mystical Minotaur Axe increased damage on high roll
➘ Level requirement reduced to 108 for:
  • ⚔ Eternium Belt
  • ⚔ Eternium Boots
  • ⚔ Eternium Full Plate
  • ⚔ Eternium Gloves
  • ⚔ Eternium Greaves
  • ⚔ Eternium Helm
  • ⚔ Eternium Shield
  • ⚔ Eternium Thread Cape
  • ⚔ Nightstar Shield
  • ⚔ Gauntlets of Faboo
  • ⚔ Band of Tserith's Chosen
  • ⚔ Dunkelklinge's Bane
  • ⚔ Locket of Evil Emanations
  • ⚔ Fighter's Collar
  • ⚔ Forged Gloves of Might
  • ⚔ Totem of Sabal's Children
➘ Reduced Level Requirement to 106 for:
  • ⚔ Tome of Demonic Inspiration
  • ⚔ Tome of Perserverence
  • ⚔ Tome of Wild Magic
  • ⚔ Tome of Maniacal Thoughts
➘ Level requirement removed:
  • ⚔ Sandals of the Fleet
➘ Attribute/skill requirements changed:
  • ⚔ Icehammer 70 DEX / 70 INT
  • ⚔ Demon Gem 0 DEX
  • ⚔ Bow of Havok reduced to 70 DEX requirement
  • ⚔ Cursestriker reduced to 75 DEX requirement
  • ⚔ Blood Drain Dagger requires 100 Small Blades skill
❄ Item Stats changed: (+/- modifier indicates new value, for some stats/items this is a net loss)

➘ Weapons:
  • ⚔ Mace of Sacrifice +0 STR +0 DEX
  • ⚔ Twisted Mace of Affliction To Hit raised to +35, added +100% Pierce damage
  • ⚔ Greatsword of the Wurm added +100% Disease damage
  • ⚔ Pentapiercer Crossbow added +10 Critical Hit
  • ⚔ Darken Shivbow added +10 Double Attack
  • ⚔ Staff of the Cold Hand added +100% Magic Missile damage
➘ Amulets:
  • ⚔ Mark of Minos +10% Pierce
  • ⚔ Warding Amulet of the North +7% Pierce, +7% Nature, +7% Soul, +7% Mind, +7% Body
➘ Boots:
  • ⚔ Eternium Boots +2.5 Movement Speed
➘ Leggings:
  • ⚔ Coral Crusted Greaves +10% Soul
➘ Rings:
  • ⚔ Ring of Darkness +7% Soul
  • ⚔ Demon Gem +4% Nature
  • ⚔ Ring of the Demons +5% Blunt, +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Band of the Sand +5% Blunt, +5% Pierce
  • ⚔ Wyvern's Eye +0% Arrow, +5% Nature, +5% Soul, +5% Mind, +5% Body, +0% Poison
  • ⚔ Inifinite Loop +8% Nature, +8% Soul, +8% Mind, +8% Body
➘ Shields:
  • ⚔ Book of the Seers +8% Soul, +8% Body, +8% Cut
  • ⚔ Book of Knowledge +1 Stamina Regen, +6% Blunt, +6% Poison, +6% Disease
  • ⚔ Shield of Fury +1 Stamina Regen
  • ⚔ Shield of the Sun +7% Body, +7% Soul
  • ⚔ Spiked Buckler of Health +7 All Stats
  • ⚔ Dragon Hide Shield removed orb reqs, +5% Nature, +5% Soul, +5% Mind, +5% Body
➘ Torso:
  • ⚔ Nature's Wrap 55 AC, +8% Nature, +8% Soul, +8% Mind
  • ⚔ Robe of the Unknown +7% Body
❄ Sets: ➘ Flame Reaver Set - Removed DEX bonuses, other item specific changes as below:
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Greaves 39 AC, +13 Str, +12 Int, +7 Con, +30 HP, +7% Blunt, +10% Body, +7% Poison, +10 Large Blades
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Helm 29 AC, +12 Str, +14 Int, +7 Con, +30 HP, +0% Cut, +6% Blunt, +8% Nature, +10% Body, +7% Disease
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Boots 30 AC, +25 HP, +0% Cut, +8% Blunt, +8% Arrow, +7% Soul
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Belt 28 AC, +9 Str, +25 HP, +0% Blunt, +9% Pierce, +6% Soul, +7% Poison
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Shield 70 AC, +18 Int, +6 Con, +50 HP, +0% Mind, +7% Disease, +10 Axes
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Cape 32 AC, +5 Con, +30 HP, 8% Blunt, +7% Soul, +10% Poison
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Gloves 32 AC, +10 Str, +7 Con, +35 HP, +10 Blunt Weapons
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Tunic 50 AC, +20 Int, +8 Con, +50 HP, +10% Cut, +6% Arrow, +10% Magic Missile
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Ring 14 AC, +8 Str, +7 Int, +4 Con, +25 HP, +0% Pierce, +6% Mind, +6% Poison
  • ⚔ Flame Reaver Pendant 18 AC, +13 Str, +10 Int, +4 Con, +30 HP, +0% Cut, +7% Disease
➘ Lich Prince Set:
  • ⚔ Helm of the Lich Prince 35 AC, +18 Int, +10 Critical Heal
  • ⚔ Robe of the Lich Prince 55 AC, +8 Str, +22 Int, +10 Con, +85 HP, +8% Cut, +10% Pierce, +8% Nature, +8% Body, +5 Critical Blast
  • ⚔ Gloves of the Lich Prince 30 AC, +7% Mind, +0% Soul, +10% Disease, +5 Block
  • ⚔ Ring of the Lich Prince +4 Str, +4 Dex
  • ⚔ Leggings of the Lich Prince 30 AC, +8 Str, +18 Int, +45 HP, +5 Block
  • ⚔ Grimoire of the Lich Prince 28 AC, +24 Int, +8% Cut, +8% Body, +10 All Magery Skills
  • ⚔ Boots of the Lich Prince 25 AC, +0 Str, +15 Int, +6 Con, +7% Blunt, +7% Pierce, +7% Mind, +9% Nature, +5 Dodge
  • ⚔ Sash of the Lich Prince 22 AC, +15 Int, +9% Blunt, +5 Critical Blast
  • ⚔ Cloak of the Lich Prince 32 AC, +7 Con, +5 Critical Heal
  • ⚔ Amulet of the Lich Prince 18 AC, +10% Cut, +9% Mind
➘ Hardened Warden's Set:
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Tunic 45 AC, +8 Dex, +8 Con, +45 HP
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Trousers 26 AC, +16 Int, +8 Dex, +8 Con, +40 HP, +5 Dodge
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Gloves 22 AC, +5 Str, +15 Int, +7 Con, +20 HP, +5 Block
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Belt 18 AC, +5 Str, +13 Int, +5 Dex, +9% Cut, +0% Soul, +5 Critical
  • Blast
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Shield +50 HP, +8% Blunt, +10 All Magery Skills
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Cloak 24 AC, +5 Str, +15 Int, +35 HP
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Boots 21 AC
  • ⚔ Hardened Warden's Helm 23 AC, +16 Int, +8 Dex, +7 Con, +30 HP
  • ⚔ Ring of the Warden +5 Str, +5 Con, +25 HP, +6% Pierce, +6% Body, +6% Mind, +6% Poison
  • ⚔ Necklace of the Warden +6 Dex, +6 Con, +55 HP, +7% Mind
➘ Sabaline Set:
  • ⚔ Sabaline Tunic 60 AC, +90 HP, +10% Disease
  • ⚔ Sabaline Leggings +55 HP, +10% Disease
  • ⚔ Sabaline Cap 36 AC, +20 Int, +35 HP, +5% Pierce
  • ⚔ Sabaline Belt +25 HP, +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Sabaline Cloak +30 HP, +5% Blunt
  • ⚔ Sabaline Gloves 31 AC, +35 HP, +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Sabaline Boots +16 Int, +30 HP
➘ Titan Hide Set:
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Boots 35 AC, +8 All Stats, 0% Cut
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Gloves 34 AC, 0% Cut
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Belt 32 AC, +8 All Stats, 0% Blunt
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Helm 38 AC, +9 All Stats, 0% Pierce
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Chest 60 AC, +10 All Stats, 0% Cut
  • ⚔ Titan Hide Legs 40 AC, +10 All Stats, 0% Pierce
➘ Paladin of the Flame Set:
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Belt +40 HP, +8% Nature
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Boots +7% Blunt
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Cloak +50 HP, +8% Blunt
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Gauntlets +40 HP, +7% Body, +7% Blunt
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Leggings +50 HP, +7% Blunt, +7% Body
  • ⚔ Paladin of the Flame Platemail +60 HP, +7% Soul
➘ Minos Royal Set:
  • ⚔ Minos Royal Belt +8% Body
  • ⚔ Minos Cape of Royalty +7% Pierce
  • ⚔ Minos Royal Gauntlets +13 Con, +8% Mind
  • ⚔ Minos Royal Pants +7% Cut, +7% Mind
  • ⚔ Minos Royal Tunic +8% Mind
➘ Eagle Eye Order Set:
  • ⚔ Amulet of Eagle Eye Order +8 Int
  • ⚔ Girdle of the Eagle Eye Order +6 Int
  • ⚔ Boots of Eagle Eye Order +7 Int
  • ⚔ Cloak of Eagle Eye Order +8 Int
  • ⚔ Gloves of Eagle Eye Order +6 Int
  • ⚔ Helm of Eagle Eye Order +9 Int
  • ⚔ Greaves of Eagle Eye Order +9 Int
  • ⚔ Ring of Eagle Eye Order +5 Int
  • ⚔ Plate of Eagle Eye Order +10 Int
➘ Holy Order Set:
  • ⚔ Holy Order Amulet 19 AC, +6% Cut, +7% Nature
  • ⚔ Holy Order Belt +8% Nature
  • ⚔ Holy Order Gloves +8 Int, +7% Mind
  • ⚔ Holy Order Cap +8 Int, +7% Cut, +7% Soul
  • ⚔ Holy Order Leggings +8 Int
  • ⚔ Holy Order Essence +9 Str, +5 Dex
  • ⚔ Holy Order Signum +6% Blunt, +6% Nature
➘ Minotaur Skin Set:
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Belt +6% Cut, +6% Body
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Boots +7% Pierce
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Cape +7% Cut
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Gloves +7% Cut
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Leggings +8% Arrow
  • ⚔ Minotaur Skin Tunic +7% Soul
➘ Holy Arda Set:
  • ⚔ Holy Gloves of Arda +8% Blunt
  • ⚔ Holy Helm of Arda +7% Blunt
  • ⚔ Holy Leggings of Arda +7% Body
  • ⚔ Holy Shield of Arda +8% Blunt, +8% Nature
  • ⚔ Holy Armor of Arda +8% Blunt
➘ Unholy Redwake Set:
  • ⚔ Unholy Boots of Redwake +6% Blunt
  • ⚔ Unholy Cape of Redwake +6% Blunt
  • ⚔ Unholy Gloves of Redwake +6% Soul
  • ⚔ Unholy Helm of Redwake +7% Cut
  • ⚔ Unholy Greaves of Redwake +7% Mind
  • ⚔ Unholy Plate of Redwake +8% Arrow
➘ Dragon Scale Set:
  • ⚔ Dragon Scale Necklace +8% Pierce
  • ⚔ Dragon Scale Belt +6% Pierce
  • ⚔ Dragon Skin Cape +7% Mind, +7% Magic Missile
  • ⚔ Dragon Scale Gloves +8% Cut, +6% Nature
  • ⚔ Dragon Scale Helm +6% Mind
  • ⚔ Dragon Scale Greaves +6% Soul
➘ Blood Soaked Set:
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Belt +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Boots +5 Str, +10 Con, +5% Pierce
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Cape +8 Str
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Gloves +5% Cut, +5% Nature
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Helm +5% Body, +5% Pierce
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Leggings +5% Blunt, +5% Cut, +5% Body
  • ⚔ Blood Soaked Plate +6% Body
➘ Knightcaster Set:
  • ⚔ Boots of the Knightcaster +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Helm of the Knightcaster +7% Mind, +7% Soul
  • ⚔ Leggings of the Knightcaster +9% Blunt, +6% Nature
  • ⚔ Ring of the Knightcaster +5% Cut, +5% Disease
➘ Bloodletter Set:
  • ⚔ Buckle of the Bloodletter +5% Pierce, +5% Cut
  • ⚔ Bloodletter Cloak +6% Blunt, +6% Nature, +6% Body
➘ Rahura Set - Req Player Level 100, 70 INT:
  • ⚔ Hood of Rahura +5 Str, +7 Con, +6% Blunt, +7% Cut, +5% Arrow, +6% Soul, +6% Mind
  • ⚔ Cloak of Rahura +5 Str, +10 Int, +7% Cut, +6% Soul, +6% Mind, +10% Poison
  • ⚔ Robe of Rahura +5 Str, +18 Int, +75 HP, +6% Blunt, +7% Cut, +6% Soul, +6% Mind, +10% Poison
➘ Khafra Set - Req Player Level 100, 70 INT:
  • ⚔ Hood of Khafra +5 Dex, +7 Con, +6% Cut, +6% Nature, +6% Body, +10% Disease
  • ⚔ Cloak of Khafra +10 Int, +5 Dex, +7% Pierce, +6% Nature, +6% Body
  • ⚔ Robe of Khafra +18 Int, +5 Dex, +75 HP, +7% Pierce, +6% Cut, +6% Nature, +0% Soul, +0% Mind, +6% Body, +10% Disease
➘ Dragon Leather sets readjusted to give resistances more in line with on their parent dragon type. Stats adjusted to match below. No longer orb specific, requirement changed to level 105 to allow for better stat/resistance progression. AC/stats normalized across the sets.
  • ⚔ Bascinet/Helm 32 AC +10 Str +10 Int +10 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Belt 30 AC +10 Str +8 Int +10 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Boots 32 AC +8 Str +8 Int +8 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Cape 36 AC +8 Str +8 Int +8 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Gauntlets 28 AC +10 Str +10 Int +10 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Leggings/Greaves 44 AC +10 Str +10 Int +10 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Lorica/Breastplate 64 AC +12 Str +12 Int +12 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Shield 74 AC +10 Str +10 Int +10 Dex +6 Con
  • ⚔ Blue Dragon Leather 4% Blunt, 7% Pierce, -2% Cut, 3% Arrow, 4% Nature, 4% Soul, 9% Mind, 2% Body, -2% Poison
  • ⚔ Gold Dragon Leather -2% Blunt, 4% Pierce, 7% Cut, 3% Arrow, 2% Nature, 9% Soul, 4% Mind, 4% Body, -2% Disease
  • ⚔ Green Dragon Leather 7% Blunt, -2% Pierce, 4% Cut, 3% Arrow, 9% Nature, 2% Soul, 4% Mind, 4% Body, -2% Disease
  • ⚔ Red Dragon Leather 4% Blunt, 5% Cut, 3% Arrow, 4% Nature, 4% Soul, 2% Mind, 9% Body, -2% Poison
➘ New Event: The Gauntlet!
  • ⚔ Make your way unarmed and without aid through a maze of increasingly deadly creatures (no equipment, no backpack, no buffs, no followers).
  • ⚔ Entry at this time is free with a manual GM reward; will be automated in future with enough play/feedback from the community.
  • ⚔ When the event is on, head to Parian South Weapons shop to speak with NPC Armsmaster to enter. A deck, signs and banners marks this event area.
  • ⚔ 1 player in event at a time
  • ⚔ Limit of 10 minutes in event
  • ⚔ Entry restricted to level 50 only
❄ New GM tools to help GM run events be more enjoyable: Item Degrade and BP drop; also for emergencies when server is misbehaving.

➘ New Quest and Gear: Crystal Knight (Farstead Keep) inspired by DC creatures.
⚔ Weeping Winter (mage).
⚔ Shalox’s Armor (warrior).
⚔ Wolfskin Armor (archer).
⚔ You may obtain any pieces by trading with quest NPC “Crystal Knight” who will list item level and stat requirements.
⚔ Quest gives limited quantity of Runes of Shalox; these can also be found naturally hunting in TR at uncommon rates from variety of mobs.
❄ Increased range to allow quest update when killing Termigon queen for Varios quest.
❄ Fix for print in rock troll quest - says you have to be level 15, should be 65 (checks correctly just tells player wrong number).
❄ Excluded a few CK creatures (wolverine pack leaders, mystic crawlers).
❄ Reduced faction quest switch wait time and neutral faction garden of sitting on one's bottom time to 10 min.

PVP & Reputation
❄ Feats now count as attacks for combat rule purposes (will make you wanted, slow both players).
❄ Added level bias to alignment gain >=5 levels.
❄ New NPC Alinus in Parian to give one time reputation forgiveness from >6500 -> 6500 (alignment # can be checked with lvl 1 mind spell “Runesight”).
❄ Reputation loss when going wanted changed from 250 > 5 points.
❄ Wanted timer is 5 minutes and refreshes when any criminal action is performed.
❄ Looting items results in loss of 50 rep per item (no per item loss previously).
❄ Helpful spells (healing, heal over time) cast on wanted player will cause you to become wanted as well.
❄ Please see Discord for complete pvp ruleset write up.
❄ Players cannot mark a stolen item as no drop using token store product; if you have stolen items stuck in bp please summon a GM/page or make a ticket.

The Junk Drawer
❄ Removed leadership check of 100 from wild camel (should be 70).
❄ Cooldown of Spawn Increase of 30 min.
❄ New NPC Alinus to give one time align forgiveness.
❄ Changed chances on ancient wyverns to give mix of immaculate wyv hide (unchanged rate) sinew (decreased rate from previous) and other hides (added to this skinning table).
❄ Mainlands orb reset (1x only) Lady Esler in Josody.
❄ Construction expansion check on Surveyor Tool. If not enabled on server, will be unable to use.


January 07 2023
 From: Kraken


These are the impending changes to the PvP system that will roll out with this patch. Heroes and Ascension will share these changes, and if something is not applying as stated you should consider it a bug and report the issue please. The alignment and wanted system had a lot of intricacies and layers and that held us back some on our deadline. Lots of Butterfly Effect going on after tiny adjustments. I would like to thank you all for your patience and hope you appreciate the effort invested and enjoy the changes that were made. Please note that this list should be a complete set of rules, if you notice any scenarios that are missing please DM me. Ideally a new player will look at this and be able to understand our systems.

Ashen Empires PvP Ruleset

Causes for Wanted status:
Attacking/killing another player who is not Wanted.
Looting another player's corpse.
Picking up a looted item flagged "STOLEN" that does not belong to you (including farm produce).
Healing another player who is Wanted.
Resurrecting another player who is Wanted.

Effects of becoming Wanted:
Duration is 5 minutes, any subsequent criminal action listed above restarts the Wanted timer at 5 minutes again.
-5 alignment points penalty.
2% increased chance of dropping items/backpack.
Guards will attack on sight.
Respawn points is temporarily changed to nearest Chaos Spawn Gate.
Other players will not lose alignment for killing you while you are Wanted.

Causes for Alignment Loss:
Going Wanted -5 points.
Kill a non-Wanted player -250 points + victim level difference (if 10 levels or lower) * 25.
Looting an item from a player's corpse -50 points per item.

Corpse Looting:
Killer has a 5 minute timer before able to loot a corpse.
Anyone may loot a corpse after 7.5 minutes.
Corpse disappears at 10 minutes and items drop to ground.
At any time from dropping to ground up to 15 minutes later items will be cleaned up as world garbage and be destroyed forever.
The average time to be destroyed is 10 minutes.
Total time to recover items ~20 minutes.

Looted Items:
Items that are taken from a player’s corpse retain a STOLEN flag unless returned to owner.
Stolen items are not able to be placed in player’s banks or containers.
Stolen items cannot be placed into housing containers.
Stolen items are instantly lootable when dropped in a corpse and DO NOT FOLLOW looting -50 alignment penalty.
STOLEN flag may be removed by trading item to owner.
Owner of item will not go Wanted for picking up their own STOLEN items.
Stolen items cannot receive store purchased Item No-Drop flag.
Stolen items will drop every time when a player dies, even if they do not drop the rest of their backpack.

Alignment Gain:
Players have a 20% chance to gain alignment on killing evil creatures.
Players do not gain alignment for creatures less than 5 levels below their level (if you are level 103, you will gain alignment for a level 98 creature but not for a level 97 or level 27 for example).

In Game Effects of Reputation/Alignment:
An evil or worse player cannot enter good dwellings.
A good or better player cannot enter evil dwellings.
The more evil you are, the higher chance you have to drop your backpack and equipped items on death.
A good player killing an evil or worse player will not lose kill reputation, just wanted penalty.
The more divine/good you are, the better price you receive from shopkeeps.

Server Differences:
Ascension has a lower PvP paperdoll and backpack drop rate.
Ascension Summon Corpse is ENABLED.
Heroes has a higher PvP paperdoll and backpack drop rate.
Heroes Summon Corpse is DISABLED .

12:29pm EST
In the event that you currently have a NO-DROPPED STOLEN item on your person, after this patch you may need to make a ticket for it to be removed from your backpack if desired. You can either submit a GM Page or file a support ticket at:


03:09pm EST
Correction regarding looted items and containers on a player's backpack, the STOLEN items are able to be placed inside a container, however on death they are removed from the container into the corpse's root level, so they are not hidden inside a container.

09:53pm EST
Hi everyone!

An update - but not the one you're waiting for, unfortunately. In the interest of providing an enjoyable experience for you all and also preserving our sanity, we have decided to patch next weekend. Another issue was found today while we were waiting and unfortunately we do not have the turn around time tonight/tomorrow morning to fix/test it and then also patch. We are shooting for Saturday Jan 14th in the afternoon, probably 1 or 2pm EST. I do not foresee any issues with this timing.


January 07 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ


I am happy to say that our patch is 99.9% ready to go, we are just waiting on scheduling at this point. Some real life commitments happening this weekend and we want to make sure a developer is available.

If you are new to our game, just a heads up that this is a project that our development team maintains in addition to the normal 9-5 jobs and family commitments. We enjoy working on it and do our best to have a balanced life while also delivering meaningful content to you all regularly. In this case some unavoidable real life ?? hit the fan this week and we were not able to get some of the fixes in after regular jobs were done and kids tucked in bed. Thanks for your understanding.

That being said - we may be patching tonight 9pm EST or tomorrow morning 8am EST. If that is too problematic or disagreeable we can always wait until next weekend.


January 06 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ


Thank you all for the many and colorful reactions to my previous post; I have a follow up post to simply say that we are still working on this patch and hope to have a date and time for our patch pending our work tonight. It will likely not be tonight. It could be tomorrow morning. If it is too uncertain it will get pushed to a later date.


January 05 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ


Please don't throw any tomatoes. However, I know your time is valuable, so I just want to let everyone know that the SoC patch will have to get pushed - it is not going to be tonight. We may possibly be ready tomorrow. We are finalizing a few changes to wanted rules as I mentioned elsewhere and there are unfortunately some small details that we do not want to miss in this patch - going wanted in a few scenarios when you shouldn't, losing rep when you shouldn't, not losing rep when you should be etc. Important details that will create frustration if we ship with it working this way.

We will know more after tonight. Thank you for your patience!


January 04 2023
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hello Everyone! I have a few announcements to make prior to our upcoming SoC patch.

- Wanted Changes/Align: Since the alignment system is going to be updated we thought it'd be a good chance to let everyone have the opportunity to reset the alignment to neutral 1 time. The alignment system changes will be posted by Kraken with details, but basically we are changing it so there is less of a hit to your reputation for going wanted. This will be available from an NPC in game when we patch.

- We will be opening deluxe server moves from H > L after the patch and adjusting Heroes drop rates so it is more comparable to Legends rates. Price at this time will remain the same.


December 21 2022
 From: Kraken


Hello everyone! I have some progress notes to share on our Sands of Creation balance update landing around first week of January. It is currently in good shape - with one exception. The Construction expansion’s release on Ascension and changes to all servers will be delayed and introduced as a separate patch at a date TBD, as some of the itemization and mechanics/map changes became a more time intensive task than initially expected.

Our focus for this patch is review and balancing where necessary of level 103-108 gameplay areas including Sands of Creation, Faction dungeons, and the pay entry Broken Finger Dungeon and Asterion Minos Dungeon. These are some highlights of the changes that you can look forward to in January.

Sands of Creation:
- Young and Greater Dragons were rebalanced to be a bit more forgiving to mages and have at least one mage spell resist significantly lowered.
- Updated player movement through Dragon Lands to be more dynamic with more exits and entrances; added extra escape routes on each cave level, an additional one-way portal from Khafra to the new Dragon Coast (enter at your own risk!), and an additional tunnel from Rahura to the desert giant area.
- Created more spawn locations and density changes for creatures that will be high interest to sustain an actively hunting playerbase; including creatures such as Titan Scorpions, Desert Giant Nobles, Talazarian Blood Clerics, among others.
- Additional dungeon space added to dragon caves and updated environmental art.
- Removed loot from Lava Mold as he is a quest update boss, as well as randomizing and shortening his timer.
- Added a new creature to liven up dragon lands – the Shadow Dragon.

Item adjustments:
o Small balance tweaks to about 150 items in this range
o Added 11 new weapon proc effects
o Added 9 new looted items
o Complete rework of six under-utilized armor sets


December 08 2022
 From: Burning Spear

Announcements / Dransik News

Dransik 2.0 Launch Timing

Hello Dransik,

We plan to start the upgrade for Dransik in the afternoon (USA Central Time) on Friday the 9th of December.

Very Rough Timeline - Seriously, Don't Hold Your Breath

2:00 pm - the servers will likely be locked and brought down

4:00 pm - the servers will be brought back up (locked for testing)

We will have people available on shifts and some overlapping time to deal with initial problems that are discovered. This will extend through the weekend.

I am sure there will be some things we did not anticipate or could not test, but we will work as quickly and responsibly as possible to resolve them.

We are small team, so please be patient and respectful when identifying problems.


December 02 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hello all - a few updates and things to note for the coming weeks!

Grab Bags
Our December bags seem to be missing the extra added items (it is usually Orb Reset, City Faction Reset, Race/Gender change). We will be adding these in a separate reward package. Expect that soon.

Holiday Event
The next several weeks we will be running our Holiday Event on H/L server from 12/4-1/22. This is a high level event that brings special creatures and items to the frozen north - Reindeer, Snow Elves, and the Christmas Grinch. Recommended level is at least 105 to handle Reindeer. In the past we have had some special events and perhaps those will return. You won't want to miss out on it!

**Note**: This is considered special event type status, similar to Hell Siege Event - Refer to Kraken's Post about multi-boxing around new content/mini-bosses.

KoT Event
Our next KoT event will be Saturday Dec 17th at 2pm EST. This will be held on L server only with a special modified version on Ascension.

New Year's
A new year's spawn party will be held on all servers on 12/31 and 1/1 to help you ring in the new year. These are a lot of fun, lots of death, lots of chaos. Hope to see you there!

January Patch
We will be patching our servers in early January and releasing Sands of Creation on the Ascension server at that time.

December Grab Bags are here!
Enjoy the following holiday bonus items:

(1) Orb Reset
(1) City Faction Reset
(1) Change your Race and Gender
(5) Berserker Potion Pack
(3) Summon Corpse

Happy Holidays from everyone at Iron Will Games! Thank you for your support!

Remember, you receive your first bag on the first month's anniversary, then on the 1st of the month if you maintain your subscription.

If you subscribed 11/7/22, you will receive this grab bag around midnight on 12/7/22; there is no notification unless you are logged in at midnight UTC. You must renew subscription before it expires on last day of subscription; since there is not a way to check that, I recommend you renew a day before. If you keep it up, next bags will be given on Jan 1, etc.

You can always make a ticket if you need help with your account; we'd be happy to look. Thank you!

November 20 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 11.20.2022

A small patch to address issue with Disruption spell, as well as rebalance of the Scroll quests drop chance/exp reward. A targeting change was reverted and server issue with respawns addressed.

+ Changed Disruption resist check as it was irresistible Under 100 mind skill.
+ Changed Disruption's silence to 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
+ Disruption should now message players when the effect wears off.

+ Restructured drop chances and places to obtain scrolls – now solo drop chance from lvl appropriate mobs rather than placed in tiered loot groups from all creatures with that group:
  • Problem with Bats
  • Infestation Black Widow Hatchling
  • New Bear Skin Rug
  • My Shadow is Haunting Me
  • Stop the Greedy Gluttons
  • Injured Minotaurs Below Chlera
  • Those evil Shadow Spiders
  • Rock Trolls Near Josody
  • Secrets of Vampire Bats
  • Slay the Sand Golems
+ Increased exp given for scroll quests.
+ Set min level req to take scroll quests (except lowest 2 scrolls).
+ Bear Skin Rug scroll quest (for npc “Raff” in LSP) is now functional.
+ Added fail conf for marsh dungeon quest where it was missing on stage 8.
+ More pointer text in quest npcs on marsh dungeon quest for final stage.

+ Elven Tools will increase arrow output by flat quant of 5.

+ Removed ability for creatures to spawn followers if they are a follower (Deadwillows, Ice Golem, Golem, Slimes, Skeletal mage)
+ Added solo great light encounter to marsh dungeon and bumped up Great Light chance to spawn in trash chunks w normal marsh lights to help with the spawn

The Junk Drawer
+ Valinor was missing some music regions on the above ground map on coastlines/pond borders.
+ Increased max syllable of each race/gender to 4 from 3 – enjoy longer, more silly names.
+ Fix for random name generator – when no names were available had no way to exit and caused server to hang + Reverted change to targeting limitation; should not drop target immediately when leaving play area + Encounters not recalc/respawning at times and would become empty, then respawn at once and be a world of pain

November 11 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 11.11.2022

- Fix for rogue follower HP exploit
- Reduced WW kill req on Bazbann quest in farm quest chain to hunter (100) vs master (2500)
- Added some additional print to skinning creatures that can't be skinned.

Again, if you happen to discover a bug/exploit, especially one as serious as that, please:
1. Page or report with a ticket with details.
2. Keep that knowledge to yourself.
3. Do not wander around ignoring GMs after making that page or ticket.
4. Do not offer to sell that exploit, whether joking or not, it's not a good optic.


October 21 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.21.2022

A small patch to correct the issue with the Great Pumpkin’s drop rules that crashed the server, plus some adjusts to level requirements of some high level weapons.

Removed no drop on jack o lantern blade, gave small blade req of 65.
Typo in druid staff summoning wyverns.
Fix for tooltip of Raider Poisoned Short Sword.

Adjusted level req of following high level weaps:

  • Sword of Agon's Fervor
  • Spell Slinger
  • Necromancers channel
  • Staff of Prismatic Waves
  • Northern Cleric's Staff
  • Northern Wizard's Staff

  • The Laughing Blade
  • Spearslinger Crossbow
  • Thirsty Blade
  • Warmage's Fury
  • Bow of Terror
  • Sling of Nature's Wrath

  • Ghoul Blade
  • Battleblood Axe
  • Thrakk's Tribute
  • Wyvern's Tooth
  • Glaive of Contagion
  • Bow of Darkening Skies

  • Claws of the Northern Wastes
  • Crossbow of the Northern Wastes
  • Druid's Staff
  • Gloves of the Giantess
  • Infectious Voulge

Crystal Guardians now ethereal, social with Pallus.
Adjusted summoned wyvern to lose ranged attack and gain 3 radius melee attack instead, will still cast.


October 21 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.21.2022

A small patch to further refine the Halloween event for more fun! Remember this event is open through the end of October until All Saint’s Day on Nov 1st. Candy Corn can be saved for next year as well.

Another adjust in this patch worth noting is the change to the stats and spawns of a large chunk of mobs in the 50-100 range to give more spots to level for various weapon skills. Many creatures that previously did not have a weakness now have a variety of weaknesses to help spread leveling away from one location.

Halloween Event
• Removed normal mobs (vampire bat, ghost) from Halloween dungeon
• Bumped drops of candy corn on some event mobs – black cats in particular
• Great Pumpkin is hate drop Encounter (not party drop rules)
• Reworked Halloween dungeon to take care of a few cheesy exploits; removed columns and decorative pumpkin in boss room (could get stuck there, lame!)
• Adjusted dungeon that passed close to pumpkin collector's corner of dungeon entrance; players could stand there and collect candy passively somehow
• Removed ability to summon followers inside the Halloween Dungeon
• Adjusted Halloween encounters to match the new dungeon layout

• Adjust to greater Skele stats
• Adjusted weaknesses/resistances of the following creatures; creature groups have similar weaknesses/resists varying by level/difficulty and some variance within. To save you time, I have included a GENERAL guide. There is some variability; check creature stats before deciding what to hunt.

Giants (resist Body/Nature, weak to Cut/Arrow)
Sickly Troll
Minor Storm Giant
Storm Giant
Frost Giant
Stone Giant
Rock Troll
Storm Giant Elite
Crystal Golem

Demons (resist Arrow/Soul, weak to Cut/Nature)
Floating Horror
Horned Devil
Death Tyrant
Eye of Valekar

Undead (resist Mind/Arrow, weak to Blunt/Body)
Undead Priest
Ghost Willow
Spect. Horned Bers
Lich Apprentice
Greater Skeleton
Diseased Ghoul
Spectral General
Spectral Destroyer
Spectral Demon Ov.

Humanoids (Resist Body/Mind, weak to Pierce/Soul/MM)
Elite Fighter

Fungoids (resist Nature/Cut, weak to Pierce/Mind)
Fungoid Minion
Undead Fungoid W
Undead Fungoid
Fungoid Warrior
Fungoid Wizard
Poisonous Fungoid

Animals (resist Nature, weak to Arrow)
Dire Wolf
Dire Wolf Leader
Polar Bear

• To go with creature stat adjusts, we have also adjusted several mid level spawn areas, typically cleaning up the mobs that do not work in these areas, inc respawn time, adding some more spawn areas
• Fungoid cave (more structured throughout, bigger spawn)
• Valley of Giants (more giants, be careful! Storm Giant Elites the premier mob here)
• New Korelth (less of a mixed spawn, more difficult mobs within; Horned Devils the premier mob here)
• Deadwillows North of Chlera

• Added rune slots to Runed Oak Bow and Oak Bow of Spirit (up to 5/4 respectively from 4/2)
• Added oak bow of spirit and runed oak bow to some drop tables
• Added WWT to Lords. All Werewolves but pups drop the totem now.

• Missing warning print on event totems when lacking leadership requirements
• Pallus should be spawning again as expected in his throne room


October 13 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.14.2022

Happy Halloween!!

This patch primarily is an update for the Halloween event which will start Friday Oct 14th, but there are some minor fixes and quality of life adjusts based on feedback from the last few weeks. The Halloween event is a FREE event that can be enjoyed by levels 20/30 – 110.

Halloween Event
- Three new items to trade for candy corn: Cavendish’s Cauldron (128 slot 65% reduction container for 20K corn), Army of Pumpkins Totem (req level 70 and 30 leadership to summon 3 rollin’ pumpkin slaves), Haunted Hollows Totem (req level 30 and 10 leadership to summon 1 spooky tree)
- Fix for those who exit dungeon with a stone or scroll who would not be able to transform using mask etc without relog.
- Dungeon is now accessible in PARIAN graveyard (south) and is a safe zone.
- Added corpses for moldy mummy and spooky tree.
- All event mobs that drop candy corn in Halloween dungeon will kill followers.
- Adjusted drops of candy corn from event mobs (higher level drop more, lower level drop less generously).
- Added "EVENT ITEM" tag to Halloween goodies.
- New fun particle on item Frightful Cloak (in backpack/player screen only) Creatures.
- Meklor now will not spawn into the dungeon areas/become unattackable.
- Adjusted stats and spawn of greater skeles as they are a bit too attractive of leveling option atm.

- Summon Spectre now requires level 60 soul only (no leadership; pet based on player level).
- Brilliance now lasts duration stated in spellbook instead of 30 min.
- Removed extra time to cast on Bulwark Might (was slightly longer than any other spell in its class due to this and making it awkward when spells wear off at varying times).
- Misery will give exp when cast on NPCs.

- Added CON to Evil Council robe to match its non-event counterpart.
- Razor Sharp Basilisk tooth stores charge on weapon misc field now instead of target, weight reduced to 4 from 8.
- Added bonus damage to Dirk of the Unleashed, Edge of the Slayer, and Sword of Artraxis to make them more interesting choice than they currently are.

- Removed lich apprentices and ww sires from LK/CK.
- Franklin Anders should no longer take all potions given to him, just 1, but I mean he could use them so fine whatever be greedy.
- Added fail confirmation to Shargar cult kill quest if killing cultists outside of the area near Dawat.
- Removed duplicate quest print in Franklin Anders.

- Removed safe zone from Proudblood portal.
- Adjusted level of guards in the guard outpost between Duremar and Farstead Keep and the Astari outpost north of necropolis, fixed them to be neutral alignment.
- Fix for leaving Meklor’s room and having spawn point reset/invalid.
- Removed rug in Indoel’s room which was causing corpse layering issues, replaced with red tiles and cleaned up the area of snow/cobblestones overlapping it with some smaller tiles.
- Parian set to neutral. Too many quests and other things tied there to be divine, and it fits the lore for that city.
- Added script to WW Mat summon to make sure it's not pulling players into swamp tile where they can't walk.

- Adjusted down the exp given on a few chainmail pieces for forging, was set to more of a 50 skill instead of 2-10 skill level reward.
- Materials made of magic wood will salvage back into enchanted planks rather than fine planks.
- Removed material for legacy cloak (could be salvaged for infinite malacinth).

- Fixed Chaos Portal (was allowing you through if you didn't pay 25K gold).
- Tarvan will no longer go to Valmond but to Chlera.
- Added Mage of Lotor to Redwake give legacy cloak for the people who have chosen a life of evil deeds, innocent newbs murdered in cold blood, and so on .
- VIP soulstone cooldown cut to 30 min.
- Added wanted flag to players who harm other players with incendiary powders/explosive powder.


September 21 2022
 From: Dev Burning Spear

Patch Notes 139.93

This update is focused on the video adapter issues and some other UI annoyances that people have reported. For new players, the launch and into game experience should be smoother. For existing players, your existing UI resolution will be used as the basis for in game location changes described below.

- Windowed mode is resizable by grabbing the edges of the window frame or right click titlebar
- The minimum window size (windowed mode) is 1024x768 + window frame
- Default new character UI revamped for 1024x768 courtesy of Era (Big Thanks!)
- Fullscreen windowless mode is supported (alt-enter + video settings)
- Fullscreen exclusive mode is supported (video settings)
- Game windows remember their state for 3 modes (windowed, FS windowless, FS exclusive)
- GlobalSettings.ini and UIConfig.ini are versioned (old/stale settings removed)

Bug Fixes
- Hotbar hotslot items are grey when they shouldn't be
- Title screen images are warped or clipped for some screen sizes
- PlayArea resets (/pa reset) its size when moving it
- PlayArea no longer squishes when grabbing titlebar and bumping an edge/dragging
- Game freezes on launch for some video adapters
- Skills window doesn't remember its width
- Game freezes when resuming from screensaver
- Video settings update their state when you change them in the menu.

Thanks for your patience as we worked through these defects. Special thanks to all the help from testers who helped track down these pesky problems that weren't always easily repeatable.

We are hearing some reports of the UI resetting instead of converting. Our apologies if this impacts you. We tested this thoroughly with dozens of players multiple times but there must be some scenarios we weren’t able to reprogram.

Patch 140.93 - Hotfix

This address a few UI issues discovered with the various changes that were made in the last patch.

1. 800x600 allowed (for those with bot like eyes)
2. fixed screen size being left large when leaving fullscreen windowless
3. fixed absurd video resolution selection
4. fixed video settings toggle state begin wrong when fullscreen mode changes via hotkeys or system.

Thanks for the feedback.

Patch: 141.93 - Minor Improvements

Some more minor improvements account for experiences around the support for arbitrary resizing of the windowed client as well as windowless fullscreen mode added to fullscreen exclusive mode.

- Minimize box was inadvertently removed, is now added again
- Alt-Tab will minimize the fullscreen exclusive window again
- SHIFT-ALT-ENTER will toggle fullscreen exclusive mode
- Documented ALT-ENTER (windowless fullscreen) and SHIFT-ALT-ENTER (fullscreen exclusive) on Video Options

Thanks for the feedback.


September 21 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 9.21.2022:

Lots of small adjusts to armor to help balance progression for the 30-100 range, focusing on patron, warlord, and crafted sets, mage staves and gear, and crafting gear. We also cleaned up various bugs; high points there would be follower markers and druid staff followers. See below for details. Thanks, and happy hunting!

- Adjust to alignment loss when killing players.
- Expansion of the profanity filter.
- Adjusted PvP mitigation to give bonus mitigation to a lower level vs a higher level in PvP.
- Fix for client selecting an unsupported resolution by default.
- Hotbars greying out.
- Add warning to account linking popup and confirmation page about possibility to lose characters.

- Inc # of attacks on Kritan, Lord Pallus, Northern FG Noble to 2.
- Adjusted spawn of orc foragers; removed other mob and added more spawns.
- Artraxis and Kritan given nature resistance.
- Adjusted spawns on WWI - bumped werewolves and matriarchs, removed ghost willows.
- Inc spawn of hell hounds on scorched island.
- Adjusted Town Guardian min/max damage, enemy mitigation down some.

- Slightly boosted drop rates of Totem of the Wolf on the mobs that have it as a solo drop chance.

- Adjust to resists and bonuses on variety of armor: Warg Tail Necklace, Bracers of Defense, Wizards Robe, Grimoire of Veldan, Grimoire of Ulthien, Grimoire of Kuthos, Grimoire of Isos, Glowing Round Shield, Helm of the Orc Lord, Raqlun's Coif, Armor of Great Health, Shield of Runes, Grimacing Ring/Necklace, Dalvon Mining Helm, Black Opal Flame, Glowing Ethereal Staff.
- Increased bonuses and resistances on Black, Holy, and Ettin Hide armor sets.
- Reduced bonuses/resistances for patron armor sets (Armor of Krog/Whisperdale/Silvest). Main stat bonus, hp, and resistances dropped.
- Updated stats (mostly resistances) on the level 100 crafted sets (Tangled/Full Metal/Spectral).
- Pristine Ferocity set resists increased to 5%, removed str req, increased dex req.
- Added/adjusted resistances on Swashbucklers and Queen's Silk sets (up to 3-4% on Blunt/Cut/Pierce in varying degrees).
- Helm of Agility - now req 30 Dex, no Str.
- Removed str req on Golden Helm of Power.
- Adjusted Wizard's Cape to +5 Int +5 Str.
- Wizards Robe - requires level 25 and 35 INT (was 50INT, level 35).
- Tormented gear con requirement lowered to 20 from 30.
- Staff of Enervation now 1 handed.
- Golden Helm of Power gives +6 INT instead of +6 STR.
- Lowered DEX req of Nordic Warrior set to 20.
- Added some resists to Sash/Sandals/Greaves of Archmage.
- Evil Council Hood was not giving the bonus con in the tooltip.
- Adjusted resists on Chaos crafted sets (tangled, spectral, full metal).
- Other adjusts: Glowing Round Shield (lowered reqs).
- Tooltips incorrect: shield of runes, belt of krog, pristine arm guards of ferocity.
- Adjust for warlords gear sets (main stat bonuses reduced, resists adjusted to 4% for all existing resists), reduced HP slightly as well on certain pieces.
- Adjust for various staves/wands, in most cases increased MM bonus, min/max damage and or speed, equip level and other minor adjusts, removed rune requ to equip on some as well.
- Apprentice's Wizard Staff, Novice's Wizard Staff, Adept's Wizard Staff, Master's Wizard Staff, Staff of Power, Staff of Enervation, Staff of the Archmage, Staff of the Impure, Council of Evil Darkstaff, Grand Staff of the Arda, Cursed Staff of Malderox, Staff of Elemental Mastery, Kudo Horn Wand, Glowing Ethereal Staff.

- Fix for Carp toolset. Was modifying the wrong skill when crafting.
- Added exp for magic forging/carpentry/jewelery tools (Veldan's Hammer, Anvil of Velda, Hell's Gate, Artonian; Carpentry Toolset, Elven Tools, Jeweler’s Tools).
- Incorrect Stam Regen bonus on Cherry Pie Slice tooltip.
- More information on planting skill level req to plant magic seeds.
- Adjusted difficulty to harvest cinnamon.
- Chef's Cap now has 10% chance to take damage (reduced chance to degrade) .
- Slight bump to drop rate on cinnamon on Valinor island (for quest completion in farm quest).
- Blue crab shells now reusable.
- Reduced difficulty to craft the tangled/full metal/spectral sets.
- Jeweler's tools giving overburdened message on failure.
- Removed req on Heartwood Shield, Miners Helm, Orc Mining Helm.

Mage Spells/Gear
- Photosynthesis can now be cast on others (ranged, line of sight).
- Lowered stam cost on Psychic scream to 20 from 25.
- Removed DEBUG print in "Soul Drain" spell.
- Removed ToF expansion flag from gazelle antlers.

- Added some more information to the decayed cap stage of mushroom land quest.
- Removed cult leaders, bulls from patrons, LK, CK quests.
- Added Chaos Knight to Duremar and Farstead Keep.
- Added quest fixup for older accounts who had completed the Artraxis quest but never got the key flag for it (they likely cheesed the quest by following someone into the mine who already had the key, allowing them to complete the quest without triggering key to drop).
- Removed "high level potions" treasure from Dynamic Quest as it contained expansion items.
- Fix for Jessicugh quest; Jessicugh quest taking incorrect # of scorpion stings - changed her script to take automatically if on the stage.
- Adjusted DQ that wanted players to go to Vreth but in actuality it should have been Darkfell.
- Additional text on Father Berdun if player has completed quest "Great Herds".

The Illustrious Junk Drawer
- Druid staff summons 1 dragon and 1 wyvern with amulet, 2 wyverns without. This fix also impacts Ancient Follower, Wretched Follower; summoned pet value stored on player increments or subtracts based on what is being summoned/dismissed.
- Campfires check dwelling then safe zone. Some creature danger areas in safe zones will be included in this.
- Follower Marker box being left in player backpack in some situations#8 - fixup code added for any that are improperly left in player.
- Updated Dark Guards at the blue portal from Parian/Battle Plains to level 105 from 55.
- Changed the way familiar totem is spawned from the NPC (made to be similar to totem spawned familiar).
- Gave a notice on use of change race that one free race change is available from Champion of Lotor.
- Oil of Jandros should inform you when it is used on yourself (was missing an obj ref) and when it wears off.
- Fix for Darushk sign (not parsing + sign very well).


September 08 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 9.8.2022:

Some monitors/Resolutions crop title screens weird.
Druid Staff sometimes summons a rogue wyvern.
Game Crash: Closing all windows.
Cannot type in a quantity when buying/selling in shop.
Backpack dropping on H/L not following drop config.
Fix for slop buckets.
Resale value of fertilizer reduced.
Removed soloable tag from Minor Storm Giants, Weakened Ettins.
Adjusted spawns in Proudblood Valley slightly.
Reduced planting difficulty of Bloodroot.
Capped Ice Bolt damage at 550.


September 07 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 9.7.2022:

Game Crash: Closing All Chat Windows.
Clicking Buy Tokens should check for Steam Overlay and explain how to turn it on if it's off.
Alignment gain on killing evil players.
Player Pets Remain After Teleporting Away on Guard/Stay.
Store product Name Change! allows player to go beyond the char limit presented in Char Create.
*Fix for epool on advanced skills (Block, Dodge, Crit Hit, Crit Heal, Double Attack, Extended Duration)

Fixed for reputation gain when attacking players of lower reputation - should not move reputation # at all in this instance.
NPC Crims Hanvik/Lonvia/Tarvan no longer make you go wanted for attacking them.
Killing any animal that is neutral or better will not change alignment either way (chickens, gazelle, deer, dolphin, etc).
Killing Humanoid NPCs that are neutral or better will cause you to LOSE 5 reputation per kill (most bipedal townsfolk/guards/etc).
Adjusted alignment loss for going wanted/killing players (see Discord for exact #).

Fixed the formatting for tooltips on several items (Reinforced Battle Axe, Champion Axe, Pristine Baton, Crossbow of the Viper, Soldiers Light Crossbow).
Updated material/tooltip on legacy cloak to reflect leadership bonus.
Adjusted weight of newbie small blades (rusty pocket knife, lead dirk, woven blade, shiny dagger).
Updated resists on Valekar's and Azure Silk up to 5% from 2/3%.

Changed alert distance on Blackwidow Hatchlings to smaller radius.
Removed Dalvon Armor treasure from Master Blaster to discourage camping.
Updated drop chances for Snagglefang, Deadwillows, Wasp Warriors, Deadwillow Roots, Ice Fragments.

Fix for trainers. A flag wasn't being set after reward on some of the trainers, blunts in particular.
Removed restriction on CK/LK (you can do both now at same time).
Added 1 item reward from Dalvon Miner in addition to ring. Player can select Armor, Leggings, or Helm. Gloves/boots must be hunted for in the cave. All pieces drop from mobs in the cave as well.
Removed skeleton pups from Silvest patron quest.
Removed spider queen from Lotorian Knight quest mob list.
Added id skill exp to reward from LK quest, and points towards individual mob (same calc as ID calc).
Anton Darushk will ask for neutral or worse aligned player (was evil or worse) during Warlord quest stage that requires you to start that town's mini quest.

Replaced banker in Gulley with one that wasn't evil.
Moved a barrel blocking room in Fort Eastwatch.

Fix for Fishing Pole capacity check.
Fix for Deadwillows - they were marked as a corpse in editor, mage spells could not cast on them.
Gave more info to warning message on lighting kindling in town (can light in safe zones, just not in towns).


September 05 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Thank you for a great Steam launch! It's been a busy weekend for our servers - and developers. We are working on a patch for AE game servers that likely will release tomorrow. This will include some minor fixes to spawns/drops/minor issues but also a fix for alignment regain. We are working on a few other alignment based issues that are not working as intended.

Remember, our ticketing system is updated:
If you are unable to login to that site for some reason (it now requires a steam login), you may also reach out to support@ironwillgames.com (though, note this is not checked as often). Thank you!


September 05 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

HotFix 9.5.2022:

- Fix for trainers. A flag wasn't being set after reward on some of the trainers, blunts in particular. If still having issues, a GM will have to fix you up. Apologies for that inconvenience!
- Removed restriction on CK/LK (you can do both now at same time)
- Fix for Fishing Pole capacity check
- Added 1 item reward from Dalvon Miner in addition to ring. Player can select Armor, Leggings, or Helm. Gloves/boots must be hunted for in the cave. All pieces drop from mobs in the cave as well.
- Removed skeleton pups from Silvest patron quest


September 02 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 9.2.2022:

The STEAM Update

It’s Christmas in August September!! Thanks for sticking with us over the last 4 years and showing your support through many hours logged, being active on Discord, and purchasing dem tonks. This update has a lot of changes with Steam update in mind – new features, a smoother leveling experience, and automated token purchasing, to name a few. Below are the changes in this patch; there are many new features, changes and balance adjustments - especially regarding alignment on the rules for the new server Ascension. Read more for what’s new in this build. As always…good luck, and happy hunting!!

System Changes
- Pixel Mine Launcher is NO LONGER functional. Use STEAM to launch the games (you are given 5 chances upon launching game to bind to our system, so know your account info please!).
- Secure.pixelminegames.com will NO LONGER be functional. When we are done with migration, please use CUSTOMER.IRONWILLGAMES.COM (login through steam).
- Bug report in game will direct to tickets.
- Payments are now launched from the game store, and completed in Steam. We cannot assist you with Steam payments. New Features.
- New combat target reticule.
- Improved GUI saving/loading.
- Snap to Windows.
- Cast buffs/heals in Party Window.
- Changed from DirectDraw to Direct3D graphics engine.
- Server Select screen grid instead of hard-coded art icons.
- Drop to destroy now disabled except for NO DROP items; when dropping an item on ground, you will not receive a warning message unless it’s a NO DROP item. All items will be placed on ground and cleaned up by the server every ~10 min or so.
- Trash Barrels – placed near banks in most cities. Trash around barrel to denote their function. Once used, anything inside is consumed/destroyed. To assist in quick removal of items. This is my finest accomplishment. If only I could put myself into it.
- Ability for designers to disable taskmasters per server.

- Majority of Krog/Silvest/Whisperdale areas are now safe zones. This extends to an obvious physical barrier such as a river crossing or mountain pass/choke. In Silvest, this is at the guard gate before going to Varg. In Krog, this is at the river crossing on the way to Dawat/VF. In Whisperdale, it is the river crossing just before Darkfell and the mountain pass near Ewwww’s lair. Below ground areas accessible there also safe zones. This extends to all servers where safe zones are enabled (H/L/Ascension). As patron saint of newbs everywhere, I give my blessing to these areas.
- Majority of cities changed to Divine (white) alignment from Neutral (yellow). Alignment will be more useful moving forward. PLEASE be careful when logging in if you are evil or worse (orange/red names).
+ Divine Cities: All other not here named
- Ability for designers to set alignment gain chance per server to assist in making alignment more useful (H/L unchanged, A server will have random chance to gain alignment per kill).
- Ability for designers to set backpack drop based on alignment to assist in making alignment more useful (H/L unchanged, A server will have reduced chance to drop backpack for players with better reputation).

More Alignment...
- Killing neutral or better NPCs will lower your reputation.
- Evil or worse players have options for various NPCs that are found in LSP in the evil cities of Lopal/Redwake:
+ Lopal: TMs, VIP Soulstone
+ Rahura: Construction sales, Advanced Skills Trainer
+ Redwake: Dark Steward (city align reset), Henchmen and Familiar trainers, ToF raft offer, VIP Store
- Where enabled, good or better players do not take reputation loss for killing evil or worse reputation player.
- Killing another player will result in a loss of reputation (varying per server).
- Death as an evil or worse player when NOT wanted will send you to a crim spawn gate.
- VIP Soulstone will send to Lopal tavern instead of LSP if you are evil or worse.

- Redid a significant number of spawns in starter areas of Krog/Whisperdale/Silvest and updated the Patron quest system to reflect what is actually in the area.
- Adjust to WW Matriarch spawn; slight respawn, more areas, and chance to spawn while killing pups.
- Adjusted spawn of gloom lights in marsh dungeon.
- Added Drakkan mini dungeon for undead, West of Krog.
- Adjusted spawn of slimes/sludges/molds (now only spawn in silvest/krog/whisperdale respectively) and adjusted krog sewer.
- Adjust to scorched island - lower level mobs near entrance, higher level in back. It’s like a mullet, but with Lava Blobs.

- Adjusts to a lot of bosses drop rates/tables/treasure tables. Don’t ask! I don’t even remember.
+ Dragons/Dragon Bosses.
+ Kuthos Dungeon.
+ Ancient Giants.
+ TR bosses (Artraxis, Kritan, Thrakk, Yesoth).
- Crypt guardian sets dropping from basilisks and medukala stonegazer.
- Added Totem of the Wolf to various creatures: dire wolves, wolverines, skeleton and dwarven pirates, higher level VF mobs, sand spider.
- Updated Dalvon Mine encounters and boss/foreman treasure chances to discourage players camping master blaster. He’s a quest update for heaven’s sake.
- Plague Toads/Grizzly Bears drops changed to Valinor level drops – hunt something else for magic trade tools!
- Reduced chance on cloud strike drop from Proudbloods (was too high).
- Rock trolls no longer drop the scroll needed to hunt them; xp on that scroll quest reduced slightly.
- Two new Scroll Quests for evil players (Stop the Greedy Gluttons, Secrets of Vampire Bats) which can be turned in to Redwake and Broken Finger Outpost, respectively.
- Removed silver band from tier 0 (TR item).

- Added stats to Wizard Helm (+5 Mage Weap and +5 Mind, added some resists).
- Added resists to Golden Elven Shield so it’s more interesting, shiny, and shielding, and Elven.
- Wicked Looking Wand given additional to hit and 1 rune slot.
- Wand of Expansion now adds 10% bonus to lacerate in addition to brain freeze.
- Level Reqs set for various high end weaps (106+ atm).
- Legacy Cloak now available for Legacy account holders (you just need to talk to Mage of Lotor which is located in town hall of Krog, Silvest, and Whisperdale; if your account predates 9/2 you are eligible for free no drop cloak - one per char).
- Loafers.
- New TR Items: Wyvern Sight, Wyvern’s Talons, Wyvern’s Eye, Warding Amulet of the North, Crystalcloth Belt/Boots, Tormented Set (Req level 85, 50 Int/30 Con).

More Items...
Item Adjusts:
• Adjusted INT req on Staff of Impure (down to 70)
• Adjusted req on Cursed Flaming Quarterstaff (30STR/70INT)
• Adjusted INT req on Azure set (down to 70)
• Adjusted req on Axe of Betrayal (70STR/70INT/0DEX)
• Adjusted req on Hammer of Ancient Gods (100STR/70INT)
• Adjusted req on Knightcaster set (100STR/70INT)
• Wolf Pup and Wolf Totem timer increased to 30/60 min respectively (from 1/2 min)
• Removed Dex req on Oken's wand
• Increased Rune Slots on Oken's Wand and added 10 Crit Blast
• Increased Rune Slots on Crossbow of Mana and Bow of Nature
• Inc bonuses to Robe of Dark Rites (52 AC, 20 STR, 28 INT)
• Inc bonuses to Ritual Sheers (22 INT, 8 CON)
• Inc bonuses to Ritual Hood (7 CON)
• Inc bonuses to Ritual Boots (8 CON)
• Inc CON bonus to Sorcerer's Tunic and Robe (10 CON)
• Inc value of Blade of Ancients to something that can't be transmuted.
• Reqs on HOTAG fixed (1oo str/70 INT)
• Lost Adventurer's Signet ring had STR req of 65, changed to overall level 65 req.
• WhiteStar shield
• Corrupted Helm
• Shield of Blocking
• Belt of Striking
• Forsaken Shield
• Crystal Amulet
• Thrakk's Belt
• Thrakk's Gauntlets of Might
• Cape of Storms
• Library Book
• Indoel's Tooth Pendant
• Captain's Medallion
• Torn Sinew Shoes
• Reduced CON on Bloody Rag of Rumpda
- Added weapon special for Blade of the Wyvern, Mallet of Reckoning, Dirk of the Unleashed, Edge of the slayer, Frostbow, Deathmaul, Warmage Scathing Axe, Sword of Artraxis (TR items).

{Enough changes here it warranted its own section}
- Added tooltips to most foods, drinks, potions
- Adjusted a few consumables
+ All brewed drinks last 1 hour instead of 30 min, you lightweights
+ Chlera Hard Cider gives Stam Regen and Dex vs just Dex
+ Hobgoblin Strong Ale gives +5 str/con vs +4
+ Northern Frost Mead gives +10% Health Regen vs 5%
+ Cooked Purker gives 2 Con 2 Int (purker up :-*)
+ Cooked Casucs gives 1 Dex 1 Stam Regen
+ Orange Snagger gives +3 Str +3 Con
+ Speckled Tithia gives +4 Int +2 Con vs just Int
+ Jester Fish gives +3 Dex and +10% Health Regen (I had to work to restrain myself from bad jokes)
+ Redfin Bloater gives +2 Str/Dex/Int vs 2 int/con
+ Dragonhead Perch gives +3 Str +2 Con +10 Health Regen
+ Apple gives +2 Con
+ Potatoes give 50 HP
+ Carrots give +2 to hit
+ Lime gives 25 HP
+ Lemon gives 5% disease resist
+ Cherries give +2 Dex
+ Coconut can be eaten; gives +2 Dex +1 Stam Regen
+ Milk food effect doubled from 10 min to match other similar foods.

- Oil of Jandros now does a shield effect (mitigation).
- Poison Potions/Disease potions instruct player to apply to a weapon.
- Low level Alchemy adjust; all minor potions now require level 14 or less; updated potion recipes included in Alchemy guidebook (bought from both valinor and normal mage shop).
• Potion Minor Repair: skill level down to 14; used to be 2 warg teeth/1 storm giant blood, now 2 warg teeth/1 rat tail.
• Potion of Cure Minor Disease: used to be Scorpion Sting/Deadroot/Enchanted Bloodroot, now Scorpion Sting/Ant Leg/Enchanted Bloodroot.
• Potion of Minor Disease: Skill level down to 12.
• Potion of Minor Poison: skill level down to 10; used to be 1 Scorpion Sting/2 Sulphur Crystals/1 Deadroot; now 1 Scorpion Sting/2 Ant leg.

- Valinor now includes all mobs or needed drops to make minor potions (warg teeth drop from shaman runts, all others dropped from the relevant mobs).
- Changed color of text when adding ingredients to alchemist’s mortar so it stands out more “You have added ear of bat..” at least until I can burn that script down with fire and in its ashes raise the PHOENIX Crafting Manager.

- Patrons give 1 scroll of return every so often for their city.
- Added pointers to dialogue on Val Clockworks.
- Adjust on Rineguile quest - chance to get slime from slugs increased.
- Fixed an exploit in all of the newbie trainer quests.
- Fixed the Nova quest.
- Fix for Chaos Knight script (players had to relog to take a new quest after turning in).
- Fix for Patron quests if you changed city faction using Knight of Lotor (instead of store item).
- Fixed Knight of Lotor script when player abandons city faction (was not resetting everything it needed to).
- More hints/instruction on what to do next when leaving Valinor/completing high level patron quests.

Various Bug Fixes
(but were too classy for the junk drawer)
- Several fixes for char create screen (non clickable regions, various crashes).
- Incorrect targeting feedback when creature is not in line of sight but in range.
- Fixes for various connection failures.
- Hunter’s Handbook entry box retained focus even when not selected.
- Hotbars difficult to change orientation. Now right click to change orientation.
- Clicking repair potions too fast bugs the cursor.
- Buying large stacks of items crashes the client.
- Magic Missile doesn’t work if a class rune is not equipped.
- Drag to ground/destroy sometimes shows wrong item.
- Can attack dynamic quest NPCs in safe zones.
- Warning message on gated triggers spams the client.
- Sound can be heard when boxes checked but volume set to 0.
- Auto target was not work properly when play area not in default location.
- When player gets treasure in party, color of chat to player is not correct.
- When a random name is generated, make sure it isn’t already in use.
- When a party members leaves your party while you are logging out, your logout is aborted.
- Self click no longer opens/closes backpack.
- Trade tables no longer close any open containers.
- ~ was not working on some international keyboards.
- Ranged/Melee autotarget selects followers when they are in range/adjacent.
- Major refactor/fixup of Feats window.
- Projectiles ie arrows now draw properly if play area moved.
- Client now given a proper name, Ashen Empires.

Junk Drawer
- Added ladder in Orc Fort Tunnel to a previously inaccessible area.
- Dungeons of Dransik is now completely disabled; any products related to it (teleport stones, portals, bindings, etc) are now not functional. We are not able to support this extension any longer.
- Updated HELP section of ESC menu with some recent info/changes/updates.
- Typo Resurected > Resurrected.
- Gazelle antlers not marked as ToF expansion item.
- Wizard Familiar no longer a controllable mob.
- More tutorial print added to Valinor.
- Adjust to Ice Bolt to make it more interesting.
- Switched tile shape for decaying body from headstone to skeleton.
- Fix for Map Travelled data resetting/wiping random sections of the map.
- Spell Book – Nullify shown as a link on other pages of spellbook.
- Spell Book runes can be clicked on page 1 to go to the beginning of the spell list.
- Runesight displays align number.
- Added a way for GMs to change skin color of player; skin and hair color change scrolls will be coming in the future.
- Token trades can now only be done via a table in game (too much confusion/error with sending to a player name).


August 29 2022
 From: Dev Kraken


Updated schedule, made a few changes. Sorry for the delay.

Ascension Server Timeline:

o 9/2/2022 Launch with Mainlands & Talazar's Revenge, level cap at 103. Salamanders and Basilisks portion of Talazarian Dungeon Level 1 unlocked, all other faction areas inaccessible. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda's Lair inaccessible.

o 1/2/2023 Sands of Creation & Construction activated, level cap increased to 108. Faction dungeons unlocked. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda's Lair inaccessible.

o 4/3/2023 Tides of Fate activated, level cap increased to 110. Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Frieda's unlocked.

*These dates are an estimated timeline for progression, and are subject to change as deemed necessary by the development team. During the initial period before SoC there will be other areas inaccessible too or bosses you are unable to find, essentially expect anything that drops items with a level requirement above 103 to be inaccessible. We decided to let SoC and Construction pair together and delay ToF until last.

Most of the aforementioned rules are now handled by design changes, however I do expect any discovered exploits to be reported.

August 28 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Heads up! Some events to make note of for the month ahead...

We are in week 9 of Chaos! We have 4 more weeks (through Sept 16th) before we spin down this server. Chaos Points can be viewed here:
Chaos Leader Board 2022-07

Note that there is still plenty of time if you'd like to try for some of these prizes. Pinned here: AE Discord - Chaos Channel.

I am going to update the Expansion and Level Cap today to give you time to enjoy that before Friday's big Steam launch. ALSO, we will run a KoT event every day this week at 2pm and 7pm EDT on Chaos, starting at 7pm EDT today. These will be modified in level/HP to account for player level/numbers on this season, and will not trample Lotor's Castle (just Josody, Parian 2x a day). If you win an artifact from this event we will make sure you get this item on H or L, note that drop rates here are the same as H/L if not worse. I will also make a rough leaderboard on some of the prizes.

Hell Siege:
This event will run on Heroes/Legends starting September 2nd - October 14th. This is a high level event that takes over hell and lays siege to various cities. The next event will not run again until March of 2023.

Halloween Dungeon will be open October 14th - November 1st. That entrance will move to a more neutral location (currently in Lotor's Castle) and announced closer to the date. Hunt creatures in the dungeon to collect Candy Corn and trade that for fun items. We will introduce a few new items this year.


August 26 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


A small announcement to make ahead of Steam - we have adjusted town alignments in consideration of the new alignment rules that will be patched next week with Steam. More towns have been made DIVINE instead of NEUTRAL. Those of you that are evil, criminal, or scourge alignment, please review this list and make sure you are in a town that aligns with your moral compass (or lack thereof!). If you aren't sure of your alignment, click the alignment bar or just waltz into Lotor's Castle and see what happens.

As you can see, still quite a few options for those of you who like to roleplay your evil side, those that are determined to live the life of a rogue assassin or band of villains, and those who enjoy killing women, children, and pets (long live Salazar!). LSP will probably be the biggest adjustment you will have to make - I am going to add a few options to find some of those necessary NPCs in evil towns.

+ Evil Cities:

+ Neutral Cities:
  • VARG

+ Good Cities:

+ Divine Cities:
  • ARDA
  • JEEL
  • KROG

Recommend you Log out before Steam Launch in one of the Neutral Cities if you are unsure of your Alignment will be affected by the towns.


August 20 2022
 From: Dev Zarquon


Mark your Calendars! The time has come! September 2nd we are releasing both Ashen Empires and Dransik on Steam!

Here is the schedule for September 2nd:

3:00 PM EST - Lock Servers.
3:30 PM EST - Shut down servers.
- Start Migration to Steam Servers.
5:00 PM EST - Go Live with all servers on steam.

Ashen Empire Servers:
Heroes : PVP with Safe Zones - Existing
Legends : PVE - Existing
Ascension : PVP - New Server
Chaos : We will continue the current chaos server.

Dransik Servers:
Pantheon : Existing PvP Server.
Atreus : PvP - Normal Progression.
Elverum : PvE.


 From: Dev FujiQ


Grat Note: This post will stay at the top for 6 months, then moved to normal location. Thanks

Here is a walkthrough with visuals for anyone wondering how the Steam/Pixel Mine account binding will work.

1. Make sure you have downloaded Steam https://store.steampowered.com/about/ and created a Steam account https://store.steampowered.com/join/ . You will need 1 Steam account for every 1 Pixel Mine/IWG account.
2. Search for Ashen Empires in the Steam Store or click this link:https://store.steampowered.com/app/937380/Ashen_Empires/
3. Download and press Play once it is downloaded and installed. Some of you may be prompted to upgrade Direct X.
4. Select an active server and press Play.
5. Once into any server, you will be prompted to Link an account. You have 5 chances on that Steam account to bind. IF you play before binding and buy tokens, they will be bound to that new account and cannot be transferred!! If you ignore it or do not complete this process, your Steam account is bound to a new IWG account permanently.
6. You will be directed to a new customer site (we are moving to Iron Will Games from Pixel Mine). You will be directed to enter the Pixel/IWG account that you use to access the game prior to Steam.
7. You will be asked to CONFIRM the Steam and Pixel/IWG account binding.
8. Once completed, your game client will ask you to relaunch. Do so from Steam.
9. You should now be able to load in the players on the account you bound to.

You will have to repeat this process for every account.

Feel free to post in ??help with questions. We will do our best to assist you but you MUST secure your account information and go through the linking process carefully! We will not be able to adjust your account binding once it is completed!


August 10 2022
 From: Dev Kraken


The details regarding the new server at this point are as follows, consider these your pre-patch notes.

Ascension Server Timeline:

o 8/13/2022 Launch with Mainlands & Talazar's Revenge, level cap at 103.

o 10/1/2022 Sands of Creation & Tides of Fate activated, level cap increased to 110.

o 1/1/2023 Construction activated.

Key Gameplay Differences:

o Slower XP rate, lower drop rate compared to other PvP servers.

o 3 Additional orbs given per level at levels 106-110.

o Alignment loss for killing non-wanted players, severe alignment loss for going wanted, alignment loss increased if target is below your level.

o Players will go wanted by looting and attacking other players or NPCs in range of guards.

o Party follow is disabled.

o Chance to drop your backpack is now also tied to your alignment, it is no longer 100% all the time.

o Equipment takes twice as much max health damage on death (-10 max item health). Regular repairing via potions or spells is not required. Item restores still work as intended. See image below if you do not understand, this is immediately after respawning from one death by monsters. Please be aware that this damage is also increased if the item is no-dropped via the store item.

The details, as follows, are meant to help set the tone for the server expectations. Some things will be handled via the alignment system, some things are handled via changes to guards, and hopefully none of it has to be handled by the team, but if it does, you've been warned.

This server is intended as a PvE progression server in which PvP can be used as opposed to the traditional DPS wars between guilds or parties. This will hopefully offer a way to blow off steam and release some pent up aggression between larger parties that are vying for contested content. This strict set of PvP rules is intended to aid those who would prefer a less aggressive experience than Heroes or Chaos, but are looking for the option to PvP on occasion. Alignment based drop rates will be severe for having low reputation, and very forgiving for those that choose to avoid PvP entirely.

The following actions are punishable by warning, jail time, GM jail (no rocks for you!), kick for 1 day, kick for 1 week, and finally permanent suspension. Punishments will vary based on severity of action(s).

o Respawn killing, such as repeatedly re-killing within a screen or two space of spawn gates. The server has safe zones for a reason.

o Repeatedly killing players more than 10 levels beneath you, that clearly do not pose any challenge to you or your party, as an unprovoked attack, unless they're wanted (temp criminals). This includes purposefully dropping monsters onto them in order to cause their death and damage their equipment.

o Using more than two player characters simultaneously outside of town.

o Physically preventing other players from using game areas. This includes using a pet or high dex character to block a doorway, gate, or narrow passage simply to prevent another playing from passing that tile. This will be upheld more stringintly with respect to towns and other safe zone areas. This will likely not be enforced out in the wilderness unless it's being done as an excessive tactic to grief other players.

o Griefing other players will not be tolerated on this server. If your goal is to ruin everyone's day, every day, please play on Chaos.

This server is intended to be a PvE progression server with a side of light PvP. This is not Heroes. This is not Chaos. There will be repercussions for attempting to abuse the game's mechanics. There will be repercussions for preventing other players from reasonably playing the game. If that type of gameplay is your preference, this is likely not the setting for you, and we ask that you please continue to enjoy the other PvP servers.

Consider this new server to be the gentleman's server, with PvP as a last resort to resolve conflicts. Warmongering will not be tolerated by King Lotor, and excessive use of force will be subject to persecution by the crown. As a reward for good behavior and being a positive member of the community, King Lotor's blessing will bestow you with bonus orbs at 106-110.


August 10 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


1 more day until Steam!

For anyone who is hoping to be at the release Saturday, plan on it going live between 1pm-2pm EDT. 1pm is the best case scenario - in theory it should be fairly quick but there could be some hiccups.

Another announcement I have to make now...after launch, we (Devs/GMs) will not be doing support over Direct Messages in Discord. These are your options:

+ Post in help (general help questions)
+ Make a ticket on the new customer website (secure option for account issues, assuming you are able to log in)
+ Make a page in game (for general gameplay issues - please do not post sensitive account info here)
+ Email support@ironwillgames.com (a last resort if not able to log in)

It has been fun to have a direct line with you all, and it's been wonderful getting to know the community here better while chatting with you, but this change is needed to better serve the community; with in game issues/requests/problems posted to a more central location, the new GMs and support staff will be able to have a more cohesive look at how they can help and be on the same page regarding support.

GMs and DEVs will direct you to tickets or pages, so please use that system. Thanks for your understanding as we try to enable a larger team of support to assist you.


August 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Our planned date to release to Steam is Saturday August 13th!

It has been a long process to get here and we hope you are just as excited as we are for the potential that AE has in front of a wider audience. I would like to personally thank you all for your passionate support of this game over the last 15 years (or more??) and especially that of the last 4 years as we have made so many changes to help get the game ready for a modern audience.

To celebrate our Steam Release we will have some giveaways and events IN GAME next week (times/dates TBA). I will do my best to offer multiple times during the day to accommodate.

We will also be offering a 10% token order bonus on all orders placed on our PayPal token show now through August 13th. Thank you for your support over the last 4 years with that payment system. The Steam store will replace that beginning August 13th. All tokens will still remain on your accounts. The only thing changing in the payment system.

I will also be implementing a special Thank You for active, paying accounts that were created prior to Steam. This will be available in game as a free no-drop item bound to that account (this will be availabe at release when we patch the servers).

I highly recommend that you create and become familiar with Steam if you have not yet done so! We will maintain our old launcher pages with information on how to do so. If you have any questions about creating Steam accounts please post in the ??help channel, though remember those accounts are separate from our system and we cannot in any way assist in creating an account for you or recovering it.

And finally, I will post a How To with information regarding binding your Steam account to your Pixel Mine account. It is very simple, but it requires you to 1. Know your Pixel Mine user log in credentials and 2. Have a Steam account. Please do not ask support for assistance in changing emails, recovering old accounts, or moving characters around on accounts. You are responsible for maintaining your account and characters. It is still possible to multilog through third party software such as Sandbox, though again, we have limitations enforced in game as to the number of characters that are considered acceptable to control simultaneously. There is also a noticeable difference in usage on your machine running Ashen Empires through Steam which you will probably want to take into consideration before deciding to do so.

Again, thanks for your continued support! Feel free to post or message with any questions that aren't covered here.


August 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


August Grab Bags are here!

Inside is the following:
(1) Map Reveal
(1) Dungeon Map Reveal
(2) Summon Corpse

Remember: These are added on the first month anniversary of your subscription OR on the 1st of the month if you have maintained your subscription for at least 1 month. If you subscribe July 15th, you will receive August's grab bag on August 15th, and the next grab bag on September 1st. If you have any questions about your rewards please make a ticket at https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx


July 13 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Good morning everyone! I have a brief update on our Steam integration and some information for our existing players on how this will work, what to expect moving forward, and future plans.

We are expecting to release on Steam within 2 weeks - when we do go live, here is what to expect...

1. Account Management
We will maintain our secure customer portal (https://secure.pixelminegames.com/) where you will be able to make tickets and manage your Pixel Mine account. Do not reach out to support asking for account management information (lost an account, etc). We will no longer assist in account recovery. It is up to you to keep your account information safe.

2. Accessing the Game
You will access our game servers through Steam. We will discontinue support for our Pixel Mine Launcher.

3. Linking Steam IDs
When you launch Ashen Empires from Steam, you will need to redownload the game files, then upon launching the client you will be given a chance to link your existing accounts to that Steam user. You have a limited number of times to do this on the Steam account before you are no longer given a choice for that Steam user. If you have multiple accounts, that is on you to link them to individual Steam accounts.

4. Purchasing Tokens
You will be able to purchase tokens in game which will direct you back to Steam where the purchase will be automatic and tied directly to that account. We will discontinue our PayPal Token Shop. Thank you for your patience over the last 4 years as those have been a waiting game typically to receive your tokens. We hope this new shop will serve you better.

5. Support
All Support questions, inquiries, complaints, and the like will need to be done through our in game "Summon a GM" feature, Support Ticketing System, or email to support@pixelminegames.com. We will no longer offer support through Discord as we have in the past. Please do not DM any developers/management here with account related issues. We will have a few more people helping with support and game management, so having everything in one central location this will make it easier for us to serve you. Here is a reminder on which system to use:

Ticket System: Use our ticketing system for any sensitive account information/questions. This is visible only to support level staff. It allows us to track the issue and make sure we are taking care of it, and communicate with you through our secure portal. https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx

Summon a GM: Use this feature for ANY in game problems, suggestions, questions. This includes issues with other players. This is visible to ALL GMs, so please use discretion in including any sensitive account information. We are not able to always respond immediately, in that event, you will need a good email on the account to receive a reply from a GM if they are not online to take a page at that time. If you do not have a good email, please consider using the ticketing system. To summon a GM, while in game hit ESC > Game Options > Summon a GM.

Support Email: A last line of defense in the event you are unable to access the ticketing system or servers. Note this is not checked as regularly as the other two support methods. Support@pixelminegames.com

Future Plans
At this time we have a few updates scheduled regarding the crafting update, though a majority of our time will be spent initially working through any issues we run into with this integration. We'd like to sincerely thank you for your support over the last 3 years and hope that you join us in the next chapter for Ashen Empires. If you have enjoyed your time on AE, please consider leaving a review on Steam.

We are looking for some up to date screenshots of the following gameplay and could use your help!

1. New content such as any boat combat, dunk's dungeon, ToF lands, TR (Frieda's, new wyverns, etc)
2. Dialogue/quests
3. Special Events

It must be free of obscenities or inappropriate/off color language/names/etc. If we choose your screenshots we will give you some free tokens. ($10 in tokens per shot).

Please submit to me via DM or post in the screenshots channel in Ashen Empires Discord. Thank you!

***Also note it must use current graphics/UI, nothing of the older gump. It is charming however it is not representative of the current gameplay.


July 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 7.1.2022

This is primarily a pre-Steam patch to address some polish level fixes in low level content/quests.

For those that are wondering how that is going outside of content/polish fixes - our Steam client is in closed beta testing; it has some enhancements such as snap to windows, updated directx draw/optimization, fixes for UI config saving, party window healing/buffs. That will be available with Steam which we plan to launch later this summer (date TBD).

+ Removed spawn of NPCs at burning bridge on Valinor.
+ Capped Valinor, Krog, Silvest spawns so they can't get too crazy with Spawn Increase.
+ Removed placeholder from most mainlands (non expansion) bosses:
= Arrlandah
= Illanpa
= Wasp Queen (Darkwoods)
= Brood Queen (Darkfell)
= Ewwww
= Termigon Queen
= Slobberknocker
= Oak Rot
= Wasp Queen (Krythan)
= Hugla
= Master Blaster
= Chugga Bam Bam
= Greenteeth
= Ryonkah
= Scalo
= Spore Summon
= Umbergon
= Meklor
= Unkea
= Ignis Fatuus
= Snagglefang

+ Changed name of Dull Gemed Staff > Dull Gemmed Staff.
+ Adjusted weight of spider legs.
+ Adjusted resale value of Silk Cape, Cloth cap, Colored Cloth Caps.
+ Resale value on Bark Shield and Blue Workers Gloves.
+ Removed yellow silk robe from alchemy shops.
+ Updated stats on crafted silk armor to be more level appropriate.
+ More informational text for players on using items.
+ Fix for torches (would become broken).

+ Newbie quests will check if player can hold rewards in their backpack.
+ Newbie mage trainers will inform player they can cast higher level spells with Dull Gemmed Staff, will give a Rune of Kuthos when they are given that staff and print instructions about reaching level 10 in skill.
+ Mage Trainer adjusts for new players + print to chat instructions when receiving wand.
+ Storage Crate given at end of farming quest.
+ Changed up Newbie farming quest to teach player to dig hole and plant seed.
+ Redo on Newbie Tailor quest (to match the updated tailoring progression).
+ Fix for mage quests that you could get stuck on and get gem staff over and over.
+ Swapped Roger Duncan quest reward potion of repair for potions of stamina.
+ Can kill mages or brigands on Karter Jons kobold quest stage that needs you to hunt for pages.
+ Updated quest stage directions for Sozal, Kobold Lake.
+ Foreman Drell gives directions to the mine entrance for Cliffside.

+ Adjust to intro NPCs; less text, more hints printed to chat.
+ Update to Sergeant Sevareth dialogue.
+ Kristanna dialogue updated.
+ Rabak dialogue updated.

+ Adjust for spinning/weaving times on Cotton/Silk/Wool.
+ Adjust for xp/difficulty on Cotton/Silk/Wool crafting at early levels.
+ Added cotton seed and empty buckets to ag shops.
+ Adjusted price on cloth/wool/silk for design rebalance:
= Silk Cap
= Cloth Gloves
= Cloth Cap
= Colored Cloth Gloves
= Colored Cloth Caps
= Woolen Cap
= Pants
= Cloth Bag
= Colored Pants
= Short Cloak
= Tunic
= Colored Tunics
= Cloth Dress
= Cloak
= Woolen Gloves
= Cape
= Woolen Sash
= Cloth Robe
= Woolen Slippers
= Silk Gloves
= Woolen Pants
= Woolen Cloak
= Silk Sash
= Silk Pants
= Wide Silk Sash
= Long Cape
= Woolen Tunic
= Silk Cape
= Woolen Dress
= Woolen Robe
+ Added fertilizer to Farming Guidebook.
+ Added info to fertilizer, when clicked to use it gives instructions in yellow.
+ Fixed typo ferilizer > fertilizer.
+ Bumped cinnamon and lime seed forage rates on Newbie island.

+ Fix for event not cleaning up spire that despawns (from no one attacking it in certain period of time).

+ Grammar on food messaging, added commas + when eating, said "such and such increases health constitution and intelligence!".
+ Fixed Mataarzal NPC named Banker.

June 25 2022
 From: GM Baldr


Please welcome our newest addition, GM Zehag.

Show them the same kindness you show all of us.


June 16 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hot Fix

Hotfix is now live for Demon Spires - they should not be bugging out and getting stuck. Thanks for your patience.


A little behind here on posting - appreciate your patience! A few things to note regarding events:

- Hell Siege Event will go through June 30. We will end it July 1st. We plan to run the event again this year (in the fall, from mid September - October) and twice a year following that.
- KoT event will be Saturday 25th at 6pm EDT.
- Chaos Server Season 9 will be July 1st - September 31. It will last three months and will be a more difficult server. We will reward based on variety of factors, including total experience gained. Expansions will be gated with each expansion released at regular intervals.


June 02 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 6.2.2022

Event adjusts plus some bugs that got squashed. Notably, Jeel/Hothbra no longer included in event driven sieges. The altar driven Demon Spires spawn further away from towns, of which is a new one (Parian). They should no longer keep the native event spawn from happening, however, if an event spire is up when you start a siege it will spawn the mobs of the event spire town. I sacrificed this possibility for the sake of getting the patch out there since this is a limited time event. I did NOT change drop rates, nor will I reveal the hidden nature of the method for obtaining the Ghost Ship. You who have asked should quit AE and go to Law School. You have a missed calling!

Item Adjusts
+ Fixed weapon use on various weapons to fit into the proper cabinet (Dirk/Axe/Saber of many souls, Vorpal Axe, Calamity Bow).
+ Missing tooltip stats on Archer's Pavise, Queen Silk Petiole.
+ Added +10 skill to the mage trainer wands (Wand of Expansion, Ivory Wand, Sprouted Wand) and upped rune slots to 4 (3).
+ Archer's Belt not marked as armor.
+ Ring of Sleighing not able to go into jewelry case, marked incorrectly.
+ Fate of Giants special now looks at creature type, should function on all marked as giants.
+ Added Max Gear HP to Wyvern Scale/Pristine Dragon Scale.
+ Increased native Max HP of rune gear set and retail value.

+ Added portals to hell from Scarab island (requires Master of Demons).
+ Adjust to Calamity Bow (req 80 dex, 30 con).
+ Adjust to Evil Council Robe (doubles buff duration similarly to robe of dark rites).
+ Split spawned and event spires from one another so they can be independent.
+ Adjust to Calamity Armor (50 less AC).
+ Removed construction req from event housing deeds.

+ Bug with Treba quest - old quest data got messed up, added a check for anyone with data of 5-8 to be able to complete quest.
+ Sailor's Bet quest misspelled (Sailor instead of Sailer).
+ Warlord Archer/Mage quest exp not boosted like warrior's.
+ Fixed invalid gold reward on Valinor mage trainer quests.

+ Typo in adv skill trainer dialogue "Wizard Manastorm?" did not need the ? at end.
+ Malacinth Seeds not marked as seeds.
+ Typo in item Pyschic's Wand (should be Psychic's Wand).
+ Update tooltip on Carpentry Toolkit, gave it a message to player on level req when attempting to use it below 20.
+ Typo in Disciple of Talazar dialogue "You name is marked".
+ Kindling should only delete one item from stack not all of them (but you can still set a stack down under campfire and retrieve after fire is burned up).
+ Kuthos whirlpool tied to an obj spawn in map not a chunk, was getting stuck in wall.
+ Incorrect desc on Runesight spell in spell book.
+ Zerk pots/Totem of Siege are no longer no-drop.
+ Resource Valley timer will be cleared upon using your soulstone etc so you don't get ported out of there randomly after leaving resource valley any other way (stones, scrolls, etc).
+ Female Glutton spawn was broken by glutton lake, should be spawning now.

Patch will happen at 11am EDT (in 20 min or so).

June 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


June 1st and you know what that means - VIP Grab Bags are here!

This month's bag will bring you:
4 Summon Corpse
2 Drop Rate Increase
5 Item Restore Tools

This was put together with the event and patch in mind. Wait until the patch to use those restore packs on some of the Wyvern Scale or Pristine Dragon Scale armor that will get a boost (if you repaired your gear it reduced it to max 750 vs ~1400 hp).

Remember - these products will be automatically added to your account at midnight on the day of your first anniversary OR the 1st of the month for every month after that. If you subscribed on 5.25.2022 your first bag will be added to your store on 6.25.2022, then you will receive next month's on 7.1.2022. If you ever have question about your account or rewards please let me know via support ticket or DM.


May 29 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hello everyone! I hope you're enjoying your weekend (especially those that are enjoying a longer weekend for Memorial Day, USA).

Just wanted to give a heads up that we will be patching the servers this week, most likely Tuesday evening, to adjust the event. Thank you for the feedback you have shared on the event. With new things there always seems to be something to adjust. if I ever get it right the first time around that'd be amazing but evidence suggests that is not likely! So thank you also for your patience.

We will look at adjusting drop rules for the spire back to party DPS as this is creating some issues with VIP, at least for spawned spires, and the conflict with spawned vs native demon spires (did not expect people to be spawning them back to back thus preventing the native one from spawning). Also considering an adjust to requirements on Calamity Bow.

A side note, I will be looking at adjusting the native HP value of the crafted wyvern and dragon scale gear to something more generous than 750 so that you do not go from 1400 --> 750 upon using restore tools. I plan on throwing a few of those into June's grab bag for VIP members.

Thank you again for your continued support! Happy Hunting


May 21 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes

Patch today to adjust the Hell Siege event probably for the last time (hopefully). This includes a few more new items to enjoy. The idea here was to make the creatures feel more rewarding and take the edge off their difficulty slightly. It is still a challenging event, weapons are still going to be rare, but overall event should be more doable for more players.

New items:
+ Wicked Dice (roll the dice to be rewarded a random item; note that there are some unique items that can only be gotten this way!!!)
+ Aspect of the Minion (the og model).
+ Evil's Accomplice (a dagger which summons a Wretched Follower, styled after Ancient Follower with some modifications to damage and dot type).
+ Spire Stone (a teleport which takes you to the runespire in Hell, degrades on use).
+ Deed - Ghost Ship (this has been in for some time but unavailable. and no please do not ask me what drops it!).

+ Balron/Demon difficulty reduced slightly.
+ Demon Spires moved out of town a little bit more to reduce dropping and wanted status from guards accidentally happening - or not accidentally happening if you are in a pvp situation).
+ Reduced # of Balrons/Demons which spawn in town sieges and moved them.
+ Adjust to drop tables of Spire, Ancient Balron/Demon.
+ Added light spawn of ancient mobs to badlands cave. Put your floaties on, this is meant to be a gentler experience. Note: You obtain access through Enderic, a roguish looking quest NPC outside of Chlera.
+ Health of Totem of Siege has been adjusted to 100 from 20. It is designed to degrade - please keep that in mind. Item Degrade is currently disabled but will be re-enabled with event changes in this patch.
+ Added some extra security to the entrance to hell. Please do not leave chars in to monitor locations. This was stated previously in my announcement. I kinda meant it. My feels are hurt that you disregarded my warnings, now your turn to be hurt.
+ Spire chance to spawn reduced slightly. They are not meant to be the sole encounter to hunt. Everything, including vendors, have unique items so you will have to play it all.
+ Ancient Demons/Balrons have a new particle effect to distinguish them from normal mobs. You will need to have particles turned on to see this difference.

If you purchased a totem of siege and the health is 20 or less after patch, please let me know and I will fix it up for you. Thank you.

May 18 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Just a note - there is an issue with Spiked skulls. If you have a deed for that, please wait on using it. Thank you.


May 17 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Thank you for the feedback regarding the ongoing Hell Siege Event. We will be adjusting the event again this week - no ETA on which day at this time but we will adjust rewards/drops and increase spawns of creatures. Keep in mind this is going to last through June (total of 6 weeks).

From: DRG Grat Rochord

Yeah I know... Took me long enough huh... If I can do it, anyone can!!


May 16 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Adjusted the chance for a spire to spawn from the system. Please let me know if it is a little better after a day or so. Keep in mind that spawning spire from altar will impact this spawn chance. Thanks!.


May 15 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


I wanted to take a moment to address a scenario that keeps happening with the Demon Spires. There have been some folks charging through town on their white horses then perishing at the spire, or berserking the spire and dying (or fleeing), both actions generating a ton of mobs on whatever party is chipping away at the spire.

So as to not remain ignorant, I will clue you in on how Spires are intended to work. They are designed around the Dransik Spires which are intended to be slowly taken down. If you send in pets and/or berserk on the Spire, you will generate a death cloud. And, guess what. That's kinda shit. So now that you have been bestowed by this wisdom, if anyone continues to do this, they will be considered to be dropping on the spire and will be kicked. No warnings. You are all big kids who know what you are doing.

Sorry, I do not enjoy being the police, but I felt like it was warranted here. This is a limited event but it's substantially longer than the holiday event and will repeat at least another time this year. You will have plenty of time to hunt and get nice drops, so be considerate. The altar takes 5 totems and can be done at a place of your choosing. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Thank you.

And for the record, 1 person running into a party of 8 is not PVP, that's suicide. So let's not go there please. Thanks.


May 15 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes

Patch today mostly for event balance.

- Trinket drop rate increased slightly (though keep in mind, this is a longer event).
- Spire drop rules are consistent across all spires (drops regardless of party dps, like KoT).
- Issue with server spire # getting stuck and not respawning.
- Bumped spire spawn chance slightly.
- Fix for Evil Altar of War taking wrong # of totems.
- Can now choose a town to siege at Evil Altar of War, will be silent - no server notification.
- Small Skeleton could be stolen from someone's lawn. Those who stole it, it will now be stuck in your backpack forever. Don't steal!
- Guards in spawn gate west of Vrethpool now marked neutral.
- Soul Forged Gaunts HP Regen working.
- Gathering Basket weight reduction increased.
- Father Berdun will give aspect of monk if player lacks it and has completed quest.
- Typo in Ulthien's Grim Smile (you harvest harvest the soul...).
- Typo in Bruegel text (increases you harvest).


May 14 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hot Fix:

Patch today small, mostly adjusts to the new event items/mechanics.

A few other fixes:
Adjust to Ghoul Blade special.
New Artifact: Baldr's Ruinous Maul.
Typo: Scotore instead of SCROTORE.
Typo in Green Dragon Leather Legs (Dogde instead of DODGE).
Pitchfork stats adjust (+10 planting/harvesting, +10 INT/DEX, base dmg increase).


May 11 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hot Fix:

A hotfix today to patch a somewhat serious loop in quest dialogue.

This also included a change to Ghoul Blade. It is now performing how it was intended to (similar to Thrakk's). Please give us feedback on this change as it will be relevant for the event starting Saturday. Thank you!


May 10 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hot Fix:

Some fixes are now live for various ag quest issues. Thanks for reporting these! Sorry for those of you who had to repeat a few stages (unless you needed the xp, then you're welcome!)

- Gideon corn/carrot stages no longer send you backward if you talk to him after starting those stages.
- Karter Jons dialogue gives reminder to speak to Wilson Johnson.
- Sharp Shovel will not degrade until we have a way for players who have completed quest to craft it.
- Issue with an SoC door not opening has been fixed.
- Guards in Silvest on Raisin Bread stage should become hungry after 5-10 min of being fed (some had completely lost their appetite).
- Several misspellings of the word "Renown". Title in Quest Log will remain misspelled until we patch server.
- Malacinth should count properly (was not counting fertilizer used).
- Beekeeper's Boots speed now hooked up.


May 07 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


FujiQ — Today at 8:23 AM
A reminder: We will be patching the servers soon. We will announce in game prior to locking. Thank you!

FujiQ — Today at 9:21 AM
Servers will be coming up shortly. Check patchnotes for details.
The Hell Siege event starts NEXT Saturday (the 14th) at 2pm EDT. You can poke around in the data files but it will not be available until next weekend. We will post some stats on new items next week.

FujiQ — Today at 9:58 AM
Servers are back up.

Patch Notes

Agriculture Update

Today’s update is the first of many updates to our crafting system – grab your shovel and get dirty! Even if you have maxed Planting, Foraging, (and Harvesting?? You psycho!) you can still enjoy playing through a new quest line which takes you on a journey across the lands of Dransik, starting in Silvest and traveling through many areas of Mainlands with a stop at each expansion! Help save the kingdom with the power of P L A N T S! I had a great time writing this quest line and hope you enjoy it as well!
In addition to the quest line, which features some unique new items for farming (and a few just for fun!), we got our hands dirty and retooled the progression for farming and foraging. Here is an overview of the changes:

• Greater experience for planting seeds vs fruits (and updated exp on planting depending on difficulty; more difficult seeds/crops give more experience).
• Grow more crops using fertilizer! To make fertilizer, start with an empty bucket. Add to it ground shells or bones. Use certain bones, triddle shells and various other insect shells in a mill to grind them (list of items that can make bone meal will be expanded in future, currently skeletal skulls and skeleton pirate fragments). Plant this and dig up your fertilizer! Using it on freshly planted seeds will increase your base yield! Try to add more things to the slop to make it richer!
• Increased resale value of crops (need some gold? Get digging!)
• Cash Crops: Chance to grow some cash crops which sell for more than normal: Barrel of Apples, Prize Tomato, and the rare White or Black rose.
• New items which decrease digging time or decrease planting time.
• Certain growing conditions favor different crops: Some crops grow more quickly in certain parts of the world.
• NEW RESOURCE: Wild Mushrooms and Mushroom Steaks (requires level 45 to harvest Wild Mushrooms, 55 to forage for Raw Mushroom Steaks).

The Farming Quest
- The quests start with an NPC named Stratton in the Silvest Farm shop. You must progress through this entire questline and the ones following to reach the “Master” quest. NOTE: This is NOT the “master of all” quest. So do not think you have to get 2500 kills in each category (though maybe it’s not a bad idea to work on that anyways hmm? ). Even if you "hate quests and tradeskills" I hope you check it out!
- There are 25 quests in this entire quest line
- Some lovely rewards await those who are able to complete it!
- Most quests involve growing something, killing something, and looking for something. If you get stuck, go talk to the NPC!

Other Changes (It's a really big junk drawer)
- Check out the newly revamped Amnon Vre dungeon!
- A new low level dungeon near Whisperdale – the Marsh Dungeon! This was a collaborative effort between my son and I. Speak to NPC Legrant on the south side of Whisperdale to start this quest to access this dungeon!
- Patrons now reward well up to level 50 (then xp drops off; previous was 43).
- Added randomness to lich prince's timer.
- Typo in crystal orb quest.
- Adjust to Runic Priest spells.
- Small text adjust on Addie's text when she gives wine recipe.
- Dolas fern now requires level 35 instead of 45 to forage.
- Adjust to Mnemnon spawn - added small skeles, reduced chance on undead priest level 55 encounter.
- Adjusted zebra skinning quest to require only level 45.
- Fix for faction req to enter crim gate under BFD.
- Fix for Mage Trainer quest - Treba npc quest now branched to show which creature type to kill.
- Removed degrade on tradeskill tools for new players.
- Added Check for Remedy so it can't be immediately recast.
- Adjust to Tyrian set stats (inc DEX/INT, + SOUL, varying resist additions/changes).
- Beekeeper set stat adjust (level orb reqs down, added stats, harvesting bonus).
- Ghost of Lotor resists updated.

This was a long 5 months and there could be a few other small changes which slipped by but if I discover them I will update this list.


May 04 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Our update Saturday will include content to support a new high level event: The Hell Siege.

Talazar's evil army is ready to lay waste to the mewling servants of Lotor and other puny good-hearted civilians. Powerful demon spires act as portals from hell that will unleash a horde of demons and vile creatures on various towns. Two new creatures, Ancient Demons and Ancient Balrons, are not to be taken lightly. Stop the siege and save the towns - collect evil trinkets to trade for valuable weapons and armor, and other items. In between sieges, hunt these creatures in Hell for the Demonhunter brothers or the weapons that they wield. Or if you dare, collect totems to start the drums of war at a time of your choosing...

If you were thinking to yourself that there's not enough red, black, and skull themed items in AE, this is the event for you! There are:

+ Three new sets of armor
+ Four new weapons
+ Totem of siege (a longer lasting berserk)
+ Two teleport stones
+ A crafting hammer which gives +30 to iron forging
+ A new housing item for guild halls: the spiked skulll. Place the head of your enemy on a spiked skull and display your kill for all to see!

We will be starting this event Saturday May 14th at 2pm EST. It will run approximately 6 weeks.


May 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hopefully everyone is enjoying the warmer weather outdoors! Once you're done getting assaulted by pollen and rain, check out your store in game for this month's grab bag.

(2) Berserker Potion Packs
(2) Personal Power Hours
(2) Drop Rate Increases
(1) Wizard's Familiar

April 30 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Next Saturday May 7th we will be patching the servers around 8:30am EDT. This will include the update to agriculture as well as a new high level event that we plan to run at least 2x a year for 6 weeks at a time.

The event will start when we are able to monitor it actively, since it is Mother's Day weekend 6-8th we most likely will start that event the following week. Thank you for your continued support!


April 09 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


I'd like to take a minute to share an announcement not related to Ashen Empires. If you are interested in Fallout style games, check out a new game just released at the end of March called Weird West by WolfEye Games. The guys have worked with some of these developers in the past - good guys, and always deliver good products.

Check it out on steam:


April 07 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Our next Knight of Talazar event will be Saturday April 23rd at 7pm EDT!

If you are new to the event, here's the rundown; 4 Knights spawn throughout mainlands. Currently they are in Parian, Josody, and Lotor's Castle. If you are VIP and are able to attack the knight - even briefly at a distance - you have a chance at one of its rare drops including the possibility for an artifact. The Knights also spawn several mobs around it that drop Rune Fragments which may be traded in for good levelling gear.

Note that item degrade/equipment drop are disabled during the event. We usually do a spawn event after as well for added chaos.

Hope to see you there!


April 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Happy April!! Today's Grab Bag will be a special Thank You for all who have purchased our lifetime subscription option - you will receive a level 110 char!

To redeem this char please visit our secure site and make a support ticket.

Along with that, this month's Grab Bag will include...

(1) Item Rename
(1) pack of Teleport Stones
(1) Dragon Mask Pack
(1) Rune Shard

Thank you for your continued support!

Grat Note: Yes, this was an April Fools Prank by FujiQ, there was no Lifetime Subscription available with the L110 Character.


March 25-27 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


I am long overdue for a post about what we've been up to!

To summarize...following a very fun but slightly intense Holiday event, we took a few weeks off to regroup and figure out our next steps. It took a full month to design the changes that we will be implementing, including all of the quests that will be added. I was hoping to have a tradeskill update completely rolled out by now, but the scope of this project is quite large, and our schedule has been insanely busy this spring on the Clark Kent side of our lives. As a result I've decided to break up this update into each skill. That being said....

At the end of April we plan to roll out our changes to Agriculture along with some fixes to prepare us for Steam (mostly Valinor, lowbie stuff) and hopefullyalso a new event!

The Agriculture update will include...
- 3 full multi stage quest lines.
- 1 Master quest (and suitable end game style reward).
- Several new resources (hemp, mushrooms, and special "bonus" harvested items).
- Several new farming implements (shovels, seed selection tools, armor/weaponry, containers).
- Updates to harvested quantities (using fertilizer) and sale prices.

I hope y'all are ready to get down n dirty in April! Thank you for your continued support!


March 25-27 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


March 25 - 10:00 PM
We will be taking the servers down tomorrow for some maintenance at around 8pm EDT. It may last 30-45 minutes. No updates/patches this time - though we are expecting something at the end of April.

Thanks for your continued support!!

March 26 - 10:16 PM
We are postponing the server downtime to Sunday March 27th at 2pm EDT. Thank you!

March 27 - 03:10 PM
Legends is back up; we are still working on Heroes - no ETA right now.

March 27 - 03:21 PM
Heroes is back up as well. Thank you for your patience!


March 13 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hello everyone!

Just a friendly PSA about using followers in game.

As many of you are aware, it is possible to leave your followers standing guard in a location far away such as a boss's room, using it as a kind of alarm system. I applaud your creativity, however, it has created a situation where others are unable to reasonably check for and hunt said bosses.

Unfortunately, we cannot update the servers at this time to change follower's behavior. Instead we will be monitoring and removing any followers left in this way. Further abuse of this mechanic will result in a kick, then a suspension.

Please page if you see a follower left at a boss area so we can follow up on it. We always prefer the game to handle such situations however we feel this is warrants GM involvement until we update the servers. Thank you for your understanding.


March 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


March Grab Bags anyone?

Inside this month's pack of freebies are:
(4) Henchmen
(3) Personal Power Hours
(2) Lair of Minos Access passes
(1) Pack of Teleport Stones

Thank you as always for your support! If you have any questions about grab bags or your account feel free to drop us a line using the ticket feature of the secure site: https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx. You can also DM but those tickets via Website we can easily keep track of and make sure to track your issue.

Februrary 1 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


It's the 1st of the month, you know what that means!

Grab bags will be arriving in your account today - enjoy the following freebies for being a VIP member:

(1) 1tem No-Drop
(1) Dragon Mask Pack
(2) Broken Finger access passes
(2) Berserker Potion packs

Remember, these will arrive on midnight of the 1st of the month or the 1st anniversary of your VIP subscription. If you have any questions about whether or not you have received it please reach out via support ticket: https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx

January 14 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hot Fix

Hotfix this morning for a few small issues:

- A few people had issues with quests counting incorrectly.
- Fix for Hell Spawn follower.
- Nullify and Recoup Health fixes that were previously working reverted, reapplied the correct fix.

January 10 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Congrats to Wyrmcast for winning our Holiday Art contest!

He used various pots for ornaments, Dolas Fern and Ajwain Leaf for the greenery.

Thank you to everyone who participated.


January 09 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


We are no longer accepting entries for the Boss Fight. Below are the crowd favorites for each match. Note that based on our trial runs, most of these battles are 50/50 - they are close and can go either way. We will be streaming the event at 1pm EST.

Note: If you entered more than once in Boss Fight (if you have multiple accounts and/or used multiple chars) you will get a reduced prize for winning. If you wish to pull one of your entries please DM or page.

Below are results from the Boss Fight! Hope you enjoyed watching - many thanks to @[AE] GM Bahamut for all of the time and energy he put into this, running various scenarios and testing, and all the work he did to make the Gauntlet event successful.

EDIT: I had to go back and recount, there is one person who guessed 9/10 correctly. Congrats to @G G!


January 08, 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ


Today is last day to submit art for the art contest! I will post all images to the GM's and Developers tomorrow morning. If there are some images in my DMs when I get up tomorrow I will include them.

Tomorrow around 10pm EST we will be turning off the holiday event. This means that any existing spawns of Snow Elves, Reindeer, Angry Snowmen will remain but they will not respawn. The coal vendor is a permanent NPC who will be available throughout the year. We will most likely utilize presents as prizes for future events (not holiday events but GM sponsored events, etc).

The Gauntlet and Snowman events will continue to be available. If you'd like to try Bahamut's gauntlet event please page or DM him. He will be gradually posting gauntlet runs (these take time to post so please be patient). If you'd like to try the Snowman event please DM me or page in game.

Tomorrow at 1pm EST Bahamut and I will be streaming the boss battle - with commentary!! We have over 70 entries with guesses on who will win. I will post the crowd favorites tomorrow morning. We will NO LONGER accept entries for boss fight after tonight. If your page is in today we will record it. To see the event please watch Bahamut's twitch (you can access the twitch link in his profile @[AE] GM Bahamut. It will be recorded and posted at a later date.

We hope you've had fun with the various events these last few weeks! Here's to more fun in AE in 2022


January 01 2022
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes

Happy New Year's Day!

2021 was a great year for Ashen Empires and we thank you for being a part of that! We rounded out a lot of goals we set back in 2020 for content - adding more gear and options for various builds, making different areas relevant for late/end game such as Athropiniax's Lair and Talazar's Revenge. We also introduced the Chaos server, which had a great first run. Looking forward to doing some different things with that server this year! Here's a highlight reel - if you want more details please see the patch-notes channel.

- New Skill: Identification
- Auto Targeting for Melee/Archery
- Gameplay Window Resize
- Hunter’s Handbook and spawn map reveal
- Randomize boss spawns
- New quest lines
- New crafted gear
- Updated several recurring events to be relevant
- GUI Overhaul
- Updated Mage Spell Book
- System Channel
- New game options

We are very close on the integration with Steam and will be focusing on adding a few QoL features to the game and smoothing out the new player experience. Expect an update to trade skills next, and possibly an update to Tides of Fate sailing/boat related content prior to Steam launch. We still have a lot of work to do and appreciate your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports.

VIP Members will receive their grab bags tonight (a bit late, apologies!). Included for January's grab bag is:
(1) Item Restoration Tools
(4) Personal Power Hour
(2) Summon Corpse

Again, if you have any questions about your grab bag or VIP status please feel free to make a ticket on our secure site: https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx

Reminder of Upcoming Events:

Jan 1st at 2/7pm EST on L and 3/8pm EST on H will be a Boss Spawn Event. Head to the plains of Chlera for a special 2022 Boss Spawn. Those of you hoping to complete your Hunter's Handbook will find several creatures from Valinor as well. PVP On, item degrade/drop off!

Jan 2nd: Chaos Server opens for the PVP tournament. You will be able to set level/skills/spawn equip as a test server but still must use 4 event tickets to enter. PVP Tournament Sat Jan 8th.

Jan 9th: End of Holiday Event. Coal Vendor will still be open. We will post results and winners of the Boss Matchup fight and the Holiday Art contest at that time.


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