December 19 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


Surprise! The Holiday Event will start today!

All event mobs spawn in the snowy lands of Talazar's Revenge - remember this is a high level, difficult encounter. Some of the creatures have a chance to drop gifts which can be opened for various prizes. These are only available during this event and can be opened 1 time.

If you collect any coal, visit Blizzard Stonebiter in Meroven to trade it in for holiday items such as the Ring of Sleighing, Santa's Big Sack, Elven Tools, or a Santa Hat.


December 18 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 12.18.2021

The mage update!

Included in today’s patch is an updated spell book with more information about each spell including a description and targeting options. All spells were reviewed for progression/balance/utility. Please see notes below for details.

After you’re done exploring changes to spells, get ready to head to the frozen lands in the Talazar’s Revenge expansion for a holiday event! The Christmas Grinch has turned hard working Snow Elves and Reindeer into evil, lazy creatures – but not all is lost! You can hunt them for gifts, or try to melt the Grinch’s frozen heart and gain his treasure! Beware his helpers...

Note: The Holiday Event is a high level event. Angry Snowmen are still a low/mid level mob, but they do not drop special holiday prizes. It will be open Dec 20th through Jan 1st.

- Fix for disconnecting during character load if you happen to be logging in at the same time as a guildmate.
- Fix for some items being left behind in your corpse when you summon or use spacebar.
- Fix for looting message in PVP; clicking on an individual item would not send a message to looter or victim. Dragging items/containers or clicking containers would.

- Mage book now has brief description, stamina cost, target options, rune damage, etc for each spell.
- When dragging runes into the rune case, it no longer gets “stuck” after each move.
- Spells should no longer be swapped out in the hotbar for other spells when interacting with various objects in the world (using a forge would swap resurrect for Dragon Strike, for ex).
- Most buff spells no longer give experience.
- Cool down messaging on high level spells should print how many seconds are left before they can be recast.

- Ice Storm: Reduced difficulty/fizzle chance and increased AOE to 5x5.
- Plague: duration and damage increased.
- Cloud Burst: Given a small chance for poison DoT.
- Thunder Bolt: Now gives a -5 Nature resist in addition to damage.
- Enchant Wood: Now enchants up to 20 planks, minimum 5 planks needed.

- Brain Freeze: Slight increase to base damage, 20% damage vs Humanoid/Giant/Kobold/Goblin.
- Hammer of Malax: Chance for DoT vs NPCs only, increase in damage.
- Mystic Ward: Duration extended to 2 min, cooldown on caster of 4 minutes.
- Psychic Scream: Conditional damage for Humanoid/Giant/Kobold/Goblin.
- Ice Shock: Chance to freeze the target for a short period of time (resisted with Mind resist in PVP at a lower chance to freeze); certain mobs cannot be frozen: Ice Demon, Frost Giant, Ancient Crystal Wyvern, Crystal Wyvern, Cold Giant, Frost Troll, Crystal Guardian, Angry Snowman).
- Electrical Shock: Does an AOE to targets that are around it (ignores target protection). PVE Only. Adjusted difficulty to be in line with cloud burst and other high level spells.
- Lacerate: Capped at 300.
- Runesight: Will inform you of certain magical effects that you have active and their time left (does not report on food or potion of resistances, diseases, etc).
- New Spell: Nullify; will remove all magical buffs on yourself or another player in your party (not all negative effects, etc). Must be in the same party to cast on another player.
- Anarchy: Can no longer be cast in safe zone, is an offensive spell.
- Mystic Ward: Fix so that you do not have to cast Nullify 4x to remove it completely (it has 4 different effects).
- Disruption: Now has a small chance to silence enemy player; reduces attack/defense rating on player and NPCs (will be hooking this spell up to have a chance to silence certain NPCs which spellcast).

- Transfusion rebalanced; primarily useful as a heal for followers; necromancer’s channel boosts this.
- Soul Drain: Small DOT when cast on demons.
- Blood of the Viper: Adds 3% poison resist to target for 30 min; removed caster poison effect.
- Kiss of the Vampire: Adjusted down time to cast.
- Misery: Functions like lifetap; damages target, heals caster for % of the dmg.
- Degrade: A -5% soul resist for 2 min.
- Parasitic Leech: Increased time on the DOT.
- Curse of Malax: Edged up base damage and reduced difficulty .
- Leech: Increased damage.
- Blessing of Malax: Fix so that you do not have to cast Nullify 4x to remove it completely (it has 4 different effects).
- Dark Prayer clears both effects of Faith now (it will override all benefit from Faith; should no longer need to include this in your buff lineup).
- Light: Light can now only be cast on NPCs or players.

- Charisma of Ulthien now a taming spell.
- Fortify: Bug where you could cast on npcs (not followers) and consume rune etc.
- Holy Strike: 20% damage bonus to undead, 25% chance to do Body DOT on undead, adjusted damage range, removed cooldown.
- Holy Word: 20% damage bonus to undead, stamina cost reduced.
- Mage Storm: 20% damage bonus to undead.
- Recoup Health: Rebalanced. Heals max 1440/2 min at high int/skill.
- Remedy: Rebalanced as a long but low heal over time. Modified duration – 2 min, heal is now tiered by INT for max 4/sec.
- Repentenance: Bonus damage against undead, demons, jellies. Increased damage slightly. Adjusted difficulty to be in line with cloud burst and other high level spells.
- Smite: 20% damage bonus to undead, increased base damage.
- Strike: Damage capped at 250.
- Body Heal over Times cannot be stacked (Recoup Health and Touch of Ulthien).
- Call of the Gods: Fix for notification (said disease instead of poison in one area).

- Removed a few mobs from hunter’s handbook which are not in game or not identifiable: decaying prisoner, undead artonian priest, marrowsucker (pet version), deceiver (pet version), bonecrusher (pet version).
- Added some spawns of the following mobs which were not able to be identified: Dwarven Pirate, Astari Innkeeper, Goblin War Galleon.
- Adjusted difficulty check on Adventurer’s pack.
- Fix for repetitive/incorrect message when crafting tanning pots, explosive powder, incendiary powder.
- Salvaging broken lobster traps will no longer destroy the entire stack.

- Added INT to Clockworks set.
- Updated/unique art for the Wands that go with Clockworks quest line (Ivory Wand, Hollow Wand, Wicked Looking Wand, Wand of Expansion, Staff of Songs).
- Fixed most of the new weapons so they can be placed in appropriate weapons storage cabinets.
- Mind Flayer return damage effect when Mind Flay was cast now only occurs when the Mind Flayer is equipped on the target of the spell .
- Updated/unique art for the Knight of Talazar gear.

- Fixed issue with Zule where you could drag ancients away to kill; they will now reset with him if you drag Zule away.
- Fix for spawned followers of creatures (they should no longer stack on top of their leader when they spawn).

- Fix for Hammerfist Mine stage of Artraxis quest. If you had previously found the key in years past, which could be done simply by killing orcs, then started the quest, you were not able to progress past stage 5 “Search for the half horn from the Helm of Artraxis, lost inside the Hammerfist Mines.” To progress kill Orc Miners outside the Hammerfist Mine entrance.
- Update to Mataarzal/GDI cave access quest. Previously required stage 4 ? complete to access the cave on Greater Dragon Island. Could be lost be repeating the quest to gain another ring. Now once you have gotten to stage 4 you will be flagged and can repeat the quest as many times as you’d like and not lose access. You must progress or go through the portal to be flagged in this way. Thank you.

- New items for the Holiday Event.
- Updated stats for Christmas Grinch, Snow Elves, Reindeer.
- New creature: Grinch’s Helper.
- NPC in Meroven who will trade lumps of coal for select Holiday event items (Blizzard Stonebiter).
- NPC JoCashig will count normal and event snowmen for his quest.
- Certain event mobs drop gifts which can be opened for various random prizes (some holiday items, some hard to find items from other areas of the game).
- New Spell for the Knight of Talazar; updated stats for Knight of Talazar.
- 3 New Artifacts introduced in this patch:
  • Kraken’s Eye (Necklace)
  • Bahamut’s Chaotic Vision (Helm/Head)
  • Fuji’s Cloak of True Measure (Cloak/Back)


December 05 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


December is always a busy time of the year - we hope you can join us for one of these events!

Chaos PVP Tournament
This will be a quick entry tournament - 3 man teams and no leveling or grinding for gear required. It will still require 4 Event Tickets to enter ($1 USD). Please see chaos channel for poll on PVP Tournament time/dates:
AE Official Discord - Chaos Channel

For those that CBA:
[Poll is listed on Discord to Vote for your Day/Time - Can not repost it here, Sorry!]

You may select more than 1 day/time. I will go with the most popular day/time.

Here are some more details:
- Teams of 3
- You will be able to spawn in any gear you'd like (similar to test server)
- You will be able to set level and experience (similar to test server)
- Only restriction on team is you cannot have 2 mages
- Each battle will last 10 minutes

1st Place:
10 raffle tickets per person

2nd Place:
7 raffle tickets per person

3rd Place:
3 raffle tickets per person

No server move winnings. Raffle tickets let you roll for a chance at any weapon in game.

Knight of Talazar
Friday Dec 10th at 6pm EST
4 Knights of Talazar spawn an bring an army of demons with them to destroy Lotor's Castle, Parian, and Josody. You can collect rune fragments and trade them for gold or Knight gear. If you are VIP and attacking the Knight you have a chance to win one special drops from the knight including a small chance at an artifact!

Mage Update Server Patch
Saturday Dec 18th Time TBD
This will include the update to spells as well as some mage bug fixes and the new mage book.

Holiday Event
December 20th - January 1st
We are updating the Holiday event this year with new items - armor, trade tools, and presents ?? which will reveal a random prize when opened! In the past the Grinch, Snow Elf, and Reindeer were low level creatures - not anymore! This will be a level 110 event!

New Year's Day 2022
January 1 2022 - 2pm and 7pm EST
Our event will be a special 2022 spawn event. 1,000 demons, 1,000 giants, then 22 bosses. If you are trying to complete some quests or large DTMs snag those before the event. There will be quest bosses in this spawn such as Andreev, Schlag, Scalo, Hugla, Meklor, the Proudbloods, Mack Mack, plus a few more like the Great Pumpkin and other holiday bosses. King Lotor might make an appearance as well!


December 01 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


The December Grab Bag will be dropping tonight!

Every year we give out a special Grab Bag for our VIP players - this year I've added the City Faction Reset for a complete redo of 1 of your characters. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays from Iron Will Games!

  • (1) Orb Reset
  • (1) Race and Gender Change
  • (1) City Faction Reset

Note: You will receive your grab bag on the 1st month anniversary of your subscription, then you will receive it on the 1st of the month if you maintain your subscription. If you have ANY questions or concerns about whether you've received it or not, please send a support ticket: https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx

The items are usually given to you at midnight on the 1st of the month; if you are online you'll receive a message similar to when you purchase an item. If you are not you will not be notified but again, please make a ticket if you are not sure. Thank you for your support!


November 28 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


The Test Server is now open to VIP members. Please see the #ae-test-server channel pins for instructions and details.


November 23 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


We will be opening the test server to VIP members this week that includes all of the changes to spells and the mage book. Once it is open you will be able to set character levels and spawn equipment and monsters.

We would appreciate your help testing this content as it has quite a few changes to various spells in all classes and at all levels.


October 30 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Be advised, the Greater Dragon cave entrance is now functioning, so unless you have quest update you will not be able to enter it. It is a repeatable quest, if you have chosen to repeat it to get another ring you have to get the update again to gain access. I will not be able to correct that until a future patch. Thank you.


October 27 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Live fix of H and L for some remaining loading/disconnecting issues. This would impact players in a guild, primarily, who were having issues switching characters. Please let us know if you are still having issues disconnecting. Thank you.


October 23 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Halloween Patch 10.23.2021

A few updates to the event as follows:
- The Pumpkin Collector is now the only place to turn in candy and collect prizes (before he would tell you your candy count, and you would receive a prize upon logging out).
- New prize: Frightful Cloak. Cost of 10K Candy Corn. +10 All Stats, +20 Protection, 3% Blunt/Pierce/Cut/Body/Soul/Mind/Nature resist, requires level 100.
- Updated no drop zone to include new portion of Halloween Dungeon.
- Updated First room of Halloween dungeon to be Safe zone (where pumpkin collector hangs out).
- Fixed Attack and Targeting issue with Spooky Tree mob.
- Added new drops to the Great Pumpkin: 2 new masks, 2 not before dropped collectors items (not geared for leveling or 100+).

Updated Prize List for Halloween as follows:
  • Frightful Cloak: 10K Candy Corn
  • Trick or Treat Band: 500 Candy Corn
  • Ghost and Goblin Choker: 200 Candy Corn
  • Mask of the Pumpkin: 50 Candy Corn


October 22 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.22.2021

- Dead body recovery attempts to put items in original location.
- VIP players have enhanced body recovery; if no room because things have been added/moved in between death, items are forced into the backpack (VIP ONLY).
- Credits.
- Spell book location and visibility save.
- Vendor/Trade Window location saved.
- Scroll wheel will cycle through spell book.

- Blade of Ancients was still in Zule drop table; has been removed (scroll of ancients still drops).
- Removed jail doors in Berg’s arena.
- Grammar fix.
- Print to player receiving a trade invite.
- Removed cooldown on using Totem of Demonic Control.
- Hell Spawns created with Totem of Demonic Control now have added HP formula (based on player leadership and constitution).


October 15 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ



The bonus xp on levels 105-109 for Legends server is working!


Patch Notes 10.15.2021

A small content patch but some fixes for client loading/crashing upon load.

- Ship deed no longer opens when equipping items while in boat.
- Fixed issue with logging in on an object with script such as LSP portal stone.
- Map Reveal crash while loading character.
- Party Invite could disconnect loading characters.
- Interface windows now save after being moved rather than when exiting the game.
- Loading bar when starting client no longer steals focus from every window on your pc.
- Focus selection on hotbars (0-9) streamlined to require less key strokes.
- Centered Character loading text.
- Randomize container creation on screen (not in corner).
- Banks do not open sub containers when adding items to them.
- Player / Boat screen saves location and left/right expansion seperately.
- hotbar #1 wouldn't appear if all others were closed and #1 was hidden.
- Focused hotbar now saves when logging.
- Character Create screen updated to use new loading bar.
- Cleared character loading progress bar on initialization of character selection screen.
- Recalculate bordered windows scrollbar sizes while resizing.
- Text windows scroll bar during resize.

- Ancient Dirk of Power now has 7 rune slots.
- Titan Hide Chest Protector lost pierce resist for soul resist 8%.
- Fixed flag issue with Sorceror's Robe/Tunic; should both be applying 4 hour buffs now.
- Druid's Staff now summons 2 wyverns instead of 1.
- Added scroll of ancients to replace Blade of the Ancients drop; moving forward all drops (which were not changed) will be a tradeable “Scroll of the Ancients” which when read by a level 100+ char, creates a Blade of the Ancient sword in its place. Existing swords cannot be turned in/traded.
- Bracers of Agon’s Fury now properly applies weapon speed attack bonus on Sword of Agon’s Fervor and Spearslinger Crossbow, not all weapons. It should function cleanly with all speed boosting items without the need for unequipping/requipping to get the speed bonus.
- Adjust to Laughing Blade aggro generation on special, increased the random damage range on special.
- Adjust to strength calc in special chance on Sword of Agon's Fervor from str/12 to str/10.

- Sully's Quest stage to kill Jellies now expanded to include Noxious and putrid jellies (was just putrid).
- Streamlined Chaos Knight Quest so it is using new quest system.

- Certain high level/end game bosses can no longer be attacked by followers. The follower will be removed or quickly reduced.
  • GoL
  • Projectino of Kuthos
  • Mukk
  • Graal
  • Faldon
  • Darkwing
  • Athropiniax
  • Frieda
  • Dunkelklinge
  • Mannabrotur
  • Indoel
  • Vinteruul
  • Nithhogr
  • Icebane Coldstone (whose drop table is now corrected from the trolly belt)
  • Alton Carbon Zule
  • Knight of Talazar

- Removed jail doors in Berg's arena.

- Updated option for Wizard Blunderstone; now sells Knight Armor for 10 Rune Fragments for any piece; reduced cost of item restore, reduced cost of Rune Shard.
- Ancient King Altar does a print when players login (CHAOS) if it is active.


October 09 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Players

The Thanksgiving event is on from now until October 15th. Hunt Wild Turkeys found around mainlands AE for special Thanksgiving Totems and corn. Perhaps you'll run into the biggest gobbler of them all...

If you don't get a chance to play, remember this event will also run at the end of November.


October 09 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Attention People of Legends:

I have disabled the PH altars temporarily to check what happens when we double Bonus XP for players level 106-109. We will release the altars after a day or so of feedback. This will only impact players level 106, 107, 108, and 109. Thank you.


October 02 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.02.2021

A patch to address character loading issues (those with high ping should have less frequent disconnects during loading process) as well as location saving of user interface windows, plus a few various balance adjusts and fixes.

- Fixes for User Interface windows. They should now save appropriately. If you notice anything unusual with them please notify us in the #bugs channel.
- Dungeon Map Reveal is now working.
- Fixed an issue where Map Reveal would only send map to current map window/zoom level until relogging.
- More reliable character loading sequence.
- Can purchase map if not on that map.
- Logging into chat channels will now broadcast to all in the channel.
- Game Options (text filter, combat message selection) now saving appropriately.

- Reduced gold resale on Short Spears.
- Updated stats on Wyvern Scale armor set (inc Pierce resistsance, increased stat bonuses, complete frost protection vs Ancient Crystal Wyverns and Mannabrotur).
- Text when equipping Thrakk’s corrected.

- Frieda’s Flayer and Druid staff should now give message when taming creatures for additional client confirmation.
- Fixes for totem of werewolf – now animates when active for additional client confirmation. Will reset upon death and log out/in.
- Speed boosting items (Bracers of Agon’s Defense, Lightning Band/Necklace, and WWT) will apply speed boosts properly depending on best speed for item and will turn off WWT if it is active.

- Icebane drop table updated; a few announces and fix for pulling him into rocks or outside of his lair.
- Gragnak no longer drops mead.
- Adjusted spawn of creatures in ToF giant dungeon.
- Jailer and Gragnak now both have chance to spawn while killing certain creatures in their respective rooms, plus small native spawn chance.
- Brewmaster Berg and The Jailer have updated stats (slightly more difficult).

- Fixed a few spots on Greater Dragon Island where dragons could spawn in the rocks.
- Fixed safe zone extending into water near Sand Wurm spawn gate.

- Adjusted replenish rate for foraging in Resource Valley (down).
- Carbon Filet Knife now degrades on use.

- Altar of Ancient Kings costs 500K gold to activate.
- Altar of Chaos (monster brain) now costs 2.5M gold to activate.

The Junk Drawer
- Evil Altar of Offering (SI Altar) will value your items slightly higher (*15 instead of *10) but the cost remains the same (10M in gold or 666K in raw item value YIKES what a number).

Your containers will likely be moved around on first login, but after you adjust them they should not do that anymore. If you have any issues with the user interface windows please post in bugs. Thank you!


September 26 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Happy Fall, y'all!

Mark your calendars for some more events...

Our Thanksgiving Event will run October 8-15th (Canada eh) and Nov 19-26th. You can grab special totems which give a pie or other goodies from Wild Turkeys which spawn throughout mainlands. It is also a chance to kill and identify the turkey boss Gobble Wobble!

Our Halloween dungeon will be open Saturday Oct 23rd through All Saints Day on Sunday Nov 1st. The Dungeon has been adjusted with level progression so that lower level players may hunt in relative safety. There are also special event only items for Halloween - the candy bag and candy corn! Candy bags will now offer some weight reduction as well. Turn in candy corn for some fun items and enjoy the costume changes or get a bigger group to hunt The Great Pumpkin.


September 25 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Token Sale!

We're offering a 10% sale on tokens now through next Friday October 1st! All orders placed before October 2nd will receive extra tokens. Thank you as always for your incredible support!

Happy Hunting!


September 21 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

We have to wall of the PH, SI, LI altars are those login messages are preventing users from loading into the game. We will have this resolved tonight but in the mean time, no PH. Thank you for your understanding.


September 21 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Please patch the new client which should fix issue logging in during server events. Thank you.


September 20 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hello everyone, thanks for hanging in there! This patch hit a little hard due to the change in loading sequence. We will keep working through those issues so if you are having loading/crashing issues do not stop bothering us until your issue is fixed.

Zarq is going to be looking into loading your explored maps (the Fog of War layer). I do not have an ETA for this.

On another note, I would like to clarify what Kraken posted about on Saturday - the issue of bot farming, particularly end game content. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out if what you are doing is ok, or not. If you have any questions please ask/page. We will do our best to help you figure it out. Please do not turn this into an opportunity to get into a lawyering contest with us or your rival guild/player/guy you just don't really like and you don't know exactly why. Thank you.

There are four things we will consider when receiving a page:
- Is the player using more than 2 accounts?
- Is the player AFK, unattended or not responsive?
- Is this end game content? (over level 105)
- Is what they are doing preventing others from reasonably accessing content (regardless of level)?

If what you are doing is hitting 2 or more of those 4 things, expect to get a warning, or if you are afk to get teleported somewhere where a rooster or chicken will be gently (but firmly!) reprimanding you. If it continues, you will get a small kick. If it continues again, a longer kick, then a suspension. We hate to be bad guys so please use good judgement and be considerate of others and what the game is designed for. We also have a limited supply of chickens and roosters. Thank you.


September 20 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 09.20.2021

- Updated player loading process.
- Skills should all be showing now.
- Fix for Hell Spawn - can be accessed via inventor button on follower menu.
- Fixed prisoners so if you drop something into them it can be retrieved.
- Fix for wrong log in check (was supposed to check Vinteruul's dungeon but was looking at Horned Ones).
- Level Requirement on new TR quest (105).
- Fix for tooltips in Pristine Dragon Scale set.


September 18 2021
 From: Dev Kraken

Greetings adventurers of Legends,

In order to ensure that the new content remains freely available for everyone to enjoy, there are some new guidelines that we would like you to adhere to in the sake of fair gameplay. Due to low player volumes over previous years, many people have become accustomed to playing more than one account at a time, please understand that this is not the problem that is being addressed in this statement. The issue we would like to address is with those who run more than 2 clients simultaneously (and sometimes autonomously). If your actions are deemed to negatively affect the gameplay of others by the GM/DEV team then you will be warned on the first offense. Some examples include locking down the new mini-bosses with armies of auto-follow characters, having your characters on autopilot and playing for you while you're AFK via macros, or exhausting spawns in a hunting area through abuse of a party of archers/pets. This is not an all inclusive listing, please be considerate to others in your decisions. Subsequent offenses will be handled at the discretion of this team based on the severity of the situation. Thank you for your continued support!

Regards, The Development Team

Note from Grat: This will now be removed from top post and inserted into the time it was announced. Thank You.


September 18 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Announcement Issues with Patch 09.18.2021

  • FujiQ — Sept 19 at 8:59 PM
    We will be patching the servers tomorrow at 5pm EDT to address character loading crashing and missing skills.

  • FujiQ — Sept 19 at 5:40 PM
    We may have a way to preserve your existing maps (those of you who explored the map prior to Saturday's patch) so please do not delete any of that map data that is saved locally. We will be working on loading those in. Thank you. I do not have an ETA for this fix.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 10:46 PM
    Please try to leave chars logged off in safe areas until we are able to resolve the character crashing issue. If you log in sometimes you are still in game technically and can be killed by creatures.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 9:51 PM
    We will be working through the other crashers keeping players from accessing specific characters tomorrow. If you can in the mean time post which of your chars are having these issues. Check the two sub threads in the ??help channel Grey Screen crash when loading a player into the world and Login Crashes at Character Select on Certain Characters (Quest Data) . Thank you.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 9:04 PM
    As this has been a busy day we will do our 1000 token raffle another time. Thanks for your understanding!

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 8:31 PM
    Everyone may log in - some of you were kicked temporarily and you will see that as a "suspension" but it will clear up in 5 minutes or less. Thank you.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 8:14 PM
    We are fixing shared banks at this time; if you were asked to log out or had an issue with your shared bank after the first patch please stay logged out.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 4:29 PM
    We have identified the issue and are looking into next steps for recovering shared banks. There will be some kind of rollback (definitely anything after server came up).
    We will be disabling shared banks for a moment. No one will be able to access them so that we can safely restore your items.
    H and L are coming back online, no one should have any issues logging in now.
    Those that were able to log in after the patch, and were in a faction, you have lost your shared banks. We are going to individually restore these banks.
    Those that were not able to log in after the patch (Unknown Login Result) your banks are fine, however, you cannot access them at this time.

  • FujiQ — Sept 18 at 3:50 PM
    We have to shut both L and H servers down until we can address the issue with shared banks. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

September 18 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 09.18.2021

This a significant patch with several system changes, new features, new options, new crafted items, creatures, quests, item adjusts, QoL adjusts, even something for our upcoming events and Chaos. We are working through a pile of changes on our way to Steam; the next patch we will address the mage book (more information) and do a pass on mage spell progression/balance. Thank you for your support as always, and Happy Hunting!!

  • Frieda’s Lair has new minibosses!
  • Several Weapon/Armor/Item adjustments
  • Monster Map reveal spawn feature
  • Please check Video/Game options in ESC menu for several new QoL features

- Reveal Spawns: Can show the location of monster spawns on the map where you have traveled as long as you have been there and killed the monster anywhere at least once. Can only show one creature spawn at a time.
- Map saving/loading on the server; you should no longer need to use the NPC in LSP to “fix” your map. Maps should no longer become garbled. You can load each character’s map from any machine.
- “Traveled” map area exposed; click the button in the top right corner of the map to show where you have traveled; appears as blue circles. To assist those who have map reveal but want to explore the map entirely for Monster spawn locations.
- Character Loading prior to entering the game; progress shown on a loading bar in Character Select screen once you select “Enter Game”; this should help some of the disconnects that happen when entering the game.
- Stamina now displays as Numerical value instead of Percentage.
- Close (x) button now works in the game menu system.
- 105-109 xp bonus has been adjusted up some.
- New Lock Play Area Resize (Video Options) feature to prevent accidental resizing of window during play (currently prevents moving as well but will be patched at a later date).
- New Lock All Game Gui option (Video Options) to lock all of the player GUI down.
- Party Only resurrection option in Game Options; if checked, only those in your party can resurrect you. Includes spells Resurrect, Resuscitate, Raise the Dead and item Oil of Restoration.
- Guild Only Party Invites. You will not see this option unless you are in a guild. If in a guild and have option selected, you will not be notified when someone outside of the guild invites you to a party.

Updated stats on various gear sets:
  • Titan Hide set (more stat bonuses, resists; lowered level req to 90 from 95.
  • Warlock set (more AC, stat bonuses, stam regen, increased speed on boots).
  • Lich Prince set (Removed 100 CON req, lowered INT req to 100 from 101).
  • Paladin of the Flame set (Lowered STR req to 100 from 101).
  • Dragon Guard (no longer requires DEX/CON, just STR and Level; resist changes).
  • Soothsayer (Lowered INT/DEX req to 50 from 100; resist changes, stat changes).
  • Holy Order set (Lowered STR req to 100 from 101).
  • Minotaur Skin set (lowered DEX req to 50).
  • Minos Royal set (Lowered STR req to 50).
  • Flame Reaver (lowered STR/INT req to 50 from 100, stat changes).
  • Neptune set (new color, lowered LEVEL req to 109 from 110).
  • Crypt Guardian set (Lowered STR req to 50, removed CON req).
  • Tyrian set (Lowered LEVEL req to 107 from 108, reduced INT/DEX req to 70).
  • Blood Soaked set (Lowered STR req to 70 from 90, removed CON req).
  • Ranger Lord set (Lowered STR/DEX req to 70 from 77).
  • Imbued Leather set (Lowered STR/DEX req to 30/50 from 100/100).
  • Bloodletter set (Lowered DEX/CON req to 50/30 from 101/100).
  • Blue Dragon Leather set (Removed INT req, reduced STR req to 50).
  • Gold Dragon Leather set (Removed DEX req, lowered INT req to 50).
  • Green Dragon Leather set (Removed STR req, reduced DEX req to 50).
  • Red Dragon Leather set (reduced DEX/CON req to 50 from 70).
  • Eternium set (Added resists).
  • Cynosure set (and fix for exposure/claw of the werewolf duration - is 2x normal time).
  • Thurman’s Helm AC now 42 (up from 27).

- Reduced ORB requirements on various weapons; some also received changes to rune slots:
  • Blade of the Lich
  • Defender of Lotor
  • Thunder Barbed Spear
  • Haldrion's Bladestaff
  • Fanged Stiletto of the Magi
  • Yesoth's Rune Carved Sword
  • Warmage Scathing Axe
  • Dagger of Bakkah
  • Crossbow of Mana
  • Cursestriker
  • Doomhammer
  • Dragonspirit Blade
  • Archer's Composite Bow
  • Superior Composite Bow
  • Twisted Mace of Affliction
  • Titan Stinger
  • Sand Golem Fist
  • Bloody Axe
  • Bow of Havok
  • Bow of Nature
  • Axe of Betrayal
  • Darken Shivbow
  • Gorehammer
  • Pentapiercer Crossbow
  • Gleaming Blade of Lotor
  • Splendid Seer's Crossbow
  • Darksword
  • Ancient Dirk of Power
  • Bow of the Unknown
  • Whale Bone Dagger
  • Squid Tentacle Bow
  • Dirk of Many Souls
- Reduced orb or level requirements on several individual pieces of armor:
  • Infinite Loop
  • Ring of Darkness
  • Coral Crusted Greaves
  • Thurman's Helm
  • Minotaur Battle Shield
  • Book of Knowledge
  • Demonic Adamantine Ring
  • Shield of the Serene Sea Serpents
  • Prayer Book of Kuthos
  • Fighter's Collar
  • Druid’s Amulet (to 106)
- Fixed tooltip on Black Helm to show +3 All Stats.
- Adjusted brightness on gatherer’s cloak so it won’t dim the player.
- Adjusted chance for Tyrian’s Staff Sling to special (up).
- Added Gold value to Queen's Silk Mandibles.
- New item: Sorcerer’s Robe and Hat (same stats as Tunic/Cap, with a more traditional mage look).
- Fixed Band of Lightning strike (should not allow WWT to override).
- Text formatting in Wrath of Sekhet special attack (needed a space).
- Fixed long standing permanent +1 stamina regen from deathly creator’s grimoire; there are new stamina boosting options now (Ignite flame, campfire) so please don’t find where we live and torch our home.
- Several new weapons to fill gaps in the 105+ range.
- New Color for Neptune Set.

- Weapon Specials have been adjusted:
  • Sword of Agon’s Fervor: Greater chance for special attack, slight adjust up on healing special, does Disease/Soul instead of Soul/Body.
  • Bow of Terror: Added an additional damage special chance and reordered chance on existing specials.
  • Wyvern’s Tooth: Increased DOT, increased damage on special.
  • Ghoul Blade: Increased heal amount.
  • Thirsty Blade: Increased heal amount, increased Body DOT damage amount and time.
  • Laughing Blade: Increased chance for special, increased heal slightly, adjusted agro generation.
  • Spell Slinger: Aggro generation adjusted down from an astronomically high number to something more reasonable; reduced chance to snare in PVP.
  • Death By a Thousand Cuts: Body DOT dps increased, added heal chance, increased damage slightly on lower tier damage special.
- Fate of the Giants now just requires Master Killer of Giants (2500 kills).
- Blood Drain Dagger now just requires Master Killer of Dragons.
- Totem of the Werewolf can now be turned on rather than re-activated; when on it will change color to denote the change (have to toggle again when you log in atm).
- Removed no drop status of several Valinor/newbie items (Bucket Helm, Squire’s Lance, etc) so they can be sold for gold or traded, etc.

- Added randomization to the spawn of several bosses and removed placeholder from them as well: Ghost of Lotor, Projection of Kuthos, Darkwing, Alton Carbon Zule, Icebane Coldstone, Der Schlaechter, Faldon the Dwarf King, Mukarramma.
- Added server announce chance on Ilanpa, Arllandah, and Indoel.
- The Master of the Hall has summoned her servants to take up arms. Minibosses in Frieda’s Lair mean business and come with a slew of new items for you to enjoy.
- Various demon resistances changed from Poison to Disease to sync with the Ghoul Blade (Demon, Hell Spawn, Hell Guardian, Horned Scout/Fighter/Berserker, Bonecrusher, Marrowsucker, Deceiver, Souleater, Dunk’s Chosen, Thought Destroyer/Harvesters).
- Gelatinous Cubes (part of Mukkarramma lair entry puzzle) stats have been adjusted down some.
- Drop tables on dragons have been reworked (Greaters, Nith, Mukk).
- Drop chances on rune armor from Barlon, Hell Spawn, Demon adjusted up some.
- Blade of the Ancients has a chance to drop from a non-boss set of creatures that have been added within the last year.

- Removed an extra map chunk placed in Mukk dungeon.
- Rework of Mukkarramma lair switch/gate so the switch is to enter his lair, not to access 2nd level. Opens up hunting that area for solo players.
- New NPCs placed in various towns to direct players to points of interest and other information. And provide cannon fodder.
- Removed duplicate Royal Guard spawn in guild book 3 portal area.
- Updated the Fallen Heroes memorial site in LSP with player Creaky/Cranky who has passed away in the last two years. If you know of any players who have passed away please DM FujiQ or submit a page in game. Thank you.
- Fixed issue in Cliffside mine where players could go behind mine entrance.
- Fixed many holes in Proudblood Valley rocks.
- Added login check for various boss dungeons: Mukk (at switch and new gate), Ghost of Lotor dungeon, Warlord Vinteruul’s dungeon (both levels).

- New polearm for Chaos (also available live) to provide something more interesting than Trident of the Seas.
- Proudblood portal will no longer require Master of Giants and Proudblood quest to enter (CHAOS ONLY).
- Small chance to spawn a Proudblood Boss while killing Storm Giant Elites in Proudblood Valley (CHAOS ONLY).

- Halloween Candy has reduced weight.
- Halloween Dungeon has been redesigned with level progression and some lower level player areas.
- Two new mobs added to support level progression inside dungeon: Spooky Tree and Moldy Mummy.
- Halloween Bag has some weight reduction now as well.
- Reduced Halloween mask timer and extended longevity of mask to one hour for each.
- Color Formatting on Halloween and Thanksgiving System Message text.
- Turkey spawns adjusted (more turkeys will spawn in same locations).
- Chance to get Totems adjusted with server rates in mind (down some to account for greater server wide drop rates).

- Fixed issue with Leadership system where you were unable to summon a summoned pet.
- Fixed issue with taming creatures using Druid’s Staff. Should allow taming of all tameable creatures regardless of orb (level requirement still in effect).
- Fixed issue where you could summon 3 Dragons using Druid’s Staff/Amulet (should only be 1 dragon, 1 wyvern with both equipped or 1 wyvern if just staff equipped).
- Fixed issue with Summoned Dragon/Wyvern where it could be your fourth and most ungrateful follower.
- Summoned Wyvern adjusted to be more useful; casts various spells, stat adjust.
- Increased chance to gather Dragon Hide when skinning dragons.
- Removed degrade on Dragonian Skinning Knife (other skinning tools should still have chance to degrade).
- Reduced the timer to re-enter Resource Valley.
- Resource valley now more resourceful.
- New resource: Pristine Dragon Hide; chance to gather using Dragonian skinning knife from greater dragons, small chance to drop as well.
- New tool: Artonian hammer; use on Pristine Dragon Hide. Can obtain from Kash Yahmir quest instead of the Knife; can get each or two of same item and repeat quest as usual.
- New tool: Carbon Filet Knife; can use on wyverns to harvest Immaculate Wyvern Hides. Obtain through crafting or limited drop on specific creatures.
- New totem: Totem of Greater Regeneration (req level 105 to use). Recipe is 4 Water Crystal, 4 Metallic Crystal, 4 Crimson Crystal, 4 Dark Crystal.
- New Potion: Potion of Immaculate Restoration. Recipe is 1 Crystallized Wyvern Heart, 2 Dragon Blood, 2 Squid Tentacles, 2 Whale Bones.
- Updated Potion Recipe: Tonic of Frost Resistance ingredients halved; 1 Crystallized Wyvern Heart, 2 Dolphin Fins, 2 Blue Lobsters.
- Various resources were not marked with the proper expansion.
- Increased drop rate of Full Metal, Tangled, Spectral items.
- Mystic Orb of Alchemy (quest item in Silvest from NPC Etrois) now actually works, is marked Alchemy.
- Whetstone now stackable, consume 1 per craft.
- Increased output of iron shot/fragments/pebbles, but requires base 3 input material to craft.

- XP now given for Bulwark Might, Fortify, Alacrity, Dark Prayer.
- Fixed XP message order on Resplendence.
- Additional check for correct rune class when spellcasting.

- We have solved the mystery of the Tserith “Minotaur Maze” dungeon found west of Parian; previously the door to enter portal room in the maze was accessible if you had a Varg pirates quest flag completed. A new NPC inside the portal room named Roman Losev will give a quest after you have obtained an item from Minotaurs in the maze outside of his room. Completing his quest will allow you to access the room without 6 people, however, you must have a party of 6 to access it before you can take his quest and every time you enter until the quest is completed.
- Fix for LK/CK where Knight of Chaos thought you were on a quest for Lotorian Knights.
- Fixed stage info for Echidna to describe where she is actually located (Khafra).
- Two new quests in TR for you to discover; one for higher level players, one accessible by any level.
- Adjusted dialogue and quest updates for stage 3 of Garwyk quest when looking for lost miner possessions; added spiders throughout the cave.
- Removed Spectral Orc Warriors from Krog Patron quest list.
- Adjusted xp reward for undead, werewolf, minotaur, humanoid, wyvern, insect, sea creature, vermin, fungoid, animal DTMs up (Dragon/Demon/Elemental still best, Kobold/Goblin still worst).

Reward order is now as follows (if in same line, same reward class):
  • Kobold.
  • Goblin.
  • Animal.
  • Insect/Sea Creature/Minotaur.
  • Werewolf/Fungoid/Vermin/Humanoid.
  • Undead/Wyvern/Giant.
  • Elemental.
  • Demon.
  • Dragon.

The Junk Drawer
- Evil bankers allow criminals to bank with them (stolen items can still not be banked).
- Fixed names on SoC Bankers to be “Banker” and “Evil Banker” respectively. New NPC type for Evil Banker in Rahura.
- Removed ability to milk and collect eggs from VIP cow/chicken, because y’all were doing very inappropriate things with those poor innocent farm animals. They are now just vanity pets. If you want to milk a pet, you will have to tame a cow. Chickens cannot be tamed; you will have to go find eggs in town, etc.
- Campfires and the Eldritch Flame from the Ignite Spell now give a +1 Stamina Regen Duration Effect that lasts 30 minutes. To make a campfire, place kindling on the ground and do not destroy it. Then click the kindling to create a campfire. Ignite is a level 1 nature spell. Casting it creates an Eldritch Flame. Click the campfire or eldritch flame to receive your stamina bonus.
- Fixed the housing plots in TR that are 1x2 or 2x1 size and gave error “This plot is not for sale”; added some more large home plots throughout snow lands as well.
- Squid Tenticles => Squid Tentacles.

Thank you to our test team for being very patient and helping to check and double check many of these new features and content and for waiting for Heidi to get her act together about 500,000 times, I appreciate the reminders.


September 13 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Lots of events to mention including GM Baldr's spawn event happening this Wednesday. This is also posted in the launcher news page.

Our next patch is scheduled for Saturday September 18th at 2pm EDT. This will feature a few system changes including monster spawns (via the Hunter's Handbook) and other map saving quality of life adjusts, various adjusts to armor sets, some new items and craftable armor, and a few new quests.

We will hold a 1000 token raffle this Saturday after the servers come back up for any who were subscribed VIP customers from 7/1 to 10/1. You do not need to be present to win, but please make sure you watch Announcements channel in Discord. We will email the winner and post results in Discord and in game.

The next Knight of Talazar event will be held this Saturday 18th at noon (12pm EDT). If you have not attended before, please remember that any can collect Rune Fragments, but only VIP customers can get drops from the Knights of Talazar. October's event will be held on Friday October 15th 7pm EST to kick off the Halloween Dungeon.

The next Chaos season will be a King of Krythan event. This is a point based competition and will start Friday October 1st 6pm EDT and run through Sunday October 10th 6pm EDT. Prizes to be posted closer to the date. Thanks!


Aug 06 2021
 From: Dev Kraken


As promised, I'd like to share a bit on what we've been working on between trying to balance our personal lives this summer since the last large content patch that we delivered. There have been a few minor fixes pushed since that deployment, and now we are prepared to give some details regarding the next major patch. We sincerely appreciate your continued support to the game, and hope that you all are enjoying yourselves during your adventures. This is all I have to share at the moment, but please stay tuned as we'll be releasing some more teasers when things start to make their way into our testing environment and past the pen and paper development stage. Best of luck in all your endeavors, I know you adventurers have quite an insatiable appetite.

Key points are as follows:

There are about 250 upcoming item changes, mostly focusing on loosening requirements for many equipment sets specifically at the level 90+ range. This is intended to ease the leveling process especially for a new player or new hybrid builds.

Four older armor sets are receiving some love to help bring them up to compete better with the current meta, specifically to help balance and bring more worth to some of them in a PvE sense.

Two new sets of armor that are useable by any build at level 107 and at level 109 and are CRAFTED! Both of these sets are intended to not only provide some new fashion choices, but also some possible better combinations specifically for hybrids.

Eight new items to expand your wardrobe from the deep icy caves in Talazar's Revenge. These fashion pieces also happen to have competitive stats.

Seven new weapons to add more flavor to your gameplay options. Three of these belong within Talazar's Revenge, while the other four of them will be found in Sands of Creation.

Three mini-bosses being added to Frieda's dungeon. They are currently in the process of receiving their make-overs and I do not have any finished images to share yet. Please be patient, their mistress expects them to look impeccable.

Various adjustments to weapon procs from last content drop based on community feedback. This also includes patches for the Druid followers to bring them up to the level of Sabal pets (leadership bonus appears to not be applying to their hit points properly).

New healing potion: Potion of Immaculate Restoration - heals for 625 and cures any level of poison/disease that's active on the player, for a price that matches its potency. This will run on the same timer as Greater Healing Potions.


Aug 05 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


Hello from the development desk!! Just wanted to check in now that the dust has settled from the TR update - thank you for all of the messages and feedback on that, we're thrilled to hear you're enjoying the new gear!

We have all taken a little time off lately to focus on the family and recharge, and are looking forward to getting back into active development soon. Kraken will be posting some more details about an upcoming mini content patch for Talazar's Revenge.

Zarq and I are going to be ironing out the Spawn Map soon - still having some issues loading/saving a large amount of data - but we are looking forward to adding that to our in game tools that are designed with new players in mind.

Our focus moving forward is going to be getting the game ready for Steam but we will continue to fix bugs, adjust items where needed. I'd expect small content additions here and there as well!

A big task we're looking at is adding a buff timer bar that will display current active effects/buffs (similar to feats), and updating mage book with more information in addition to taking a balance pass on spells. When we get to that, we will have a VIP test server open for you to test changes to mage spells. We hope to split up food/drink buffs to make them more useful and interesting as well.

As the world seems to get crazy again we thank you for spending time here and hope that you are staying sane and healthy. Thanks as always for your terrific support and feedback! Happy Hunting!

Here's an early look at the Spawn Map - blue shows where you have travelled and can be toggled on off, and the purple squares are the encounters (can view one at a time). Our feedback so far from test has been positive and it should be a big help for new players trying to complete quests.

A more zoomed out view of the same creature.


Aug 04 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 08.04.2021

- Corrected Yes/No boxes so that ESC counts as not a yes (NO)
- Fix for Mining Dark Ore and Gold Ore in TR lands
- Can now access follower inventory feature for Ancient Follower (Blade of the Ancients) and Marrowsucker (Totem of Sabal's Children)
- Fixed visibility of guard type NPCs inside Lotor's Castle during KoT event (were making players go wanted for attacking one another)
- LK Knight quests available once again
- Corrected aggro generation on Laughing Blade special
- Can continue to harvest Fire Elemental Cores after you have harvested 1 (in case it gets destroyed)
- Added fail text on Nasif's quest to find Magnetic Resonator so players know they have found the correct creature to hunt
- Corrected quest dialogue for William the Younger which gives misleading info about what creatures you will expect to find in the Silvest Mine
- Reduced skill needed to skin Titan Hides to 50 from 85
- Increased chance to get Titan Hides to 1 in 4 from 1 in 10
- Now get experience for enchanting Talenite/Thrallenite

There is also an easter egg included in this patch. If you find it, I will give you a prize! (Must contact FujiQ on Discord if you 'find' this easter egg.)

July 10 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 07.10.2021

A lot of item adjusts in this server build and a fix for followers spellcasting in PVP environments. We have been going through bug reports and have cleaned out a lot of old reports; if you see Leah around anywhere thank her for her many, detailed, and passionate bug reports. Our goal is to continue to smooth the leveling progression and have adjusted quite a few gear sets from Talazar's Revenge to help with that process; see notes below.

Fix for the spawn issue with icebergs/Frieda's lair during Spawn Increase.
Fixed map where mobs in Frieda's are spawning into fire pits in that dungeon.
Fixed another section of map behind the staged SoG in frieda's where mobs are spawning.
Removed double guard spawns in LSP.

- Fixed Ilanpa's spawn.
- Wandering Spirit (>>> of Josody quest NPC) no longer hostile, just regular ol evil ghost.
- Adjusted chances on drop tables (up) for Cyclops.
- Drop chances on Greater Red/Gold/Green Dragons improved slightly for drops of Greater Dragon, Sekhet's Wrath, and Eternium gear.
- Adjusted Eternium drop chance on Greater/younger blues.
- Adjusted chance for young and greater dragons to drop dragon scales (up slightly) except pristine blue scales.
- Replaced vessel of isos static npc with an altar with the name (but not attackable/alive) to distinguish to players if it is attackable or not.
- Added Myrmidon treasure to Talazarian Legionairres.
- Added Nordic Warrior treasure to Talazarian Soldiers.
- Adjusted chances to drop Demonic Gear on Ice Demons, added to Crystal Golems at low rate.

- Tooltip on Graverobber's Mark said +7 All Skills, should be +7 All Stats.
- Adjusted Scorched set materials to be more appropriate (metal > dark iron, others flawless leather).
- Added Weight Reduction to Tooltip on Worn Quiver.
- Fixed tooltip on Dalvon Leggings.
- Removed Staff of Elemental Mastery from Demon Spire drop table (Expansion content).
- Robe of the Banished adjust.
- Changed looking glass material to Heartwood (was magic Misc).
- Updated Wretched set bonuses and resists.
- Updated Banished level requirement and resists.
- Adjusted Eagle Eye order stats (inc protection on amulet/ring, increased resists on boots/gloves, added str to gloves); set level req now 108 vs 110.
- Blue Revenge set stat and resistance adjusts.
- Increased Con bonus to Zule helm, boots, belt.
- Increased Con, lowered Dex on the Frost Coated Steel Helm.
- Added CON to Sorcerer Gloves/Runners/Shadowstep and Ritual Belt/Leggings/Boots; reduced or removed bonus HP to those pieces.
- Sea Skin Sail gives +2 Sailing (said 2.5).
- Weight Reduction on Wyvern Quiver upped to 99% to match Adventurer's Pack.
- Ship deeds now have a material so that they can be restored/repaired.
- Holy Armor of Arda/Unholy Plate of Redwake Sets req 105.
- Wyvern Leather set adjust; req level 70 and 30 DEX.
- Coldsteel set adjust; req level 70 and 50 STR.
- Demonic set adjust; req level 90 and 90 STR.
- Crystalcloth Legs/Tunic set adjust; Req level 80 and 96 INT.
- Silversteel set adjust; req level 96 and 100 INT.
- Swiftwind set adjust; req level 75 and 80 DEX.
- Fixed Equip of the Wyvern's Tooth, Ghoul Blade, Battleblood, Thrakk's to require master of their respective category to wield.

- Mining Silver/Dark/Gold ore now tied to account access to TR Expansion in the event you can find some of those tiles in the world outside of TR land.
- Potion of Tanning now uses skill adjustments to determine difficulty.
- Potion of Tanning no longer combinable, just stackable and one time use.
- Malacinth requires level 25 to forage now.
- Plain Cake Dough can now be stacked, reused, sold at shops.
- Added price to totems that had not gold cost (totem of stamina, totem of the wizard).
- Can make multiple lobster traps at once (skill/10 +5).
- Increased slightly the chance to catch blue lobster.

- Erickson's quest which gives Ring of Eight now requires level 30 sailing to take.
- System Message when Vessel of Isos is destroyed for Disciple of Talazar priest quest "Of a Venomous Spirit".

- Fixed Ignite spell's Eldritch Flame particle (loc was off & would fade after 10 seconds or so).
- Added script to destroy the Eldritch Flame object (little green ball that would persist in the world).
- Ignite spell lasts 2 min.
- Repair Wood (Nature spell) will repair broken lobster traps into usable lobster traps.

The Junk Drawer
- Fixed VIP pet types which were not marked containers; they cannot be given anything but they were not giving the error "You cannot offer anything to this NPC" unless marked containers.
- VIP pet cows can be milked, chickens can be searched for eggs (using Inventory option in follower window).
- Evil Altar of Offering (SI altar) will now only server announce 1x when reaching incandescent/bright stages.


July 06 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hotfix Notes 07.06.2021 (Heroes and Legends)

- Fixed acid seeker crafting recipe (should be 1 acid pot > 20 obsidian = 200 obs seekers)
- Numinous Runecrafting Tool should now give bonus to crafting ability and xp when used to craft runes etc
- Potion of Tanning now updated to include all leather types; adjusted difficulty/xp to be easier to tan any hide using potion vs normal tanning vat but less xp return than a tanning vat
- Picking Tomatoes typo "tomatos"
- Crasher involving Frieda's new craftable material

- Call of the Gods not giving xp when cast on followers
- Updated all spells to say "You cast" vs "You have cast" (was 1/2 one way, half the other)
- Twisting Roots spell now looks through all equipped containers not just backpack root for oozing sap ingredient
- Faith and Cerebral Thought will now be variable duration based on respective skill level, at level 100 Soul/Mind will last 2 hours
- Faith will now give experience when cast
- Cerebral Thought, Brilliance, Insight, Mystic Ward, Resplendence will only give one message when cast on yourself
- Typo casting Insane - receiving player saw "So and so cast insance"

- Proudblood Traitor will now give a new chest if you have destroyed yours.
- Logging in with Tamed Camel will give camel its immortal status and 1M max HP
- Fixed invalid batches quest text in Farming Taskmaster dialogue
- Can no longer cancel faction quest; fixed up logic in Lotorian quest
- Fixed Frost chance on Mannabrotur when using Tonic of Frost Resist or Wyvern's Tooth
- Added script to Rock Troll kill quest to handle players who are stuck in -1 so I don't have to keep fixing their data (some were not fixed in data transform in may 2020)


June 30 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hotfix 06.30.2021 (Heroes and Legends)

- Disabled BoTA again on PVP servers; pets which spell cast will still be able to attack in guard mode but they should not present as much of an issue as that particular follower. We will permanently fix this with server patch at some point soon and re-enable the blade for its intended PVE purpose.
- Repentenance bonus from Northern Cleric's Staff disabled for PvP (still works PvE)
- Bonus damage to Thunder Strike from Northern Wizard's Staff adjusted down
- Throwing nets should no longer make you become wanted when used (was checking faction)
- Wyvern's Tooth weapon now has added protection bonus when used against Wyverns (similar to Mindflayer)
- Frost resistance from the potion or above weapon now reduces chance of frost to 20% from Mannabrotur/Ancient Crystal Wyverns
- Fixed bug in print when frozen - no longer will say you have frozen yourself


June 28 2021
 From: Grat Rochord

AE Buddy Link

With permission from Dependable/Pbpredator we have added a link to the menu at the left to his Companion App for Ashen Empires.

Buff Tracking
Quickly see which buffs have been cast on you, when they have worn off, and also Totem status via the Dashboard.

AFK Damage
Receive notification if you take damage while tabbed out of the game, or disable if you prefer via the Settings panel.

Dashboard lists recent drops, and even color coordinates based off of rarity. Filtering can be applied to prevent unwanted item spam. Additionally you can provide your drop data to help improve community knowledge.

UI Backup
Have you lost your UI recently? Create backups of your characters current UI, and options to restore at a later date.

Allows you see Offensive and Defensive Melee as well as Magery statistics in real time to allow you to min max farther then ever before.

Track experience gained for multiple tradeskills at the same time. Experience panel populates as you gain experience per Tradeskill.

Visit: https://www.aebuddy.com/ to Download and read more about it.


June 27 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 6.27.2021

- Claws of the Northern Wastes - Removed +Nature Spell Dmg from Tooltip.
- Lowered CON req on Red Dragon Leather set to 70 (vs 100).
- Wyvern's Tooth adjusted for effectiveness vs Wyverns; gives Frost resistsance as well.
- Dolphin fin/wyvern heart now reusable.

- Spymaster Rizzick Stats corrected (was completely mitigating melee dmg).
- Red Armsmaster root duration reduced.
- Mannabrotur spawn fixed.
- Adjusted drop rates from Horned Archer/Berserker/Elite Fighter and Marrowsucker/Deceiver/Bonecrusher.
- Adjusted dragon drops - small chance for pristine blue scale on young blues.

- Throwing nets no longer make you wanted.

- Add safe zone to new spawn gate.
- Add spinning wheel/loom to Hammerfist.
- Kuthos whirlpool spawn loc adjusted so it won't block hallway entrance.

- Crafting for Short Spear and Arcane Arrow yields more per craft now

From Zarqoun: Client Patch:
- Loss of game interface location settings if client crashes (might not be the only one, but was one of them).
- Save location and visible state of containers in backpack.


June 19 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 6.19.2021

Icy wind sweeps across the northern wastes...a menacing beast, the work of Talazar’s hand, is ready to avenge its master and lay waste to the glory of mankind. Frost from its mighty wings rolls across the waves, freezing all it touches...

Troubling reports from the last strongholds of men speak of another evil feasting in mountain halls aglow with ruinous weapons and stalked by mighty men of old. An ally of Talazar perhaps, or friend of none? Dare ye disturb the master of the feast?

In this chilly update to one of the most beloved expansions, you will also find new quests, new tradeskill items, and new creatures to hunt. There are new crafting recipes and areas to explore.

In addition to the TR content there is a slew of new weapons to hunt off existing bosses, a major change to the Wanted (temp) system, and a few gear adjusts.

Full patch notes below:

- Blade of the Ancient is now enabled on PvP servers.
- Ancient Follower abilities have been adjusted slightly.
- Lowered CON req on Red Dragon Leather set to 70 (vs 100).
- Lowered INT req for Banished set to 70 (vs 80).
- Added Wretched shield to drop tables.

- Removed high level pots from vampire bats, greater skeles, other WWI guys.
- Guards now have a chance to snare you.

- New Crafting Recipes for Alchemy, Carpentry, Tailoring, Leatherworking.
- Shock Unguents:
  • 1 Wolverine Brain
  • 2 Bear Claws
  • 1 new ingredient (you have to find out yourself!)

- Adjusts to kill requirements on the Whisperdale archer quests to kill 50/50 creatures (down from 75/100).
- Adjusted quest kills for zombie gorillas and horned ones (Sully and Abadii quest). Still requires 5000 Zombie Gorilla Guardians and 12500 Horned Ones but each kill will now count double towards your count.

- Added some housing plots to TR lands; 1x2 and 2x1 plots are not functional, however, we are aware of this issue and hope to fix in a future patch.
- All LSP portal exits are no longer safe zones, in its place are Elite Guards.
- Lotor’s Castle is no longer a safe zone.
- Spawns of Ice Demons, Ice Golems, Northern Frost Giants, and Dire Wolves have been adjusted.
- A new (good) spawn point added to winter lands (you must explore and find it).

- Change to Wanted System:
  • Attacking another player will no longer make you wanted; however, if they or you are in sight of a guard (must be fully on screen, not just their toes/lower half) you will become wanted.
  • Dark guards no longer attack wanted players in towns or Chaos (evil) spawn gates.
  • You can still become wanted by:
    • Looting a corpse or shipwreck.
    • Attacking a neutral NPC (townsperson, etc).
    • Healing/resurrecting a wanted player.
    • Eating evil sacrifices.
  • Followers should no longer attack other players in protect mode.
The Junk Drawer
- Adjusted announcements with the Evil Altar of Offering (SI altar); It should now notify you of its status, and only broadcast at incandescent and bright stages on PvE servers.


June 03 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 6.3.2021

This is the quiet before the storm...the team has been busy working on a big content release that will focus on adding and adjusting content in TR, but will also include a large number of end-game weapons that will be scattered across the lands. We expect that to ship some time the week of June 17th, it could be Thursday, Friday or Saturday that we patch.

The rundown for today: A system message channel and a few PvP server fixes have been introduced. We will look at wanted rules for PvP servers for the next patch to see how we can improve that experience. There are a few gear adjusts as well, as we continue to fill gaps and make changes to allow all of you who want to grind it out solo to obtain some complete sets. Chaos will get two new altars that will allow monster brains to be turned on and non-king Chaos point gain to go past 50K.

Thank you always for your support and feedback – this is close to the year anniversary of our update in 2020; we are looking forward to what 2021 will bring!

- System Channel can now be split off from your main channel and turn on/off. We have gone through and reduced the number of system messages you will receive at the top of the game window.
- In a related note, the Message of the Day will no longer crash the client since it will be in the system message chat channel. We hope to use that feature more often to communicate with you.
- Removed ammo and gold retention party messages.

- Adjusted requirement, bonuses, and resistances for Myrmidon set.
- Adjusted requirement, bonuses, and resistances for Nordic Warrior set.
- New art for all three Warlord sets (Defender’s, Warmage’s, Archer’s).
- Complete Ritual/Sorcerer gear sets dropping on low rates from non-boss mobs.
- Reduced requirement on Nightstar Shield to 100 STR.
- Adjusted Bloodletter set to level 106 requirement to match as a set.
- Removed CON requirement on Talisman of the Prime.
- Rebalanced Hardened Warden drop availability.
- Rebalanced Soothsayer's Tome drop availability.
- Removed 100% Nature on Heartwood Bow, Crossbow, and 100% Poison on Seething Poison Bow.
- Increased drop chance slightly on pristine blue dragon scales.
- Wretched Ones and Nightmares drop full set of Banished/Wretched/Briarwood (on low chances).
- Tyrian Staff Sling now has an additional rune slot.

- dispare => despair
- Guards should all reappear following KoT events.

- Removed solo flag from Giant Cave Rat, Wyvern Nestling, Putrescent Ghoul, Young Dire Wolf, and Ancient Ogre.
- Reduced number of Tserith's followers.
- Added more Rock Trolls to RT spawn NE of Valmond.

- Altar of the Ancient Kings (requires gold) will turn on point gain for the server past 50K points for the plebians.
- Altar of Chaos (also requires gold) will turn on the monster brains and allow them to attack first.

- Tarvan, Hanvik, Lonvia will now only announce their presence if they are somewhat close to your location.

- A new VIP portal for DISCREET customers is in LSP; you may choose the same options as traditional static portals (Silvest, Krog, Whisperdale, Josody, Parian, Rahura, Khafra, Valmond) and arrive at your destination cloak and dagger, as you wish.
- Fix for cave in Cliffside.
- Added Dark Guards to New Royale spawn gate.
- Added some housing plots to TR lands near Meroven and Duremar.

- Looting with active spell will now make you criminal.
- Victim will be notified when items are taken regardless if dragged or clicked.
- Boats can no longer loot land corpses, and vice versa.

The Junk Drawer
- The days of smuggling gear to Valinor on a boat are over. King Lotor is out in his cigar boat looking for baddies to bust. You dastardly criminals decked out on newbie island should be ashamed of yourselves! You have corrupted the innocent island of Valinor for far too long.


June 01 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Grab bags for June will be dropping to your store today - here's what's inside:

1 Greater Potion Pack
2 Broken Finger Access
1 Wizard's Familiar
2 Personal Power Hours

Thank you for your continued support! It's been a great year working on AE with you all!
Remember that Grab Bags will arrive on the anniversary of your first month subscription and on the first of the month for all following months. If you have any questions please DM me; I can check your history and see if you have received it or not. Thank you.


May 18 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


With Chaos season 4 wrapped up, we are looking forward to this weekend's Knight of Talazar event which will start at noon EDT this Saturday the 22nd. Hope to see you there!

The next Chaos server will be a King of Krythan event and will start Friday June 4th running through Sunday June 13th. There will be some modifications to this from the last event, namely, the addition of two altars. Winnings will be posted closer to the date.

We have been working hard on the update for Talazar's Revenge - an entire new line of weapons is slated to be released, along with armor and some tradeskill additions. Several new mobs, including two bosses, and existing spawn adjustments should bring some life to the region as well! I'm excited about the changes and hope to have it shipping at least by end of June but maybe earlier. Thank you everyone for your support as always!


May 18 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hotfix: 5.17.2021 (Heroes Only)

- Blade of Ancients follower is disabled temporarily


May 07 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hotfix: 5.07.2021

- Fixed an issue where Hell Spawns spawned from Totem of Demonic Control were not clearing the summoned pet flag when being destroyed, preventing players from summoning a follower.
- New dock now will no longer let you dock if you have not completed the requirement
- Quest in Roycroft "Enterprising Gentlemen" now lets you resummon the raid or turn in quest to Captain Abel

If you are unable to summon a follower due to this please page or send a DM to have your character fixed. Thank you!


May 06 2021
 From: Dev Zarquon

Patch Notes 5.6.2021

A non-content patch tonight; the big takeaways are the DTM xp boost for level 105+ players and changes to crafting. We added a significant boost to ammo production and enchanting materials that should help out everyone who wants to hunt for more than 1 hour at a time.

Development has been progressing steadily on the update to Talazar’s Revenge, but we have also been going through the community submitted bugs from years ago, cleaning out old bugs and fixing things where we can.

Thank you for your unbelievable support and kind words – we appreciate this community and hope this patch finds you well! See you on Chaos tomorrow...

• You can only have 1 summoned pet at a time (exception is Demonic Control totem which spawns two creatures); current summoned pets: Spectral Pet (using Summon Spectre spell), Henchman (Token shop item), Wizard’s Familiar (Token Shop item), Marrowsucker/Bonecrusher/Deceiver (Totem of Sabal’s Children), Ancient Follower (Blade of the Ancients), Hellspawn (Totem of Demonic Control); summoned creatures from Totem of the Bat, Totem of the Hound, etc are not hooked into this system yet.
• Totem of Demonic Contol now asks for confirmation before binding to you

• Adjusted stats and colors on Dragon Leather gear sets
• Blade of the Ancients no longer dropping from Spore Summoner, Death Cap; added to other (expansion) bosses
• Tangled, Spectral, Full Metal gear now available to craft on H/L
• Adjusted Repair Potion prices to match repair quality, was reversed
• Hatchet of Force was not giving the described +12 STR orb bonus
• Mystical Minotaur Axe special updated to be even more mystical than before
• Infinite loop ring typo
• Adjusts to Rune gear resists
• Adjusts to Tangled/Spectral/Full Metal gear resists and bonuses

• Made Chaos Fragment not usable on live servers
• King's Blade was printing damage instead of life on heal special
• Server will now broadcast when the king has died

Carpal Tunnel Crafting
• Removed silk and regular bandages from TM list
• Regular and silk bandages now produce 10 bandage per 1 bolt of cloth
• Adjusted arrow outputs – now produce triple the arrows at same ratio
• Broadhead Bolts now made with Enchanted Planks vs Gnarled Logs (but not a bad idea to save your logs for a future update!)
• Renamed Poison Unquent to Poison Unguent and updated all refs
• You can now craft larger batches of special ammo (flame, poison, disease, frost); 100 of flame/frost up to 500 ammuntion, or 50 or poison/disease/acid up to 500 ammo). For example, if you have 3 Disease Unguents and 150 arrows, it will make 150 disease arrows. It will select the highest amount you can make out of both stacks up to 500 total arrows/bolts/pebbles/seekers.
• Ability to spam craft acid pots has been fixed (probably)
• Enchant Leather/Brimidian/Tallenite/Thrallenite spells now enchants 5 items at a time
• Removed Construction related items from Carpentry TM

• Fix for Athro's altar (shouldn’t be able to spawn more than 2)
• Blade of the Ancients summoned follower (Ancient Follower) updated stats
• A new creature haunts the swamp East of Josody…
• Split ghoul spectres off of shared spawn they had with greater skeles NE of Valmond
• Increased mature/elder wyvern spawn
• Adjusted High Priest of Kuthos spawning
• High level boss NPCs are now displaying the correct level in tooltip
• Hell Guardian disease/poison resist now 25%

• Summon Spectre follower (Spectral Pet) has been updated; will now give level appropriate spectral pet. Transmute will now include the transmuted object’s name when it succeeds
• All buff/debuff should print in yellow instead of red

• Faction dungeons on both servers now allow players in if players have completed quest, regardless of current faction
• Increased experience gain from DTMs for 105+ level players (1.5x rate on turn in, can go beyond 10M)
• Wyvrens typo in DTM and Champion of Lotor dialogue

• New Dock on Mainlands between Josody and BLC cave...
• The whirlpool exit won't block players in hallway; it is hostile but does not move
• Added some light sources to the Kuthos Temple water cave (both levels)
• Set Chaos/Crim Spawn gate guard alignments to Evil and set a few guards where there were none (Lopal, Meroven)
• Updated fallen warrior memorial area in LSP to include former player runsincircles
• Removed ghouls (TR mob) from mainlands spawn table
• Removed lots of trees in between Chlera and Desprail and a few mobs
• Placed Cauldron in Arda
• Placed Well in Maraket

Token Shop
• Wizard’s Familiar item has been updated to be more beneficial; Familiar Trainer will give you a totem that you can use to summon the familiar if it kicks the bucket. Still gives 10% bonus to spells.

The Junk Drawer
• Typo in new Werewolf dungeon "rippd"
• Can no longer accidentally place items inside the Private Banker (Guild). He is also no longer facing north (always south)
H server players will now be forced to neutral PVP if they log in with an old NeutralLotor or NeutralTalazar or pure Neutral faction (some were unable to attack due to this issue as /pvp command has been disabled)
• Fixed a corner missing in Teylan farm building
• Updated all references of scopriAan to scorpiOn
• Grammar issue when you received a nature dot (so and so has caused nature has gripped you in its wrath!)
• Wyvern typo in Champion of Lotor dialogue


May 01 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Grab Bags dropping today for VIP members! Here's what's inside:

(1) City Faction Reset
(1) Teleport Stones
(1) Rune Pack
(2) Lair of Minos Access
(3) Personal Power Hour
(4) Henchman

Grab bags are given on the first of the month for members who have had VIP for at least one month, or the 1st month anniversary of your VIP membership. If you began subscription April 15th you will receive this grab bag on May 15th, for example. If you have any questions please submit a support ticket! Thank you for your support!



April 28 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ

Hey everyone! A few dates coming up for you to be aware of.

We will be patching next Thursday May 6th at 8:30pm EDT. This is going to contain some various bug fixes, and a few minor additions, and a change to the XP gain for 105-110. We have decided to keep that tied to DTM quests. All players level 105+ will receive 1.5 times xp for a DTM, so for example if you would have received 10M, you will receive 15M experience.

Chaos Season 4 will be happening Friday May 7th at 6pm EDT. This season will be a week of leveling/gearing followed by a tournament on evening of Saturday May 15th. I will post more details about the rewards and how to sign up as we approach the date.

Our next KoT event will be Saturday May 22nd at 12pm EDT. We hope you can join us! Remember we will be rotating time of day of these events to accommodate different time zones/schedules.


April 27 2021
 From: Dev Kraken

I know that things have been a little quiet on our end as of late, and I apologize for that, but it's always easier to share things once you actually have something tangible. There has been a lot of time spent trying to chase down some long-standing issues as well as continued development on the Steam front, but tonight I have a little something else to share with you all. I've spent some time lately working on my art skills (or lack thereof), and it's been an interesting journey. This is the latest set I've developed, and I hope you'll enjoy hunting for it more than I've enjoyed fiddling with trying to get something miniscule in image size that still looks worthy of your time to obtain. Thank you as always for your support!

I would also like to take a moment and thank our intern @The Intern Malgus who has done an excellent job at giving you all some fresh meat. These are a few new NPC models you'll be seeing in-game in the near future. Yep, that's a new BEAR! Rejoice!


April 19 2021
 From: Dev TheTyrant

Hello Dransik Community and Beyond,

It's with a heavy heart to inform you that I will be stepping away as Developer on Dransik. It has been a fun year of working on the game again on and off. But it is in the best interest of the game for me to hand it off to someone that has more time. I will be taking a new job that I will be sinking more of my life into, and it isn't fair that I keep putting this update off. You will be in great hands, and FujiQ and Zarq will be announcing who will be taking over shortly. Thanks, everyone.



April 16 2021
 From: Dev FujiQ


Just a reminder - Sunday April 18th at 10am EDT is our next KoT event! It will be similar to last month's event. If you are just joining for the first time, be sure to set your spawn somewhere close to Parian, Josody, or Lotor's Castle. To receive the items that the Knight drops (trade items, artifacts, or Knight weapons/armor) you must have a VIP membership. The Knight also spawns an army around him which drops Rune Fragments - that does not require VIP, and the Rune Fragments can be collected, traded, and turned in to an NPC in LSP named Wizard Blunderstone at any time.

Also: Chaos is ending this Sunday April 18th at 6pm EDT! We will be announcing the winners at the end of the season. Good luck to the top 10!

And one more thing - don't forget server transfer options and prices will be changing Sunday April 25th 2pm EDT. If you want to go TO >> Legends from Heroes with a geared character you should plan on getting a transfer before the 25th as that will not be available after that date.


April 08 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 4.8.2021

A longstanding issue with creatures spawning in the dungeon map has been fixed! It caused spawn issues on the underground cave systems; over time creatures would spawn into the black portions of the map and slowly empty the area of killable spawns. Please leave feedback on caves – and be careful, as some might be more difficult than they previously were.

• Slight DPS adjust on Symboled Blade of Destruction (down)
• Shield of the Sun CON req now 30 (down from 60)

• King of Krythan Event – this event will run throughout Season 3 Chaos. While killing monsters, you have a chance to be crowned the King of Krythan! There is only one King, and all players can see the King on their map. While King you can go beyond the 50K chaos point cap and receive triple points. You will receive a legendary King’s Crown and King’s Blade with deadly DPS and a special effect. King status lasts 20 minutes, or until you die or log out. The King’s Blade is a rune slot large blade with no skill requirement and a hefty buff of +100 to all orbs and +500 HP.
It’s good to be the King!

• Increased spawn of buoys throughout the world and added some more buoy spawn points; shortened respawn timer slightly on all buoys.
• The Dark Alchemist Droawan in Desprail is now a functioning shop and not just a dapper looking but evil hearted gentleman.
• New High level Swamp area West of New Korelth off of the coast of Krythan Island.
• Pour Hour Altar (Good Altar of Offering in Teylan) now costs half as much (in item cost).
• Spawn Increase Altar (Evil Altar of Offering in Meroven) now has a 1 hour cooldown to use following the end of a spawn increase. We will look at adjusting spawns in encounters to help smooth out gameplay experience, until then, we hope this and the dungeon spawning fix will help even out the play experience for everyone.
• Icebane got tired of adventurer’s eves-dropping on him and did a little rearranging in the ‘ol lair.

• Creatures should no longer spawn in the void; please share feedback on spawns as there were too many to individually test and we can adjust as necessary. Thank you.
• Adjusted spawn timer and drop tables for dungeon minibosses Der Schlaechter and Krank Brut. Extra kranky!
• Adjusted spawn timer for Lotorian Crypt minibosses (Volsey, Lancel, Hobernsrnosfjskdjfkldsajorl).
• Totem of Sabal's Children followers have been adjusted to circumvent abuse of their innate 100% resistances.
All Sabal followers now have a static 65% damage reduction, and health modifier was changed to accommodate a similar toughness. This has come at a slight cost in their DPS output. In addition, special abilities have been removed from the Marrowsucker to prevent abuse of berserk and the Bonecrusher because he would sometimes get caught in a loop trying to cast root continuously.

• The Henchman store item has been updated and improved. This is a 10 token rental for 6 hours that will give you a level appropriate follower. You will also receive a totem which you can use to quickly resummons them from anywhere in the world if they suffer an unfortunate accident on the job (please don’t call OSHA). Please speak to the Henchman trainer in LSP (south of bank & west of the LSP Farm) to start your henchman timer and receive a totem. Level table below:

o Player Level 0-15: Level 10 henchman
o Player Level 15-24: Level 20 henchman
o Player Level 25-34: Level 30 Henchman
o Etc etc etc nobody remembers these levels anyways, let’s be honest
o Player Level 85-94: Level 90 Henchman
o Player Level 95-104: Level 100 Henchman
o Player Level 105+: Level 105 Henchman

• Rune Pack and Greater Potion Pack store changes are now live on L server (see previous hotfix for details on what is included). This patch added Rune of Isos and Ulthien to Rune Pack.

• Demon Spires will now spawn regularly throughout Krythan Island and Hell on Chaos only. These are high level encounters that will spawn difficult mobs as you chip away at the spire. Any players on the spire’s hate list will receive treasures randomly, in similar way to Knight of Talazar. This is designed to be a PVP focal point as they reliably drop high level gear, including Rune items, when killed.
• A Merchant from far away has unloaded his pack horse on a secluded island in Mainlands, selling valuable commodities such as Blood Bandages, Crates, Malacinth, pie, and rare and valuable potions for gold. A fee of 25K gold is required to enter. (Chaos Only)
• Parian Warlord quest lines can now be completed on Chaos.


April 05 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Chaos Server details below!

Season 3 will be more like Season 1 with a few changes.
- No Chaos point loss
- No item degrade
- Mainlands (not limiting to Krythan)
- New Chaos merchant selling mats and potions for gold (portal between Chlera/Desprail that is currently unused)
- King of Krythan event
- Demon Spires (dropping Rune gear)
- High xp and drop rates again, movement fixed, mob AI turned off

We are trying to shift away from mob point grinding and more towards the rush of getting to be the King. If you are a casual or solo player, I encourage you to try it out! Randomly while playing every so often a new King will be crowned with some gear that will make you - almost - unstoppable. We are keeping prizes similar to Season 1, however, you can only claim the top 5 places if you have NOT won in the last 2 rounds. You can still play if you'd like, just keep that in mind!

Rewards are as follows:
1st Place: Souvenir King's Blade + all following awards
2-5th Place: Choice of: Transfer one Chaos player from Chaos to an empty H slot on the same account (no stackable items may be brought over) OR 1 player level on any char (H or L); 5 Berserker Pots for the next Chaos + all following awards
6-10th Place: Scrolls of return in a Large Knapsack + 5 Berserker Potions for Chaos season 4; 4 event tickets, Cloak of Customer Appreciation.


March 29 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hotfix for H only tonight.

This hotfix was to address the issue with wanted players unable to board boats in SoC, but other things got bundled with it.

- Adjusted token shop rune pack and potion pack quantities and composition (this will be live on L at the next update)
- New follower script uses player con and leadership skill to determine its max HP. Totem of Sabal followers (Deceiver, Bonecrusher, Marrowsucker) are getting their stats adjusted at the next update to compensate for this change.
- Wanted players can board boats in SoC

New Potion Pack (H only)
- 50 Greater Healing, Greater Stamina, Greater Repair, Cure Greater Disease, Cure Greater Poison Potions
- 15 Greater Disease, Greater Poison Potions
- 5 Potion of Lycanthropy
- 5 Oil of Restoration

New Rune Pack (H only)
- 50 of each Class Rune, 50 Gazelle Antlers, 50 Idol of Arna
- 25 Rune of Malith, Malenox, Agon, Sabal, Veldan, Kuthos, Adregard

Once again, these changes will be applied to L store potion and rune bag packs at the next update. We hope this is a better value for your money and saves you a little time as well! Thank you!


March 28 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Chaos Season 3 Update:

An update on Chaos: We will have to postpone the start of Chaos Season 3 for a week. New start date April 9th at 5pm. Since we're doing something new with the server (Demon Spires and King of Krythan event) we need a bit more time to test and make sure it's ready to go. The rewards will be posted this week. Thanks for your understanding!

Important Token Store News:

IMPORTANT: On April 25th at 2pm EDT we will raising the cost of Deluxe moves and disabling Deluxe moves from H > L server. This is to help balance the economies on both servers. Regular server moves (with no items or bank) will still be available from H > L. Deluxe moves will still be available to go to H but they will be more expensive than they are now.

DO NOT pre-buy server moves expecting to make money off of the cost difference - we will be refunding any server moves that you have when make this change. Please make any changes you need to in advance. If you need any assistance with your account please submit a ticket on the Secure site:



March 27 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

QoL Website Patch

The Secure Site has been updated with a small QoL fix - the inventory in your Character Details page will now show all proper item names as well as what container they are stored in. Items that have been renamed will also show their given names.

If you aren't sure how to view that, log in at:


Click on GAMES, then View Your Ashen Empires Character Information, then choose the server/player you'd like to view.


March 26 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

This season of Chaos is officially closed - here are the top 3 placing players:

1 - Nub Nub, 157422
2 - Miller, 151037
3 - Slogutis, 135732

Congrats!! Please DM me for your prizes!

We will spin up a new season next Friday with a different spin - hope you come check it out

 From: Dev FujiQ
March 23 2021

Our next Knight of Talazar event will be Sunday April 18th at 10am EDT - hope you can join!

Our next Chaos server will be a two week server starting April 2nd - April 16th. It will be a return to the fast paced leveling experience, focused on Krythan Island. Try to become "King of Krythan." More details to come!

 From: Dev FujiQ
March 22 2021

How is it already the end of March?? The development team has been busy the last 2 months. We have launched Chaos, revamped another dungeon, and been working on integrating the client, customer website, and payments to work seemlessly with Steam.

Today we would like to welcome a new face to the project! Please welcome DEV Intern Malgus - he is going to be helping us with quest design and art for Talazar's Revenge, probably also bug fixing and other details to help us get ready for steam! We are going to take a look at that area next, including a revamp, some new creatures, adjusting spawns, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do!

Steam integration is still coming along; a few roadblocks to tackle, then we will be polishing and updating some areas of the game including mage spells and tradeskills. We're hoping for a Steam launch by early summer 2021, though it depends on how clean everything is by that point.

Other than that, we are still working on some ideas for Chaos so we can find a good style and pace that works for that community. It has been a lot of fun to watch the pvp battles unfold there. Demon Spires are the next project for Chaos and little adjustments to Krythan Island (including a "new" town) so we can try a "King of Krythan" server. As always thank you for your feedback and support! AE has a wonderful community that we are glad to work with so you can "play your way."


March 18 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch 3.18.2021

This patch introduced a few new items but mostly adjusts to drop rates of gear and stats on gear. We will begin working on new content for H/L in a few weeks.

• 2 new items dropping from the Knight of Talazar: Gatherer’s Cloak and Refiner’s Helm; cloak increases resources gathered (mining, lumberjacking, foraging, fishing) and the helm reduces time spent processing items (sawing, smelting, spinning, weaving, tanning).
• 2 new items dropping from Athropiniax: Ring of Arcane Power and Pendant of Arna’s Blessings. Pendant of Arna’s Blessings gives an increase in damage to Repentenance and Mage Storm, removes requirement to have idol of Arna to cast Arna’s Blessing. Ring of Arcane Power increases damage using spells Thunder Strike and Soul Melt.
• All Warlord Gear (Defender, War Mage, Archer) is now repairable.
• Sorcerer’s Tunic now gives same buffs as Robe of Dark Rites.
• Full Metal Cloak is now craftable via Blacksmithing.
• Knightcaster gear set now requires level 108 and 100 STR/100 INT.
• Paladin of the Flame gear now requires level 107; INT stat bonus increased on many pieces.
• Adjusted stats on Ritual and Sorcerer gear sets.
• Adjusted stats on Full Metal/Tangled/Spectral gear sets.
• Adjusted stats on Ethereal Platinum gear set (now gives more pierce and disease resist).
• Tooltip on Frost Bolts now says correct Secondary damage type.

• Increased drop chance of Rune Armor (limited time).
• Increased drop chance of Dark Essence.
• Ring of Stardust dropping again (was accidentally culled).
• Reduced weight on Harvester Claws and Gargoyle Horns.
• Loot drops now colored by item.

• Knight of Talazar event change: Knights use a bigger creature model for easier targeting. Their followers will not drop corpses. They will spawn closer to their intended targets. They also have an increased attack range and more damage reduction for a longer fight.

• All Criminal Spawn Gates are now marked Safe Zones.
• Many map holes in Broken Finger Dungeon have been repaired. This should help with monster spawning there.
• A portal in the jungle temple will now allow you to bypass the switches; once you have completed stage 1 and 2 of Sully’s quest, and are on the stage to kill jellies, you can use the portal to enter the second level of the temple.

• HEROES ONLY: Monster follow distance has been reduced to discourage mob dropping. If this is successful we will roll it out to Legends as well. It will make it harder to round up masses of creatures to mass AOE kill, but it will also make travel a little easier in some areas.
• Split spawn of Gluttons/Female Gluttons so that all types are present in their spawn region north of Parian.
• Spore Summoner spawn timer has been reduced and randomized slightly.

• Wanted boats can now dock/set sail.

• Marla Moculous quest no longer repeatable.


March 15 2021
 Announcements From: Dev FujiQ


The next Knight of Talazar event will be Friday March 19th at 6pm EDT. We will be rotating the time/day of this event to try to accommodate different schedules. There will be adjustments to the event next month as well to try to correct some of the issues with targeting, as well. See you then!


Live patch - Heroes only
- Scroll of the Demon Horde has been temporarily disabled


Live patch
- VIP Soulstone will now send you to LSP if on H/L and Lotor's Castle if on Chaos.


We will be patching Thursday evening at 8:30pm EDT. A few adjustments to gear and drops will be in this patch.
Reminder also for the KoT event on a Friday at 6pm EDT.


March 04 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

• Aspect Ratio Lock on Game window resize (use SHIFT key while dragging the game window).
• Auto Targeting (using ~ key) will no longer select followers except followers of hostile mobs.
• Drop notifications now include name of creature that dropped the item

• Fixed issue with creatures that spawn additional mobs (ice golems, deadwillows, etc).
• Putrid jelly now using correct Damage Type (Poison).
• Werewolf Lords now have chance to turn player into werewolf.
• Mushroom Land Quest on kill King Mack Mack stage now updating when it is killed.
• Adjusted creature stats on Demon and Hell Guardian to be a bit tougher.
• Fixed bug with Talazarian Faction Officer dialogue.

Treasure Drops
• Adjusted drop tables and chances on treasure drops in Athro dungeon on all mobs.

• Added new high level swamp area >> of Josody, including spawns.
• Removed house plots in the high level swamp area.
• Fixed terrain issue in Athro’s jungle temple that let players walk the walls on jungle level.
• Added music to Jungle Temple.
• Set new John Doe spawn point for players who don't have spawn set (no longer LSP, at LC now).
• Upped werewolf cave spawn (WWI cave).
• Adjusted Badlands and Hell encounters (more mobs and split up some spawns in Badlands, removed Balron and Hell Guardian from entrance to hell).
• Sand Wurm gate guards now neutral, will not attack evil rep players.

• Doubled spell effect durations that are cast while wearing Robe of Dark Rites (Bulwark Might, Holy Aura, Fortify, Alacrity, Grandeur, Speed of Gazelle, Aegis of Arna, Dark Prayer, Faith, Blessing of Malax, Cerebral Thought, Resplendence).
• Modified a few spells to be base 2 hours to match other spells in same casting class (Bulwark Might, Fortify, Holy Aura, Alacrity, Speed of the Gazelle, Blessing of Malax, Dark Prayer were 3600 sec, now 7200).

Weapon & Armor
• New set of armor: Rune Armor. A full set minus cape and jewelry, including a 2-H sword and a mage shield. The sword may only be equipped on Chaos but it is dropping on H/L. Armor is equippable on H/L. You must have the entire set (minus shield) to equip the sword. This is a legacy set of Armor adapted from Dransik.
• Adjusted either specials/bonuses/weap speed on various chaos weaps: Rune Sword, Symboled Blade of Destruction, Fireseeker, Emerald Stalker, Briarthorn Bow, Hell's Bane, Sword of Dark Storms, Fellstrike, and Bow of Venom.
• Added another special to Famine Bringer (has two separate specials now; OG removes food effects from player enemies; new one is a disease DOT on PVE/PVP targets).
• Updated tooltip on Ethereal Platinum Shield, Battle Armor of Waking, Spectral Robe to reflect correct stat bonuses.
• Misspelling on Royal Steel Guantlets (gauntlets.)
• Added tooltip info to the ammunition to show secondary damage Type.
• Adjusted special on Sword of Dark Storms, Famine Bringer, Hell Cleaver, Hell's Bane.
• Adjusted to hit on Talazar's Minion to +40 instead of +50.

Chaos Only
• Added other uses for Chaos points (boots of haste, get out of jail).
• Added Boots of Haste (can only equip on Chaos.)
• Fixed portal to Tserith's for Chaos so you can enter mino maze but not Tserith's lair.
• Blocked off LSP for Chaos.

• Player v Player death message will be broadcast to the server on PVP servers.


February 28 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

We will be patching this Thursday evening 8pm EST. In the patch will a little bit of new content, some bug fixes, and adjustments to the jungle temple dungeon (Athropiniax etc) drop rates.


February 19 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch 2.19.2021

The Gathering Gloom

Deep in the jungle, a demon stirs. . . will you and your party be brave enough to face the darkness? This update features another dungeon revamp for you to enjoy; this time we worked on the New Royale Jungle Temple dungeon and demon boss Athropiniax. New treasures await parties of brave explorers, including a quest line for 3 exchangeable rings. This dungeon update features new Dexmage and Conmage gear sets as well as a few other glittering jewels. . .

Other fixes since the update two weeks ago:
- Adjustment to the Horned One dungeon (level 2) mob drop rates.
- Adjustment to drop rate of ink materials from lower level creatures
- Adjustment to Knight of Talazar event
- Light spell now lasts longer and has shorter cooldown to recast
- Skill bonuses to forging and carpentry now allows you to craft harder things
- Patrolling npcs will not stray as far from their path (including guards)
- Guards got a stat boost
- Adjustment to Chaos craftable gear stats for balancing
- Removed zombie pirates from upper portion of Roycroft island
- Adjusted Cyclops spawn on Roycroft (now includes Ancient cyclops)
- Adjusted Deathcap stats
- New Korelth now no longer has high level demon mobs
- Totem of Demonic Control can now be used on pvp servers

Chaos Fixes that are now applied to H/L:
- Symboled Blade of Destruction adjust on special chance to strike
- Fireseeker adjust on special damage amount


February 19 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Chaos server! Congratulations to the top ten!

Follow Banner for results.

February 18 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Some of you have had questions about the event on Saturday - here's some details to help you plan ahead

1. The Knights are now the only source for an artifact to drop. It is a lower chance than last year's event due to the fact that we will run this event every month from now on.

2. Parties will be enabled, PVP will be enabled on Heroes, guards will be disabled. This means that you won't get jailed, but when/if you die wanted (flashing grey) you will re-spawn at the nearest crim gate. Please remember to set your good and evil spawn point near the town you think you will be defending ahead of time. The closest crim gate to Lotor's Castle is Lopal or the gate North of Varg (south of LSP).

3. Knights will drop randomly through their entire hate list. When the Knight of Talazar dies, loot will be distributed randomly to anyone who attacked or provoked him (or by healing another, etc) that is reasonably near him. However, to prevent farming items, this is restricted to VIP members. That means if you want to have a chance at any of his drops (artifacts or unique Knight-only items) you need to be VIP and be attacking him or healing another, etc.

4. Rune Fragments are no longer no-drop. These will still drop from the Knight's spawns (he spawns Demons and Hell Spawns). That means you can turn on auto backpack loot and trade them. Anyone can collect these (Non VIP included). They can be turned in at LSP to the Wizard Blunderstone (located in the main throne room area of LSP).

5. The Knights will stay on their patrol. You will not be able to drag them all over the world into a secret corner to kill them. If they do disappear, it is because they have gone back to their mission.

Zarq and I will each be on one server to make sure things go smoothly but please don't expect speedy response as we will be doing our best to manage all sites. We will help if we can but may be busy. Thanks for your support! Good luck!!


February 14 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Friday Feb 19th we will be taking the servers down for a patch at around 8pm EST - fixing a few things and preparing the server for the Knight of Talazar event, which will be at 1pm EST Saturday Feb 20th. Hope you can make it - but remember - we will be holding this event every third Saturday at varying times.


February 04 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ


Follow Banner above for Chaos Server Rules.

February 04 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ


This patch is to prepare for tomorrow's Chaos server; it will appear in the Ashen Empires game under Heroes and Legends...so everything has to be in sync!

A few other things were adjusted/fixed:
- Adjusted stats on Elder Treant, Poisonous Fungoid
- Adjusted spawn of Elder Treants
- Ignis Fatuus HP adjusted up
- Added art for scalpel
- Adjusted level req on all warlord gear (requires level 50)
- Vellum crafted with Superior Leather instead of Flawless Leather
- Fixed Anton Darushk quest (looks for neutral or lower alignment)
- Fixed quest typo in ID quest (said looking glass instead of scalpel)
- Hunters have their own print instead of Guard halt!
- Totem of Sabal’s Children now usable on Heroes server
- Game Window has a resize button that will force the window back to normal size (does same thing as /pa reset)


February 03 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ


Grab Bag for February is here!

(3) Berserker Potion Packs
(1) Rune Pack
(1) Wizard's Familiar
(1) Avatar Mask Pack
(3) Personal Power Hours

Remember - you will receive your grab bag on the first month anniversary of VIP subscription, then on the first of every month after that you remain a VIP customer. Thank you!!

Chaos is coming and HOTFIXES!!

We will be taking H/L down Feb 4th at approximately 9pm EST for a patch to prepare for Friday's Chaos server. This will also address a few things that need fixed following Sunday's patch.


January 31 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ


CHAOS is coming this Friday! We hope you're ready for some fast paced PVP!

Here are the details:
- Server opens at 5pm EST Friday Feb 5th, closes Friday Feb 19th at 5pm EST
- Cost to leave Valinor is 4 entry tickets; this is 20 tokens ($1)
- Server will be similar to the Chaos test, not quite as much XP gain but still much faster than H/L server rates
- Awards will be given based on Chaos Points. Gain Chaos Energy by slaying creatures; the more difficult awards more points.

1st Place: Your choice of either a house on the next Chaos server OR 1 player level on Heroes/Legends (any level) + all following awards
2-5th Place: Transfer one Chaos player from Chaos to an empty H slot on the same account, 5 Berserker Pots for the next Chaos + all following awards
6-10th Place: Several scrolls of return, 4 event tickets

Top 10 will all receive a customer appreciation cloak on the live servers (1 per account).

Awards subject to change from season to season.


January 31 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ


We have another announcement to make - please join me in congratulating [AE] GM Baldr as new Co-Lead GM with [AE] GM QuanYin ! As we get closer to Steam it will be helpful to have additional top level GMs who can help the playerbase with a bigger toolset. Baldr has been helping out for several years under QuanYin's guidance; we are so appreciative of both of them!

Please ALSO join me in welcoming [AE] GM Bahamut! Bahamut is going to be a Chaos GM, and as a veteran player of the game who knows it very well, we know they'll be a great addition to our team.

If you have an immediate need in game you can page a GM; our GMs are not on 24/7 as you know, but they do check pages daily and respond in game or with an email if they can't reach you in game. Please use these for emergencies or bugs in game. If you have any account related issues such as token purchases, account information issues, trading locks etc please submit a support ticket on the secure site. You can also submit tickets about bugs or in game issues. Thank you!


January 31 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch 01.31.2021

This was supposed to be delayed a few more weeks, but because of the pause (almost explosion), it has to go now. We were not 100% ready to release this update, so if there are some visual and gameplay balance details that seem unfinished, that is why. Thanks for understanding! We’d rather have a few visual things and inconveniences than players lose items/time.

Gameplay Mechanics:
- A new Skill: Identification (See Development Notes Below)
- Auto Targeting for Melee/Archery (Use the ~ button)
- Gameplay Window Resize (drag to resize, use command "/pa reset" to force back to normal size game window)
- Hunter’s Handbook (See Development Notes Below)
- Increased return from shearing (bonus with more leadership)

- New Items to compliment the new Identification Skill and Hunter’s Handbook
- 3 types of Ink can now be made as part of alchemy. Revealing Ink, Exposing Ink, Illuminating Ink. New creature drops were added to support this, but all recipes use some existing drops in game.
- Rough Scrolls, Vellum, and Flawless Vellum can be made via leatherworking.
- Apply Ink to Rough Scroll and Vellum to make Scrolls of Identification that always succeed and give varying boost to the amount you learn about a creature.
- Minor Scroll of Identification, Scroll of Identification, and Major Scroll of Identification.
- New craftable thrown weapons armor (blacksmithing): iron fragments and iron shot.
- Adjusted stats on island helm/boots and spider silk leggings.
- Fixed gold bracelet paperdoll (was drawing a gold “thing” ...lol).
- Adjusted stats on Valinor trainer weapons for progression balance.
- Flagged certain items for the right expansion/adjusted drop tables to clean up expansion items that did not belong there.
- Shield of Lotor adjusted.
- Adjusted stats on Ethereal Plat, Pristine, and various mid level necklaces.
- Burning Ring and Wolf Totem are now dropping (accidentally excluded).
- Staff of Glyphs and Ramthananax’s Fury specials adjusted.

- Adjusted several low-mid level boss timers; now randomized: Arllandah, Wasp Queens, Ewwww, Termigon Queens, Slobberknocker, Oak Rot, Hugla, Master Blaster, King Kobold, The Adversary (NEW), Andreev the Quick, King Mack Mack, Bonesnarl, Frump, Boss Scalo, Lava Mold, Umbergon, Goba Longblade, Ratnack, Snagglefang.
- Ilanpa the Temptrest now spawning.
- Raqlun, Unkea, Ilanpa should not wander too far and be inaccessible (because they were “ethereal” they would wander into mountains forever).
- Lotor Crypt minibosses and some creatures now have chance to drop Paladin of the Flame and Holy Order gear.
- Lotor Crypt minibosses spawn adjusted.
- King Mack Mack no longer drops WWT, something else does.
- Adjusted deep shadows in Whisperdale.
- Orc alchemist shops now working (Krog, Samad, Maraket, Grell).
- Scorpions now dropping beginner potions instead of greater potions.
- Followers cannot target other players or followers of other players.
- Firefly swarms potion drop changed to beginner potions.
- Spawn of cultists in temple near Silvest adjusted.
- Pirate Skallywags were dropping TOF gear (outside of expansion near scalo den).
- Adjusted green dragons stats.

- All dragon boss lairs have been adjusted (mechanics and/or map); still requires same scales to spawn, layout and how far away they can be dragged has been adjusted).
- Newtown Crim spawn gate moved Northeast from the original location.
- Aunt Rekant room marked part of Krog.
- Guard in Samad that patrols farm marked as part of town.
- Silvest portal marked as part of town.
- Marked Eastwatch to include guard by spawngate and patrolling guard.
- Outpost guard types need to be set to neutral near Silvest.
- Fixed a few spots in fungoid cave walls where players can get stuck.
- Filled in some gaps in black tail’s cave lair.
- Fixed holes in dragon caves where players can get lost/stuck.

- Silvest Mage Trainer quest line is now available: Talk to Val Clockworks on south side of Silvest, near pond, to start. Known bugs.
- Adjustment to creature categories for DTMs (many added; most hostile mobs in game now have a DTM associated with it).
- NEW Level 50-80 quest line starting Parian: Speak to the Warlords in Parian town hall.
- Adjusted foraging TM to ask for quantity of any seed, not one seed type (still some bugs here).
- Identification quest added to Valinor and Lotor’s Castle.
- Added killcount tip to Captain of the Guard on Valinor.
- Added remind messages on the lowbie Night Elf Archer quests and more info on what weapon is needed for each quest.
- Bat scroll quest made more generic (was specific to Valinor, but can be found on mainlands as well).
- Added failure text on Kumba Northern and Davey Logan quest.
- Formatting on quest update speech for Kudah.
- Fixed quest issue with Klaresh (old archer training quest).
- Removed urn from the dynamic quest (static obj that gets stuck in bp forever).
- Added Lotorian Knight in Lotor's Castle.
- Changed quest group on broken beasts quest to BFD.

The Junk Drawer:
- Pants on Valinor are now randomized colors.
- Fixed a few tufts of grass that were sticking out on road from Dawat to Samad.

If you are experiencing any issues with the above patch note items please post in the #bugs discord channel (easiest way for Devs to see the issue) or you are welcome to post them in the Facebook Group! (If you are member there)

 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Development Notes 01.31.2021

We were not expecting to be pushing this build today but it does contain lots of new features, so we hope you are enjoying them, especially the game window resize feature! Please bear with us if the polish isn't quite there, it was close, but there are known bugs.

I'd like to explain how the Identify Skill works to anyone who would like to try that out. We are going to add map spawn feature to the Hunter's Handbook at some point, but it was not ready yet. However, you can begin identifying creatures and filling out their stats in the book.

The Hunter's Handbook:
+ Press H to open the book

+ The first page shows how many types you have killed (at least one time) out of the total possible, it also shows your kill counts for each category. You can click a category (or multiple) to only view those creatures in the book

+ The second page is a search feature; it will search through everything you have killed so far. You can also enter a blank search to scroll through all types if you wish.

+ Past that are creature pages. Each creature type has its own page. Everyone will start knowing only the name and kill count. As you begin to identify creatures, more information will appear. The progress bars on the right show total progress until next "tier" is uncovered and overall progress to completely identify that creature.

+ To begin gaining this skill you need one of two tools (there will be more, has not been added yet). Scalpel (crafted with carpentry) or a Looking Glass (a drop off of certain creatures). There are also quest NPCs who will help you get started with this skill in Valinor (Knight Bastrop) and Lotor's Castle (Aedelhun).

+ When you ID a creature, you have a chance to succeed or fail. It is not based on any orb stat. The amount you learn about the creature depends on your skill level in identification. You can only ID a particular spawn one time. Bosses give additional points.

+ Scrolls of Identification are instant successes and give varying amounts of information. Minor Scroll of Identification (green), Scroll of Identification (blue), and Major Scroll of Identification (red).

+ To make scrolls, use Quality Leather = Rough Scroll, Superior Leather = Vellum, and Flawless Leather = Flawless Vellum.

You must apply ink to the parchment. There are three inks: Revealing Ink (green), Exposing Ink (blue) and Illuminating Ink (red).

The inks can be created starting at level 24, 55, and 80. Here are the materials you need to create each one:

I'll let you figure out what drops these new materials...Enjoy!


January 14 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Following up from the convo in #?game-mechanics-suggestions , here's a preview of what we've been working on. We initially thought this up as a feature to help new players but I think it will be useful for everyone to some extent! We've even added a new category and skill to support this. Identification is the new skill coming out with this feature and it will fall under the category "Discovery."

The book (still nameless) will have a page to show your kill counts per category. You will be able to click the categories to filter your book and search results (helpful for DTMs). There is also a search feature so you can quickly drill down to the creature you are interested in.

There's still some formatting and colors to fix but it's coming along nicely! Unfortunately in the first release of this feature, spawns will not be recorded on your map due to the size of data being handled.

I don't have a latest screenshot of the creatures, but here's basically what will be on the page once you have fully identified a creature. As you can see there's a double entry and the category (for kill counts and DTMs) is missing here. Still have some clean up to do.

NOW that being said, I'd love to open this up to the community to help us come up with a name - obviously monster manual is not gonna fly! Please submit your suggestions in the #?game-mechanics-suggestions channel!


January 09 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Just wanted to announce that the Knight of Talazar event will be running monthly on the 3rd Saturday of each month starting February 20th. We will try to time these to be accommodating to our players, many of whom are international, and may rotate the time of day that they start. There will still be a chance for the artifacts to drop but it will be much lower than it was in July. As Kraken mentioned, the Knight will also begin dropping some items (armor, mostly) that are unique to him. We are working on a permanent solution for introducing artifacts into the game that is not event driven, but until then, we hope that this is a fun event for everyone.


January 08 2021
 Today From: Dev Kraken

Hello everyone, just wanted to share a little behind the scenes of the upcoming 100+ content that will be coming along in the near future. I know many of you have been asking for timelines, and although I cannot give you any specifics there, I can tell you that we are doing as best as we can to work this into the game soon, but there's always some fine-tuning that's required during the process of adding new items. The next group of items are now tangible things instead of just data on a spreadsheet. Next steps include item artwork (the appearance in your backpack/item slots) and fine tuning of stats and balance testing. I'd like to share a little teaser of how they look while equipped at this point.

110 Int/Dex 110 Int/Con 100+ Generic

In addition to the above sets, there is a new set being introduced that will drop during the Knight of Talazar events that will be held regularly as @FujiQ stated previously. This set is a generic set, and I hope you can collect them all for your bank sitting pleasure. This Knight's set will not require any specific orbs, but it does have a level requirement. There is also an assortment of Knight's weapons, which again have no requirements beyond 100 skill, but they're probably not going to replace any of your endgame weapon choices.


January 01 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Announcement you've been waiting for!!

First Chaos Server - Friday February 5th

We will be launching our first Chaos Server on February 5th, 2021! The test was a blast and I hope you join us for our very first Chaos server - but remember, if you can’t join the server this time, we will have a new Chaos server every month on the first Friday.

Other details will be announced closer to the date.

Please Note: Grat / Rob Doesn't know anything more then you see here, yet.


January 01 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Our January Grab Bag is here!

4 Summon Corpses
3 Lair of Minos Access Passes
2 Greater Potion Packs
1 Deluxe Mask Pack

Thank you for supporting Ashen Empires! The world has been crazy but it has been a great year working on the game and reconnecting with our community. We appreciate your support!!

For those of you new to the VIP program, Grab Bags are added on the first month anniversary of when you joined, then will be given on the 1st of each month after that. If you have any questions please message me here or send a support ticket.



January 01 2021
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Happy New Year to everyone from IWG!

Our event today will be a special 2021 spawn event. 1,000 demons, 1,000 giants, and then 21 bosses. If you are trying to complete some quests or large DTMs snag those before the event. There will be quest bosses in this spawn such as Andreev, Schlag, Scalo, Hugla, Meklor, the Proudbloods, Mack Mack, plus a few more like the Great Pumpkin and other holiday bosses.

There are two times to participate - at 2pm and 7pm EST, starting on L then moving to H after depending on time it takes to complete the events. Location TBD. PvP will be off for the events on H, as will backpack drop (both servers).

Hope to see you there!


December 30 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Just a reminder our 10% token bonus will be ending this week. All orders received through Dec 31, 2020 will receive the 10% bonus.
The link to order tokens is http://pixelminegames.com/shop.

Also - if you haven't seen the t-shirts yet, check out our store on Redbubble!

Thank you for your support!


December 24 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

A server wide XP boost has been applied to both Heroes and Legends servers - this will stack with regular server power hours, personal power hours, and VIP xp bonuses. Merry Christmas! Currently this is set to last at least from Dec 24th thru and including the 25th, maybe Longer, who knows. Enjoy.

P.S. - You can thank Act of Satan and Dev Zarquon


December 15 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thank you everyone who participated in the Chaos test server! We will be spinning the server down tonight. Look forward to an announcement after Christmas with more details and a date for the first official live Chaos server. I had a great time - got pk'd a few times but it was fun. We hope you enjoyed it as well!

 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Starting this Friday (Dec 18) at 12pm EST and lasting two weeks will be a special server wide holiday spawn event - Angry Snowmen will be terrorizing the frozen lands of the north!


December 11 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

CHAOS Server will be opening in roughly 5pm Eastern!

There are a few things to know before you begin:

Chaos Energy
- We have implemented a Chaos point system that we want to test as a possibility for ranking players. This tracks your creature kills and rewards you based on the creature's difficulty level.
- Once you leave Valinor you will automatically receive a NO DROP stone that looks like a rune fragment. It is a Chaos Fragment. You can click it to check your points. We may add ways to use this energy in the future but that has not been enabled in this build.
- Whenever you kill a creature, you will see a yellow message under "Your heart feels more pure" that will say how many points you have gained. In parties this will be split up based on who is on his "hate" list.
- When you DIE to creature, you will lose some points (currently set to 5%). When you die to a player, you lose some points which they will gain (also set to 5% but can change depending on feedback).

Chaos Server Settings
- We have adjusted monster difficulty, XP rate, drop rates, tradeskill harvesting rates, turned off many automatic or repeatable quests, and some spells. Player speed, stamina, and levels have been adjusted as well. Level cap is 100.
- We are looking for your feedback on how to make this an exciting fast paced gameplay style!

Game Window Resize
- In this test client you will be able to resize your Game Window by dragging the border. We will most likely add a way to lock the ratio. If you want to reset the window to its original size, type "/pa reset" in chat. Please post any bugs you find about it in our bugs channel.

Auto Targeting
- Welcome to 2020! While in COMBAT mode, press ~ to cycle through targets on screen. We are working on this feature, though please note that mage spells are not able to use this system (except melee or ranged attacks with the mage weapon).

NOTE: These two features are currently ONLY available on Test. Please post bugs! Thank you!


December 05 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

There is a known client crasher involving the map reveal that was recently introduced. We are working on a fix but please be aware that if you use Map Reveal on a character right now it will crash your client.
Will update when a patch fix is available. Thanks.

The map reveal crasher has been resolved. If you are having any issues with map reveal or any store item please submit a ticket on our secure site and we will do our best to resolve your issues: https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx

 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Live Patch 12.5.2020

Yesterday's patch has been applied to Legends.

In addition, both Heroes and Legends received another fix:
- Followers can now attack Greater and Younger dragons without being teleported.


December 04 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Live Patch 12.4.2020

Patch on H to address some PVP issues in regards to summoning totems.

- Adjust to Totem of Sabal's Children and Totem of Demonic Control (not useable on H temporarily)
- Adjust to Icebane Coldstone's follower spawning mechanic
- Typo in Adelia Gnobol quest Mauseleum instead of Mausoleum
- Grammar in Fortity spell "casted" should be "Cast"
- Grammar/Capitalization in Tserith sys message dialogue


December 03 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Are you ready for Chaos??

We will be opening up a public Chaos test server next Friday December 11th at 5pm EST! This will last several days or possibly a week. It will be a playtest to help us pin down server config options for the first server - creature difficulty, xp gain, loot drop, PVP rules, etc. We probably have a few things to smooth out before we're ready for a live Chaos server, so we hope you'll pitch in your feedback and playtest a new way to enjoy Ashen Empires! You do not have to be a VIP member or a PVP server member to join this test . We had a lot of fun at the PVP events on the public VIP test server back in September and think you'll enjoy it.

See you then!

Our VIP grab bag for December is an Orb Reset and Race/Gender change.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!


December 02 2020
 Today From: Grat and Help Junkies

Few FAQs:

If you're getting the error message -
"Unable to connect to login server"
in the Pixel Mine Launcher, try the following steps:

Hold the windows key on your keyboard and press R.
In the window that pops up type ncpa.cpl and press enter.
In this new window you'll see a list of all the network adapters currently on your system.
Right-Click and Disable all adapters except for the one you connect to the internet with (It will usually have "Ethernet" or "WiFi" in the name).
Now attempt to login again, and the issue should be resolved.
You can further troubleshoot this by re-enabling them one by one to see exactly which one is causing the issue.
Once you are logged into the game, you can re-enable any adapters you may need, it will not effect the connection once it has been established.

Token Purchasing Issues:
If you are having issues buying Tokens, Please use the above direct link to the proper store location. You will have to use PayPal at this time. AE's Website has not as of this time been updated with changes (they are in the works, but no ETA at this time.)


November 30 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch 11.30.2020

This is a patch to address some issues that have appeared up since Friday's update.

- Mobs which teleport (pounce) will no longer stack on top of players
- Axe of Many Souls STR correction (should have been req 100 STR)
- Totem of Sabal's Children will become no drop for the player who first uses it to summon a creature
- Map fix for bowing across lava
- Adjust on boss spawning mechanism for Dunkelklinge based on live drop rates
- Adjust for drops from Horned Archer/Berserker/Elite Fighter/Deceiver and Cyclops
- Bonecrusher can be cannibalized
- Adjusted hammer of lightning special
- Adjusted to hit values of Bolts and Arrows

Please, If you find any issues, errors or omissions from this list on the Live Servers of Heroes and Legends, please post in the #bugs channel on the Discord. Thank You.

November 29, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

We will be taking servers down tomorrow evening for a patch.
Monday Nov 30, 2020 @ 9pm EST.

November 27, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Black Friday deal on tokens - 20% bonus tokens on all token orders!

This is good through Monday morning!

Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch 11.27.2020

Neutral Faction Dungeon Revamp!
Below Hell is the horned one island, a breeding pit of warlike creatures commissioned by the goddess Sabal. The horned creatures, however, refuse to obey the goddess’s summons to war. Instead they feast on soul that have lost their way to the spawn gates. Aide the goddess of Chaos and slay these creatures; perhaps you have the courage to take on their scalded leader, Dunkeklinge.

- Brev’s Measuring Cup fixed (applies bonus upon equipping)
- Heartwood Shield fixed (applies bonus upon equipping)
- 2 new themed low level sets dropping on mainlands
- Adjustment to Azure, Valekar’s, Black, Holy armor sets
- Adjusted weapon stats on hell cleaver, famine bringer, talazar's minion, hammer of lightning, ryonkah's sword.
- Adjusted specials for Hell Cleaver, Hell's Bane, Talazar's Minion, Fireseeker, Truestrike
- Sword of Ryonkah now has a special
- Tarvan/Hanvik/Lonvia heads now tell you who’s head they are when they are clicked
- Injured Minotaur quest scrolls now dropping from minos and other mainland mobs
- Rebalance of all ranged (bow/xbow/thrown) and unarmed weapons
- Dragon Hide Quiver has more slots
- Jewelry Case now holds hypnotic chain
- Idol of Arna can go into rune bag
- A few expansion items were dropping where they should not have been
- Leather Leggings now black that should be black
- Grimoire of Knightcaster giving +50 HP (Fixed to match tooltip)
- Neptune's Helment typo
- Crypt Gaurdian typo
- Tyrian Silk cape, cap, and shoes tooltip showing additional health
- Shepherd's Staff fits into weapons cabinet
- typo on MoS special text
- Flame Reaver Shield, Tunic, Helm missing/incorrect HP tooltip
- Cloak of Frostbane missing tooltip
- Scythe of Ulthien typo
- Totem of Burst won't be added when you have move speed equipment on
- Updated Carpentry Toolset to show added skill bonus (10)
- Banished, Briarwood, Wretched set requirement adjustments
- Gorgor’s Precious updated to reflect boss name, now Gorgar’s Precious
- Heilige Lance has been added back to the drop tables at rare chances (No! Do not ask me what drops it)

- Bograhk Dargark (Krog Warrior Trainer) now successfully completing on the final stage (turn in for platemail)
- Typo "words words" in neutral faction quest dialogue
- Hammerfist Mine trapdoor/ladder can be exited but not re-entered unless you have completed the quest.
- Minotaur Dungeon teleporter fix (once you had completed the quest to kill Elites, teleporters acted like solid invisible objects)
- Lloyd Dogen and accompanying cave now accessible near Parian instead of heck the way up death valley
- Halflah/Haflah typos and fix for quest.
- Franklin Anders now says something when you have cure and on stage to give to him
- Legacy lumberjack trainer quest typo "appriciation"
- quest typo "sonds and daughters" neutral faction quest
- Ivogur’s Mine quest fix up (please retry if you were stuck and could not complete on the crate stage)
- Quest Log now supports legacy archery trainer quest (Klaresh is starting npc)
- Killing Meklor will now advance you to the next part of the quest (Valekar quest given from NPC Kongodo)
- Sea Creatures quests (DTM, Orcas, Squids and the like) should be working now for players killing while on a boat

- Large tsunami off the coast of GDI has sunk some beach real estate
- Teleport at cave on GDI works a bit differently to avoid frustration, endless looping, and death
- GDI docks no longer send you to spawn gate when you log
- Some bushes have been whacked on GDI
- All parts of Mino and BFD dungeons now checked when player logs in
- Syldural dwelling set to evil.

- Wrath of Malax typo (daamge instead of damage)
- Repair Iron/Recharge typo (wit instead of with)
- Fortify now cannot be cast on mobs, just other players and followers

- Typo in Tserith offering (sacerfice instead of sacrifice)
- fix typo in prison system message on gold reward for Hanvik/Lonvia

- Guards at outposts should be behaving as neutral. If you find more, please report in bugs channel on Discord.
- Additional guards at Ringhaven Citadel spawn gate
- Guardian of Kuthos stats and spawn adjusted
- Spawns have been redone/adjusted in the valleys NE of Parian
- Adjustment to Ghost of Lotor I and Icebane Coldstone.
- Nithhogr drop tables updated
- Blue Revenge gear has chance to drop outside of boss drops
- Nithhogr now has a corpse
- Typo in Kezemede Maat's announce "I hunnger"
- Wizard of Insight back in Josody
- Followers - Several creatures which did not have inventory now show inventory (SoC, ToF, and TR mobs, in particular)
- Removed a few creatures from taming tables

Please, If you find any issues, errors or omissions from this list on the Live Servers of Heroes and Legends, please post in the #bugs channel on the Discord. Thank You.

November 23, 2020
 Today From: Era / AEDatabase

The app has been released:
Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ae-database-auction/id1540637659
Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sparrogon.AEAuction

I also added these links to the side menu on the left (of AEDatabase website) so it's easily accessible. There is also the web version at https://aedatabase.com/auction. The native apps should be more performant so please use them instead of the web version if you can. If you see anything buggy or have feedback or suggestions, please use the "Contact / Bug Report" option in the app (must be logged in to use it), or you can send me (Hellamund#9457) a message on Discord. There may be bugs, so use with caution for the first month or so!

A nice feature is you can directly link to screens in the app, so if you want to share a link to a listing or link to your profile which will have all your active listings, you can click the link button on the top right of those screens (or just copy the URL if you are on the web version) and share the link with people, for example, https://aedatabase.com/auction/user/1 There are no mobile push notifications yet, but you will receive an email notification for a lot of things. Push notifications will be coming soon.

The original sell listings on aedatabase.com are now deprecated (I added a warning on those pages) and it will be removed at the end of the year.

November 22, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

The Thanksgiving Event has begun and will run for 1 week - enjoy!

If you missed the last one, Wild Turkeys spawn throughout mainlands and parts of Talazar's Revenge expansion lands. They along with their king gobbler Gobble Wobble drop 1 of four themed totems.

As always, Happy Hunting!

November 11, 2020
 Today From: AE GM Baldr

This Saturday we will be hosing an event in the battle plains between Chlera and Desprail! Over the next few days you might notice some construction being done in that area so feel free to check it out while its still safe.

Saturday November 14
Legends: 5:00pm EST
Heroes: 6:00pm EST


November 1st, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Novempurge anyone? The grab bag this month has some things to help you clean up your bank and your broken gear:

(3) Item Rename
(1) Chest of Holding
(2) Summon Corpse
(1) Item Restore Tools
(4) Personal Power Hour

These are for VIP members - a great value for $5 a month! Most of these grab bags are worth at least $15 of products and most times over $20 value. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

For our new/returning players, the grab bags will automatically be applied to your account on the anniversary of your 1st month subscription, then on the 1st of the month following that. If you lapse, that starts over. So once you get on the VIP train you'll get stuff every 1st of the month.

Any questions please reach out to me via DM or support ticket at https://secure.pixelminegames.com/SupportSubmitTicket.aspx


October 25, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Welcome Dev Kraken to the team!

He is a veteran player of the game who has experience on both servers. He will be leading design primarily on high level content though may jump in other places where needed. We are glad to have him on board! He has already been at work on the weapon rebalance, the ancient giant content, and content for the next patch. Look forward to more great content from our newest developer!


October 24, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hey everyone - check out the merch shop at Redbubble! Chaotic has a few designs up there for you to chose from. The tshirts and stickers are great quality. I was wearing the essential t-shirt during today's livestream. The sizes run true. If there's a product you'd like to see available with a certain design let us know and we will hook it up for ya!

Ashen Empires Merchandise

Each one of the designs there is available in multiple products (shirts, hoodies, stickers, cups, magnets). Just a few pictured here for you to choose from.

We picked this site because it offers international shipping; my order took about 10 days to arrive but may be longer depending on where you live of course.


October 24, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ, Dev Zarquon and Dev Chaotic

Livestream was today, for those that missed it below is a link the the VOD from Twitch for it.

Developer Livestream for Chaos, other Features and Q & A.

October 23, 2020
 Today From: GM Baldr

The Halloween Dungeon is Open!!!

Today From: Dev FujiQ

This event will last through Nov 1st (All Saints Day)

Here's how the Halloween dungeon works:
• Enter through the portal.
• Once you cross into the dungeon you will automatically be given a trick or treat bag.
• Kill monsters inside the dungeon as you are spontaneously transformed into various costumes.
• Monsters have a chance to drop candy corn.
• Once you have enough candy corn talk to the Pumpkin Collector near the dungeon entrance who will take and count the candy.
• When you log out the server will check how much you have collected and award a prize based on how much you have collected. (I would suggest saving up then turning it in all at once if you want to get a specific prize.)
• You can turn candy in for prizes as many times as you want.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Prizes:(amount of candy corn)
1-199: Mask of the Pumpkin
200-499: Ghost and Goblin Choker
500-2499: Trick or Treat Band
Over 2500: Totem of the Indian Harvest


October 21, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

We're hosting another livestream this Saturday the 24th at 2pm EST

We will be announcing a few things as well as discussing the upcoming Chaos server. If you have any questions about that we will have the livestream channel open again for your questions!

See you then!


October 18, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Live Patch 10.18.2020

• Uploaded PVP server adjust to first aid healing (will use a stasis/pause instead of timer). PVE server will continue to use timers in lieu of stasis.
• Minos dungeon traps set back to how they were until I can fix them properly with a visual cue, etc.


October 17, 2020
 Today From: Dev Zarquon

Patch 10.17.2020 [Client Only]

• Quest Stages are not retained during character switch


October 13, 2020
 Today From: Grat Rochord

Word of Warning

Currently item degradation is not showing up on item tool-tips. It is still working and it is there but just not showing. Please be cautious on what you buy and from whom. Also be wary of when you die and items take damage, aka repair often if you die often.

Also Quest Log currently does not expand so you can not see the contents/text of your current quests other then thru chat updates.

Zarq should be checking into these this evening at some point and hopefully some update on an ETA when they will be back to 'normal'

UPDATE: From Zarquon

Durability bug fixed.

UPDATE: From Zarquon

Patch 10.14.2020 [Client Only]
• Quest Stages now expand

October 12, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.12.2020

• Adjust for follower/party code to determine credit for kill count/alignment purposes.
• Fix for memory leaks.
• Split timer for turkey trot totem and turkey slayer totem (were sharing a timer).
• Adjusted cold giant cave spawns.
• Fixed Kuthos Whirlpool Portal.
• Removed a few /who commands (/guild for both servers, /who (playername) for pvp servers).
• Checks for online/onscreen for certain network commands (if on pvp server and person you're inviting is not onscreen, won't work).
• Named that poor orc male wandering around krog firepit and gave him a hmph to say.
• Fixed that dark mage alchemist npc in Lopal.


October 12, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ (annoucements from discord)

We’re expecting to patch the servers tonight with a few fixes - alignment colors not displaying properly, plus a few other things that needed adjusted/fixed. We also decided to remove the flashing name colors on crusader/scourge align and go with solid colors. There is also a more granular “spectrum” between good and evil that uses more colors to show where you’re at on the scale.

 Today From: Dev FujiQ (chaos from discord)

Welcome to the beginning of the Chaos server! I’ve got a big list of settings for version 1 that I’ll post here after this AE patch.

October 11, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thanksgiving event has started on Legends and will start on H after today's spawn event (which was fun, Thanks GM Baldr!). Wild Turkeys now spawning throughout mainlands; hunt them for fall-themed totems! A boss will also appear in various places throughout mainlands. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian players! Gobble till ya wobble!

Note: This event will last through the week until next Monday 10/19/2020.

Today From: Grat Rochord

Added Banner at the top for quick link to Token Shop, Banner created by Bricechamber. Thank You.

October 10, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.10.2020

A non content update here today - though look forward to new content in the next update! This was a big systems change - thank you for your patience. I'm sure there may be other things to iron out with alignment so please share that in the #bugs channel.

System Changes:
• Alignment now being used for player, NPC, name colors and town status rather than faction. Faction quests still available using old rules; faction no longer should limit who you can party or attack or heal. If something is amiss def let us know. It was a lot of work and we’re glad to move on with life. Town takeovers still work.
• Hooks to turn off various features (quests, factions, etc) for server variations
• Creatures now spawning in a wider radius around you; there will be more creatures in the world now at anygiven time so we will be monitoring server performance but if you notice UNUSUAL latency please give us a heads up. The original restriction was put in place to prevent server running hot. Now that we are in the year 2020, come what may! You will not have mobs spawning on top of you when you run into an inactive chunk.

• Ancient Sword of Agon has a new PVP special that has a small chance to proc
• Blue Revenge, Minos Royale, Pit Fiend set orb requirements to equip changed to open it to more builds
• Arrow resist added to Thurman's Helm, Cloak of Flame, Mark of Minos amulet
• Shield of Excellent resist stat adjustment (we had to do this for balance and future item progression)
• Containers that cannot be placed in guild hall (any shelf/barrel etc) will now say why
• Only one artifact may be equipped at a time
• Pirate ship now says No drop in tooltip
• Fixed typo in Moss Spiked Spear's special message to the user
• Added +int info to tooltip for frozen crystal wand
• Totem of thunderstrike now gives message when effect wears off
• Jeweled anklet now counts as armor
• A whole bunch of old gear (cloth gloves, etc) was marked as clothing but now marked as armor, organize away!
• A lot of gear was not marked with an expansion and is now marked appropriately
• Updated totem of wolf pup and wolf to not have a timer; just resets the timer when clicked
• Removed large military pickaxe from ettin drop table
• New req on Minos Royale Cape and Pit Fiend Belt
• Ring of Recuperation now marked as jewelry, should fit in Jewelry case
• Fixed special message on Tyrian Staff Sling, Icehammer
• Timers from Potion of Disease/Poison/Body resist now clear upon logout
• Added stasis to applying bandages for PVP server only
• Updated stats on Strand of Icicles, Platemail of Permafrost, Platemail leggings of frostbite, and frost coated steel helmet.
• Savage's Necklace, Savage's War Necklace mismarked as armor.
• Essence of Ryonkah (shield) mismarked as jewelry.
• Set Knightcaster Helm to use different ppd model (not lord farquuad)
• Brev’s Measuring Cup fixed and no longer degrades on use.
• Lance of the Narwhale Horn now fits into weapons cabinet
• Throwing nets can no longer be used on party members

• Ancient giants speed adjusted down a tick
• Added animation effect to ancient cyclops, cold giants, carbonite giants so you can distinguish them more easily
• Added ancients to Giant category (now works with fate of the giant weapons and giant category for kill counts)
• Ghost of Lotor I went to the chiro, got adjusted again. Sleeping better than ever.
• Alton Carbon Zule invites you to lick his boots in his throne room
• Icebane Coldstone is unpacked, got internet set up, wants you to come over for his house warming party
• High Priest of Kuthos back to walking type; was attacking boats. Will revisit him in next patch.
• Gave Neutral Faction Officer hit points
• Upped spawn for Schlag the Scorpioness
• Red Dragon Level now spawning creatures
• Updated Caiman spawn near Rahura
• The Criminals Hanvik, Tarvan, and Lonvia are now fixed; this is a legacy DC quest. If you find the criminals while they’re in the world, and kill them, you will receive a head that you can turn in for a bounty to Sir Vantic at Lotor’s Jail (the guy who announces you have a visitor in the waiting room; get there from Lotor’s Castle). There is a server message announcing when they spawn into the world. Bounty on their head is 10mil gold and 1 mil xp for Hanvik/Lonvia; 1 mil gold and 500K xp for Tarvan.
• NPCs Conal, Imbyr, and Alchemist Smithwitch are back open for business.

• Haste spell effect now clears upon logout.
• Adjusted carpentry output quantity to double at level 100.
• Using resurrect/raise the dead (and bandages) on a wanted player’s corpse will ask for confirmation before you can proceed.

• Fix for Bograhk Dargarhk (Krog Melee Trainer quest line). If you have completed all 6 and he won’t recognize your progress, try talking to him again.
• Fixed bug with Lotorian/Chaos knights where you could turn in quest without being on the quest
• Changed Cliff Brown quest (Vrethpool) to be in Krythan region rather than battle plains
• Added count to Dawat Worker ghost quest (west of Dawat on road to abbey etc)
• Fixed McFisto faction quest (was allowing anyone to skip to 11th stage of quest)
• Fixed typo in Cindy McCabe quest on killing a crab
• Marla Moculous quest now shows count of currently carried familiar wings in Quest Log.
• Suri Desert Scarab quest count now clears upon re-taking the quest (repeatable quest)

The Junk Drawer:
• Party system fix for players with long names
• Fixed corpse targeting bug
• Removed tanning pots from potion table
• Changed bandage heal formula
• Fixed typo with "Jamoal the SAG ON" to "Jamoal the Sage in"
• Kuthos Whirlpool back to chasing you around like a soul sucking bathtub nightmare machine, until I get time to make him patrol or something
• Fixed newtown path to be a bit wider. Then I had to delete and replace a whole bunch of tiles again because one specific tile of dirt is not something that can be walked on ffs
• Fixed 2x2 Guild Hall plot north of Jeel that was causing serve crash when inspecting with surveyor's tools.
• Added music to carbonite/cold giant cave

October 4, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Attention!!! We will be patching the live servers this week - if you read nothing else, just know that your alignment will be what guards look at, not your faction! So if you are a CRUSADER or SCOURGE or WANTED (temp) make sure you are in the correct town when you log off.

Divine (no evil or scourge or wanted may enter)
Lotor's Castle

Evil (no crusader may enter)
Maroven (TR)
Rahura (SOC)

All other towns are NEUTRAL. Anyone may enter these towns. Assuming you aren't wanted, of course.

September 25, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thanks to everyone who participated in boss runs, pvp duels, and the VF pvp event tonight! It was great to be able to get feedback on all of those systems and, tbh, was just fun. I've turned on monster spawning on the test server and the Halloween dungeon. Enjoy the limited GM powers - we'll be spinning down the test server some time this weekend.

September 21, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

This is the last week for the test server (probably)! We will be having a different testing "event" every night this week starting Tuesday at 8pm EST.

If you join and contribute you will be entered in raffle for player donated items and tokens. A few generous players have offered some items for the raffle. If you would like to donate any items, please send me a DM. We will match whatever is donated. I have several token and item donations already. One main account can be entered in raffle per day.

Tuesday: Boss testing (gear up ahead of time please) for Ghost of Lotor, Alton Carbon Zule

Wednesday: Boss testing for Icebane Coldstone, So Kang Kang

Thursday: Polearm PVP testing. Will test at mid and high level - maybe 50/110? Make chars ahead of time. Need some non poles. Will post more on this.

Friday: PVP event in 2 parties; First to kill boss wins (not anything just bragging rights)

Friday night we'll turn on monster spawning and you guys can have fun with it a few more nights then I think we will turn it back off until needed again.

Current donated raffle items are 2200 Tokens (to be divided into a few pools), EEO legs, and a Nith run's worth of scales (1 pristine red + 20 red dragon scales). We will match this donation.

Edit A: 7:30am She told me she thinking of adding an additional Group at 1:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Edit B: 6:39pm Add to that a full set of EEO, frost coated helm and boots. I will also chip in some of those customer appreciation cloaks.

September 19, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hey everyone! Zarq and I have had a lot of people message us this week. We wanted to take a moment to publicly respond. We received many DMs regarding the Chaos server and whether it will be a Pre-DS version, especially in light of what happened on the fan project. I have responded to all of those DMs and very much appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions.

Recent events sort of dovetailed together with that happening (and I don't have to spell it out, but you know what that was) and us shifting our focus to a Chaos server. This week we busted out some simple changes to bring the game closer to that experience. We have unbundled faction code from a lot of systems. We have made hooks that let us turn different expansions off/on. There is much work to be done, though, and I expect that it will take some iterations to get right. Several people have offered to help work on that; we will need it! I was not around for that era of gameplay, so really, I am relying on the community to help design it. We may have to make some calls time to time on whether its feasible, however. Zarq and I came back because we love the game; we know you do also and want to enjoy time in a game you call "home." Help us make it home.

I also want to take a minute to say - just because we shift our focus from time to time doesn't mean we are leaving other areas of gameplay to gather dust. We will essentially have 3 servers with slightly different gameplay styles, plus Dransik Classic, and so we will have to bounce around from time to time. We do not value H over L over Chaos over DC, etc.

Watch for the next live stream - when we are ready to open Chaos we will announce in advance and will share a few other little things happening. As always, happy hunting!

September 12, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

We are currently working on opening our test server for public testing for VIP members. I expect it to be ready some time today. The purpose of the test server will primarily be to rapidly iron out PVP changes and get a few things ready for the Chaos server, though you are welcome to try different builds, items, etc. That being said, the server will be coming up/down often. There will be a separate channel for the test server where you can report bugs. Please be sure when reporting to note that it is TEST server and not live.

Also, in order to expedite testing we have enabled some features that are normally reserved for GMs/Devs. This includes the spawning of items and creatures and a nuke command for killing creatures. There is also an NPC who will give levels and experience. I will post more information about this later, but please note that it is only funny for a little bit to fill LSP with Nithhogrs then it becomes annoying and hinders people who are trying to be productive and test. If it does become a problem you will get kicked from the test server. So, please use good judgement about when that is appropriate (or not). Anyone who uses the test server to find exploits and the like will be kicked as well.

Today at 9:43 PM Eastern
Ok everyone, we're ready to open the test server. Thanks for your patience! If you'd like to patch more quickly:

1. Patch the test server a few seconds, then cancel the patch.
2. Copy the Contents of the Ashen Empires folder into the Ashen Empires Test folder.
3. Resume the patch on the launcher.

Note the launcher page has instructions for spawning items. You must do this in the whisper channel. Be careful not to spawn a stationary object or it will get stuck in your backpack.

There is a test NPC named Heidi in LSP by the docks/throne room. You can talk to her for levels, epool, a speed buffed ring, and dragon quests/master dragon kills/master giant kills.

(Slight Bug at this time LSP portals not recognizing VIPs atm - being looked into).
11:00pm Eastern - Seems to be fixed at this time.

August 31, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Summer's almost over but good things are ahead! A shout out to all parents with kids in school or at home, all the teachers, and the students (I know some of you are still hitting the books!). We are hosting a boosted normal xp rate of 1.5 this entire week (ending Monday September 7th at 10pm EST). This will stack with Personal and Altar power hours for 1.85 the normal xp gain.

Happy Hunting!

August 27, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 8.28.2020

We have been busy with a few very large system changes that were tedious and not terribly interesting to mention; but basically, in order to get the game ready for a new server, we had to rebalance all sub 100 weapons as well as retool all of those corresponding drop tables. Mobs will now typically drop items that reflect their level more accurately. Many weapons were removed from drop tables, though a majority of them can still be crafted. Drop rates for lower level mobs have increased (no more .03% chance to get a rapier of the cat). Another system change was made to the way randomness was seeded (maybe Zarq will elaborate if you are to ask him…).

I would also like to announce that we will be officially RETIRING the Heilige Lance from drop tables. It is no longer dropping from any monster in game; therefore, if you have them, consider them to be a commodity which will not be coming back! Measuring cups have also been removed; an innocuous item that was useless, but hey, you can put them on your shelf and let them catch dust if you have them. Look for future patches to retire and introduce gear to keep things interesting!

And finally…though many of our changes to date have been to clean up the game and the new Quest window and Leadership systems, for all the 105+ players…hearken thine ears!!

Zule has long awaited a chance to strike back at the many enemies that stalk his lair! Drawing on an ancient power found deep in the mine, he has trained a force of warriors to repel invaders that want to lay claim to his treasure horde. . .

Enjoy a new challenging adventure there and among other ToF giantkin…

o Gloves and cloak of archmage now req level 50 (adjusted down)
o Sandals of the fleet now req level 30 (adjusted down)
o Updated Boots of the Traveller orbs stats and small speed boost
o Adjusted mob drop tables for all sub 100 drops again to match mob level more closely
o Updated stats on patron (city faction) gear
o Added new magic tradeskill tool item/shield
o Low level players (10+) have craftable set of leather, wool, or steel armor
o Some helms were lookin donk’ on Female player models (Helm of Magma, et al). Corrected.
o Various weapon specials adjusted for balance
o 3 new high level gear sets

o A few bosses have been adjusted for difficulty
o Plague toad adjust
o Added termigon warriors to the Krythan termigon spawn
o Adjusted Ettin Island
o Fixed Horned Devil spawn in Tserith dungeon
o Several generic NPC names fixed (no more bankers, merchants, etc). Maybe a few more lingering so if you see some out there in the world (esp NPCs that use a monster skin) lmk
o Added skeletal mage to Undead creature category for DTM count

o NEW Follower option: Assist. Followers target what you target
o If base attribute is >= 100, can tame creatures aligned with those orbs
o Followers on Protect will start protecting after you get attacked (even if not damaged)
o Followers should stay and not TP when on Stay mode
o Removed camel herd check, added level check instead
o Added several new Items that augment leadership abilities when used or equipped
o Added goblin runt and shaman runt to trainable types (str).

o Fixed experience bug on some quests
o Newbie Trainers now displaying correct needed exp and handing out appropriate rewards
o Dynamic (Chalice) Quests adjusted in a variety of locations (Krog, Whisperdale)
o Fixed Kobold Attack quest so that you can talk to Lowe's again if you fail
o Fix for Lotorian Knight quest when it is cancelled
o Fix for Artraxis quest (if you had previously completed it, it appeared as if you still need to talk to Darok. Once you talk to him it will correct itself)

o Updated smelter's gloves to be armor and fit into armor cabinet
o New magic tradeskill item

o Newly added skills now appear in skill window as they are obtained
o Adjusted heal value of bandage and timer on bandage and healing pot.

July 18, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Knight of Talazar Event Details

I'm not going to give away too much of what will happen, however, do know that the Knights and their entourage will drop some No Drop items called Rune Fragments. These are unique event only no drop items that you can collect and exchange for gold, item restoration tools, or a runeshard.

There is an NPC in LSP called Wizard Blunderstone (in the throne room) who will do this exchange for you. He is a permanent resident.

After the patch feel free to talk to him and see what the exchange rates are - 1 fragment is 100K gold. 40 is 2 item restoration packs. 80 is a runeshard.

All artifacts have been updated to be relevant end-game items. Most notable change is that they no longer require orb builds to equip just player level or skill level to equip. The armor remains no drop. All weapons are now tradeable (two were no drop).

Be prepared for a beefy boss who has a big entourage of hellish creatures around him. I'll say no more! Meet in LSP at 2:30 for the pre-game!

Patch Notes 7.18.2020

==== Misc Fixes ====
o Fixed bug that resulted in player invisibility
o Lots of clean up on the Knight of Talazar event to make it flow and work properly
o New NPC in LSP: Wizard Blunderstone. Exchanges event item “Rune Fragment” for gold, item restoration tools, or runeshard.
o Boats could attack one another on L
o AoE spells now follow player’s Target Protection settings

==== Item Adds/Changes ====
o Added +2 int to small sash.
o Added Soul Pact ring
o Added new art for ant legs, werewolf claws, warg claws, hell hound claws, wolverine claws, snagglefang’s claw.
o New no drop item “Rune Fragment” for the Knight of Talazar event.
o removed item no drop on large knapsack
o Weapon and Armor artifacts adjusted to be viable end game items

==== Krog area balancing ====
o Added items to alchemy shop: yellow silk robe, wizard hat, mage wand/scepter, toothwand, small sash, potions of repair and stamina.
o added marsh light spawn
o add potions to shops
o bump to gold given in Krog area quests
o add faction point rewards to single quests
o bump xp on alchemist singaford quest
o Various polish details on quests and npc chat
o Fixed double chat message in Sewer quest
o add reward to sewer quest - large knapsack.

==== Quest Fixes/Balance ====
o Upped Shargar quest reward.
o lowered number of mobs on patrons to 35, min 20.
o Patrons now give higher faction reward.
o Newbie thrown weapon and polearms trainer now working properly
o Fixed issue on "finish your task with your other trainer" text
o DTM updates in chat when you kill a creature for the quest
o Fixed infinite xp for guild quest
o Fixed player response on stage 2 of galen quest (I took his life, but his soul) should have been on two lines in prompt.
o Guardian now looks for failed stage if you have failed to craft the pure crystal.
o Chaos knight updates appropriately.
o Updated some newbie dynamic quests
o Fixed finish your quest with your chery newbie trainer bug
o Fix for shipwreck quest.
o Some grammar and formatting changes in a few low level quests
o Fixed whisperdale emissary (spore quest) bug on stage 11 where there was no convo and got players hung waiting to talk.

==== Creatures ====
o Scaled back poison damage on scorpions (cut duration in half)
o Knight of Talazar brought up to 2020 level boss stats
o Deep shadows upped near whisperdale
o Adjusted kobold chief (better item drop chance)

July 14, 2020
  Artifact Event - July 18th 3pm ET
King Lotor has received troubling news...his spy network has heard rumblings of an impending attack from Talazar's fallen Knights!! Join us this Saturday July 18th @ 3pm EST to see what kind of mayhem will be unleashed on the lands of Dransik! NOTE: This is an artifact event, as the Knights have a chance to drop one of the 8 legendary artifacts. Be prepared for a boss level fight

July 01, 2020
  From FujiQ - Today at 8:18 AM
Hello everyone! Hope the summer is treating you well.
This whole month of July we're giving a bonus 10% to all token orders.
Hope this helps out during this crazy time!
Note this applies to orders made during July in EST time zone.

June 29, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.29.2020
- Bosses no longer spawning in walls (GoL, Projection of Kuthos, etc) GM QuanYin and GM Baldr breathe a sigh of relief
- Dynamic quest NPCs hit points adjusted up to 200+ range.
- Crumbled wall section in the Dwarven mine city was trapping player bodies; has been fixed
- Knight of Chaos when relogging no longer says kill #
- Chaos and Lotor knight quests when cancelled no longer in your quest log until you relog
- Newbie weapon quest details were not being sent to chat after accepting quest.
- Quest with branching stages were not sending stage information (Ivogur crate collecting quest, tree sample collecting, etc)
- Extended range of ghost kills that count for Father Augustan quest
- Newbie trainers needed exp no longer being decremented by other skills and quest xp
- Newbie Trainer quests, upon relogging, were telling you to return to trainer even if not done with that stage
- Patrons were giving quest if you had chosen their city as destination even if not aligned
- “Return to me after you have slain….” Grammar issue on plural kills
- Fixed issue where player object in boats could be targeted by monster AoE spells
- Stackable no drop items can no longer be traded
- Attacking Dynamic Quest NPC gave you good align credit for kill
- Can no longer Target Dynamic Quest NPCs with Target protection on
- Adjusted Krog encounters
- Fixed newbie entry gate so that you can't go past with the fishing rod.
- Adjusted Muk trap damage to random value between 200-300 dmg
- Adjusted transmute value to 15K
- Adjusted Renzel and Hemrich quest xp up
- Added gold received message in Jodrich quest
- Fixed Kobold lake quest (finding pages on brigands)
- Can finish the guild quest if you are in a guild, but you will not get a chance to create a guild unless you are NOT in a guild. This allows players to be given the guild deed without having to disband. There is still a 250K cost.
- Chat from NPCs is now being logged.

June 23, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.23.2020
- Fixed map issues in ToF islands
- Additional security in Newtown bank
- Hell’s bane animations adjusted
- Werewolf Matriarch drops bumped slightly
- DTMs give you correct # in quest window (was saying Kill 1 creature)
- Several low level quests not giving feedback for missed attempts so that you know when you are in the correct area (Shadow Temple book of agon pages, redwake Astari Spy)
- Guard in Josody now updating to the correct town alignment
- Options to show/hide NPC names now saving after you log
- Newly gained skills should now appear in skill window
- Upped value cap on transmute spell (6K)
- Can no longer go through barriers or traps (eastern gate, dragon gate, Muk dungeon spike traps, etc) using the Use cursor
- Vessel of Isos is ready to get whacked; must be on Disciple of Talazar quest to change the world to darkness
- Hammerfist Mines backdoor entrance now just an exit to work around quest anachronism

Client Patch
• Quest Log Floaters are properly sized
• Popups are over objects
• Orb/Essence allocation does not rollover back to 0
• Data file security added

June 12, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.12.2020
Another database transform was applied for the quests that use flags. They are as follows:
o Artraxis (should be set to complete not stage 9 now)
o Adelia Gnobol is losing it
o Draneth
o All of the “book” quests (if you are on one, you can now complete it)
o Zarowyn/Jhulara quests
o William the Younger
o Valekar’s Fortress quest
o Vadren and her shinies
o Shadow Temple guy lost some book pages now he’s in twouble
o Prudge’s sewer is donk
o Hemrich has some beef with Scalo
o That one quest where they guy gives you limes
o Russell the axe trainer (Flataga Mines)
o Raglnak the sword trainer (Silvest)
o Quest to kill pirates in Varg
o Moklad the doomed bat hunter
o Mirthik the polearms trainer
o Warrog, priest of Krog
o The kobold prisoner
o Kill the thieving Kobold King
o Ivogur’s mine
o Commander Garwyk
o Ettin the shady guy outside Chlera

Other Quest Bugs
• You can switch starting cities and get all of the patron gear if you so desire
• Required faction points for patron armor were adjusted down; designed to be able to acquire with normal gameplay around level 40-45. So if you have a lot of points saved up you may get several items in a row from the Lady of your town.
• Newbie Weapon trainers now recognize epool
• Redwake quest to kill Astari spies has been adjusted – the spawn of spies and the chance to drop plans
• Lotorian Knight et all no longer send you a message when you log in.
• Lotorian Knight quest no longer counts down weirdly in the quest window
• Players were somehow put on both faction quests; there is a fix to handle this when you speak to him (invisible to players but it will clear the other faction quest for you so you)
• Fix for Sonic Flyer quest (should be 40 not 50)

Misc Stuff
• The math behind treasure drops was adjusted. There was some funky stuff going on there.
• Innkeeper Kenzie in Newtown will let you stay the night at her lovely Inn on the beach.
• New Mainlands quest for totem of the wolf pup in Whisperdale from NPC Zerev and his pooch
• Ancient follower hit the gym; did not skip leg day this time. Beefier than ever!
• New sound effects from DrMeme for King Lotor, Fighters, Dwarves, Cultists, Pirates, Astari Assassins and Inquisitors, Artonians
• Issue with tradeskills artificially boosted by exiting during crafting process prior to using the adjustment item
• Holy Order Legs no longer make you look naked
• Wearing a skin no longer makes your backpack shrink
• Certain items were greyed out upon login; that should be fixed now (werewolf totem, stamina totem)
• A fix for skill window save state
• Named followers for chalice quests now use name instead of type


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