October 25, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Welcome Dev Kraken to the team!

He is a veteran player of the game who has experience on both servers. He will be leading design primarily on high level content though may jump in other places where needed. We are glad to have him on board! He has already been at work on the weapon rebalance, the ancient giant content, and content for the next patch. Look forward to more great content from our newest developer!


October 24, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hey everyone - check out the merch shop at Redbubble! Chaotic has a few designs up there for you to chose from. The tshirts and stickers are great quality. I was wearing the essential t-shirt during today's livestream. The sizes run true. If there's a product you'd like to see available with a certain design let us know and we will hook it up for ya!

Ashen Empires Merchandise

Each one of the designs there is available in multiple products (shirts, hoodies, stickers, cups, magnets). Just a few pictured here for you to choose from.

We picked this site because it offers international shipping; my order took about 10 days to arrive but may be longer depending on where you live of course.


October 24, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ, Dev Zarquon and Dev Chaotic

Livestream was today, for those that missed it below is a link the the VOD from Twitch for it.

Developer Livestream for Chaos, other Features and Q & A.

October 23, 2020
 Today From: GM Baldr

The Halloween Dungeon is Open!!!

Today From: Dev FujiQ

This event will last through Nov 1st (All Saints Day)

Here's how the Halloween dungeon works:
• Enter through the portal.
• Once you cross into the dungeon you will automatically be given a trick or treat bag.
• Kill monsters inside the dungeon as you are spontaneously transformed into various costumes.
• Monsters have a chance to drop candy corn.
• Once you have enough candy corn talk to the Pumpkin Collector near the dungeon entrance who will take and count the candy.
• When you log out the server will check how much you have collected and award a prize based on how much you have collected. (I would suggest saving up then turning it in all at once if you want to get a specific prize.)
• You can turn candy in for prizes as many times as you want.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Prizes:(amount of candy corn)
1-199: Mask of the Pumpkin
200-499: Ghost and Goblin Choker
500-2499: Trick or Treat Band
Over 2500: Totem of the Indian Harvest


October 21, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

We're hosting another livestream this Saturday the 24th at 2pm EST

We will be announcing a few things as well as discussing the upcoming Chaos server. If you have any questions about that we will have the livestream channel open again for your questions!

See you then!


October 18, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Live Patch 10.18.2020

• Uploaded PVP server adjust to first aid healing (will use a stasis/pause instead of timer). PVE server will continue to use timers in lieu of stasis.
• Minos dungeon traps set back to how they were until I can fix them properly with a visual cue, etc.


October 17, 2020
 Today From: Dev Zarquon

Patch 10.17.2020 [Client Only]

• Quest Stages are not retained during character switch


October 13, 2020
 Today From: Grat Rochord

Word of Warning

Currently item degradation is not showing up on item tool-tips. It is still working and it is there but just not showing. Please be cautious on what you buy and from whom. Also be wary of when you die and items take damage, aka repair often if you die often.

Also Quest Log currently does not expand so you can not see the contents/text of your current quests other then thru chat updates.

Zarq should be checking into these this evening at some point and hopefully some update on an ETA when they will be back to 'normal'

UPDATE: From Zarquon

Durability bug fixed.

UPDATE: From Zarquon

Patch 10.14.2020 [Client Only]
• Quest Stages now expand

October 12, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.12.2020

• Adjust for follower/party code to determine credit for kill count/alignment purposes.
• Fix for memory leaks.
• Split timer for turkey trot totem and turkey slayer totem (were sharing a timer).
• Adjusted cold giant cave spawns.
• Fixed Kuthos Whirlpool Portal.
• Removed a few /who commands (/guild for both servers, /who (playername) for pvp servers).
• Checks for online/onscreen for certain network commands (if on pvp server and person you're inviting is not onscreen, won't work).
• Named that poor orc male wandering around krog firepit and gave him a hmph to say.
• Fixed that dark mage alchemist npc in Lopal.


October 12, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ (annoucements from discord)

We’re expecting to patch the servers tonight with a few fixes - alignment colors not displaying properly, plus a few other things that needed adjusted/fixed. We also decided to remove the flashing name colors on crusader/scourge align and go with solid colors. There is also a more granular “spectrum” between good and evil that uses more colors to show where you’re at on the scale.

 Today From: Dev FujiQ (chaos from discord)

Welcome to the beginning of the Chaos server! I’ve got a big list of settings for version 1 that I’ll post here after this AE patch.

October 11, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thanksgiving event has started on Legends and will start on H after today's spawn event (which was fun, Thanks GM Baldr!). Wild Turkeys now spawning throughout mainlands; hunt them for fall-themed totems! A boss will also appear in various places throughout mainlands. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian players! Gobble till ya wobble!

Note: This event will last through the week until next Monday 10/19/2020.

Today From: Grat Rochord

Added Banner at the top for quick link to Token Shop, Banner created by Bricechamber. Thank You.

October 10, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 10.10.2020

A non content update here today - though look forward to new content in the next update! This was a big systems change - thank you for your patience. I'm sure there may be other things to iron out with alignment so please share that in the #bugs channel.

System Changes:
• Alignment now being used for player, NPC, name colors and town status rather than faction. Faction quests still available using old rules; faction no longer should limit who you can party or attack or heal. If something is amiss def let us know. It was a lot of work and we’re glad to move on with life. Town takeovers still work.
• Hooks to turn off various features (quests, factions, etc) for server variations
• Creatures now spawning in a wider radius around you; there will be more creatures in the world now at anygiven time so we will be monitoring server performance but if you notice UNUSUAL latency please give us a heads up. The original restriction was put in place to prevent server running hot. Now that we are in the year 2020, come what may! You will not have mobs spawning on top of you when you run into an inactive chunk.

• Ancient Sword of Agon has a new PVP special that has a small chance to proc
• Blue Revenge, Minos Royale, Pit Fiend set orb requirements to equip changed to open it to more builds
• Arrow resist added to Thurman's Helm, Cloak of Flame, Mark of Minos amulet
• Shield of Excellent resist stat adjustment (we had to do this for balance and future item progression)
• Containers that cannot be placed in guild hall (any shelf/barrel etc) will now say why
• Only one artifact may be equipped at a time
• Pirate ship now says No drop in tooltip
• Fixed typo in Moss Spiked Spear's special message to the user
• Added +int info to tooltip for frozen crystal wand
• Totem of thunderstrike now gives message when effect wears off
• Jeweled anklet now counts as armor
• A whole bunch of old gear (cloth gloves, etc) was marked as clothing but now marked as armor, organize away!
• A lot of gear was not marked with an expansion and is now marked appropriately
• Updated totem of wolf pup and wolf to not have a timer; just resets the timer when clicked
• Removed large military pickaxe from ettin drop table
• New req on Minos Royale Cape and Pit Fiend Belt
• Ring of Recuperation now marked as jewelry, should fit in Jewelry case
• Fixed special message on Tyrian Staff Sling, Icehammer
• Timers from Potion of Disease/Poison/Body resist now clear upon logout
• Added stasis to applying bandages for PVP server only
• Updated stats on Strand of Icicles, Platemail of Permafrost, Platemail leggings of frostbite, and frost coated steel helmet.
• Savage's Necklace, Savage's War Necklace mismarked as armor.
• Essence of Ryonkah (shield) mismarked as jewelry.
• Set Knightcaster Helm to use different ppd model (not lord farquuad)
• Brev’s Measuring Cup fixed and no longer degrades on use.
• Lance of the Narwhale Horn now fits into weapons cabinet
• Throwing nets can no longer be used on party members

• Ancient giants speed adjusted down a tick
• Added animation effect to ancient cyclops, cold giants, carbonite giants so you can distinguish them more easily
• Added ancients to Giant category (now works with fate of the giant weapons and giant category for kill counts)
• Ghost of Lotor I went to the chiro, got adjusted again. Sleeping better than ever.
• Alton Carbon Zule invites you to lick his boots in his throne room
• Icebane Coldstone is unpacked, got internet set up, wants you to come over for his house warming party
• High Priest of Kuthos back to walking type; was attacking boats. Will revisit him in next patch.
• Gave Neutral Faction Officer hit points
• Upped spawn for Schlag the Scorpioness
• Red Dragon Level now spawning creatures
• Updated Caiman spawn near Rahura
• The Criminals Hanvik, Tarvan, and Lonvia are now fixed; this is a legacy DC quest. If you find the criminals while they’re in the world, and kill them, you will receive a head that you can turn in for a bounty to Sir Vantic at Lotor’s Jail (the guy who announces you have a visitor in the waiting room; get there from Lotor’s Castle). There is a server message announcing when they spawn into the world. Bounty on their head is 10mil gold and 1 mil xp for Hanvik/Lonvia; 1 mil gold and 500K xp for Tarvan.
• NPCs Conal, Imbyr, and Alchemist Smithwitch are back open for business.

• Haste spell effect now clears upon logout.
• Adjusted carpentry output quantity to double at level 100.
• Using resurrect/raise the dead (and bandages) on a wanted player’s corpse will ask for confirmation before you can proceed.

• Fix for Bograhk Dargarhk (Krog Melee Trainer quest line). If you have completed all 6 and he won’t recognize your progress, try talking to him again.
• Fixed bug with Lotorian/Chaos knights where you could turn in quest without being on the quest
• Changed Cliff Brown quest (Vrethpool) to be in Krythan region rather than battle plains
• Added count to Dawat Worker ghost quest (west of Dawat on road to abbey etc)
• Fixed McFisto faction quest (was allowing anyone to skip to 11th stage of quest)
• Fixed typo in Cindy McCabe quest on killing a crab
• Marla Moculous quest now shows count of currently carried familiar wings in Quest Log.
• Suri Desert Scarab quest count now clears upon re-taking the quest (repeatable quest)

The Junk Drawer:
• Party system fix for players with long names
• Fixed corpse targeting bug
• Removed tanning pots from potion table
• Changed bandage heal formula
• Fixed typo with "Jamoal the SAG ON" to "Jamoal the Sage in"
• Kuthos Whirlpool back to chasing you around like a soul sucking bathtub nightmare machine, until I get time to make him patrol or something
• Fixed newtown path to be a bit wider. Then I had to delete and replace a whole bunch of tiles again because one specific tile of dirt is not something that can be walked on ffs
• Fixed 2x2 Guild Hall plot north of Jeel that was causing serve crash when inspecting with surveyor's tools.
• Added music to carbonite/cold giant cave

October 4, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Attention!!! We will be patching the live servers this week - if you read nothing else, just know that your alignment will be what guards look at, not your faction! So if you are a CRUSADER or SCOURGE or WANTED (temp) make sure you are in the correct town when you log off.

Divine (no evil or scourge or wanted may enter)
Lotor's Castle

Evil (no crusader may enter)
Maroven (TR)
Rahura (SOC)

All other towns are NEUTRAL. Anyone may enter these towns. Assuming you aren't wanted, of course.

September 25, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Thanks to everyone who participated in boss runs, pvp duels, and the VF pvp event tonight! It was great to be able to get feedback on all of those systems and, tbh, was just fun. I've turned on monster spawning on the test server and the Halloween dungeon. Enjoy the limited GM powers - we'll be spinning down the test server some time this weekend.

September 21, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

This is the last week for the test server (probably)! We will be having a different testing "event" every night this week starting Tuesday at 8pm EST.

If you join and contribute you will be entered in raffle for player donated items and tokens. A few generous players have offered some items for the raffle. If you would like to donate any items, please send me a DM. We will match whatever is donated. I have several token and item donations already. One main account can be entered in raffle per day.

Tuesday: Boss testing (gear up ahead of time please) for Ghost of Lotor, Alton Carbon Zule

Wednesday: Boss testing for Icebane Coldstone, So Kang Kang

Thursday: Polearm PVP testing. Will test at mid and high level - maybe 50/110? Make chars ahead of time. Need some non poles. Will post more on this.

Friday: PVP event in 2 parties; First to kill boss wins (not anything just bragging rights)

Friday night we'll turn on monster spawning and you guys can have fun with it a few more nights then I think we will turn it back off until needed again.

Current donated raffle items are 2200 Tokens (to be divided into a few pools), EEO legs, and a Nith run's worth of scales (1 pristine red + 20 red dragon scales). We will match this donation.

Edit A: 7:30am She told me she thinking of adding an additional Group at 1:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Edit B: 6:39pm Add to that a full set of EEO, frost coated helm and boots. I will also chip in some of those customer appreciation cloaks.

September 19, 2020
 Today From: Dev FujiQ

Hey everyone! Zarq and I have had a lot of people message us this week. We wanted to take a moment to publicly respond. We received many DMs regarding the Chaos server and whether it will be a Pre-DS version, especially in light of what happened on the fan project. I have responded to all of those DMs and very much appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions.

Recent events sort of dovetailed together with that happening (and I don't have to spell it out, but you know what that was) and us shifting our focus to a Chaos server. This week we busted out some simple changes to bring the game closer to that experience. We have unbundled faction code from a lot of systems. We have made hooks that let us turn different expansions off/on. There is much work to be done, though, and I expect that it will take some iterations to get right. Several people have offered to help work on that; we will need it! I was not around for that era of gameplay, so really, I am relying on the community to help design it. We may have to make some calls time to time on whether its feasible, however. Zarq and I came back because we love the game; we know you do also and want to enjoy time in a game you call "home." Help us make it home.

I also want to take a minute to say - just because we shift our focus from time to time doesn't mean we are leaving other areas of gameplay to gather dust. We will essentially have 3 servers with slightly different gameplay styles, plus Dransik Classic, and so we will have to bounce around from time to time. We do not value H over L over Chaos over DC, etc.

Watch for the next live stream - when we are ready to open Chaos we will announce in advance and will share a few other little things happening. As always, happy hunting!

September 12, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

We are currently working on opening our test server for public testing for VIP members. I expect it to be ready some time today. The purpose of the test server will primarily be to rapidly iron out PVP changes and get a few things ready for the Chaos server, though you are welcome to try different builds, items, etc. That being said, the server will be coming up/down often. There will be a separate channel for the test server where you can report bugs. Please be sure when reporting to note that it is TEST server and not live.

Also, in order to expedite testing we have enabled some features that are normally reserved for GMs/Devs. This includes the spawning of items and creatures and a nuke command for killing creatures. There is also an NPC who will give levels and experience. I will post more information about this later, but please note that it is only funny for a little bit to fill LSP with Nithhogrs then it becomes annoying and hinders people who are trying to be productive and test. If it does become a problem you will get kicked from the test server. So, please use good judgement about when that is appropriate (or not). Anyone who uses the test server to find exploits and the like will be kicked as well.

Today at 9:43 PM Eastern
Ok everyone, we're ready to open the test server. Thanks for your patience! If you'd like to patch more quickly:

1. Patch the test server a few seconds, then cancel the patch.
2. Copy the Contents of the Ashen Empires folder into the Ashen Empires Test folder.
3. Resume the patch on the launcher.

Note the launcher page has instructions for spawning items. You must do this in the whisper channel. Be careful not to spawn a stationary object or it will get stuck in your backpack.

There is a test NPC named Heidi in LSP by the docks/throne room. You can talk to her for levels, epool, a speed buffed ring, and dragon quests/master dragon kills/master giant kills.

(Slight Bug at this time LSP portals not recognizing VIPs atm - being looked into).
11:00pm Eastern - Seems to be fixed at this time.

August 31, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Summer's almost over but good things are ahead! A shout out to all parents with kids in school or at home, all the teachers, and the students (I know some of you are still hitting the books!). We are hosting a boosted normal xp rate of 1.5 this entire week (ending Monday September 7th at 10pm EST). This will stack with Personal and Altar power hours for 1.85 the normal xp gain.

Happy Hunting!

August 27, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Patch Notes 8.28.2020

We have been busy with a few very large system changes that were tedious and not terribly interesting to mention; but basically, in order to get the game ready for a new server, we had to rebalance all sub 100 weapons as well as retool all of those corresponding drop tables. Mobs will now typically drop items that reflect their level more accurately. Many weapons were removed from drop tables, though a majority of them can still be crafted. Drop rates for lower level mobs have increased (no more .03% chance to get a rapier of the cat). Another system change was made to the way randomness was seeded (maybe Zarq will elaborate if you are to ask him…).

I would also like to announce that we will be officially RETIRING the Heilige Lance from drop tables. It is no longer dropping from any monster in game; therefore, if you have them, consider them to be a commodity which will not be coming back! Measuring cups have also been removed; an innocuous item that was useless, but hey, you can put them on your shelf and let them catch dust if you have them. Look for future patches to retire and introduce gear to keep things interesting!

And finally…though many of our changes to date have been to clean up the game and the new Quest window and Leadership systems, for all the 105+ players…hearken thine ears!!

Zule has long awaited a chance to strike back at the many enemies that stalk his lair! Drawing on an ancient power found deep in the mine, he has trained a force of warriors to repel invaders that want to lay claim to his treasure horde. . .

Enjoy a new challenging adventure there and among other ToF giantkin…

o Gloves and cloak of archmage now req level 50 (adjusted down)
o Sandals of the fleet now req level 30 (adjusted down)
o Updated Boots of the Traveller orbs stats and small speed boost
o Adjusted mob drop tables for all sub 100 drops again to match mob level more closely
o Updated stats on patron (city faction) gear
o Added new magic tradeskill tool item/shield
o Low level players (10+) have craftable set of leather, wool, or steel armor
o Some helms were lookin donk’ on Female player models (Helm of Magma, et al). Corrected.
o Various weapon specials adjusted for balance
o 3 new high level gear sets

o A few bosses have been adjusted for difficulty
o Plague toad adjust
o Added termigon warriors to the Krythan termigon spawn
o Adjusted Ettin Island
o Fixed Horned Devil spawn in Tserith dungeon
o Several generic NPC names fixed (no more bankers, merchants, etc). Maybe a few more lingering so if you see some out there in the world (esp NPCs that use a monster skin) lmk
o Added skeletal mage to Undead creature category for DTM count

o NEW Follower option: Assist. Followers target what you target
o If base attribute is >= 100, can tame creatures aligned with those orbs
o Followers on Protect will start protecting after you get attacked (even if not damaged)
o Followers should stay and not TP when on Stay mode
o Removed camel herd check, added level check instead
o Added several new Items that augment leadership abilities when used or equipped
o Added goblin runt and shaman runt to trainable types (str).

o Fixed experience bug on some quests
o Newbie Trainers now displaying correct needed exp and handing out appropriate rewards
o Dynamic (Chalice) Quests adjusted in a variety of locations (Krog, Whisperdale)
o Fixed Kobold Attack quest so that you can talk to Lowe's again if you fail
o Fix for Lotorian Knight quest when it is cancelled
o Fix for Artraxis quest (if you had previously completed it, it appeared as if you still need to talk to Darok. Once you talk to him it will correct itself)

o Updated smelter's gloves to be armor and fit into armor cabinet
o New magic tradeskill item

o Newly added skills now appear in skill window as they are obtained
o Adjusted heal value of bandage and timer on bandage and healing pot.

July 18, 2020
  Today From: Dev FujiQ

Knight of Talazar Event Details

I'm not going to give away too much of what will happen, however, do know that the Knights and their entourage will drop some No Drop items called Rune Fragments. These are unique event only no drop items that you can collect and exchange for gold, item restoration tools, or a runeshard.

There is an NPC in LSP called Wizard Blunderstone (in the throne room) who will do this exchange for you. He is a permanent resident.

After the patch feel free to talk to him and see what the exchange rates are - 1 fragment is 100K gold. 40 is 2 item restoration packs. 80 is a runeshard.

All artifacts have been updated to be relevant end-game items. Most notable change is that they no longer require orb builds to equip just player level or skill level to equip. The armor remains no drop. All weapons are now tradeable (two were no drop).

Be prepared for a beefy boss who has a big entourage of hellish creatures around him. I'll say no more! Meet in LSP at 2:30 for the pre-game!

Patch Notes 7.18.2020

==== Misc Fixes ====
o Fixed bug that resulted in player invisibility
o Lots of clean up on the Knight of Talazar event to make it flow and work properly
o New NPC in LSP: Wizard Blunderstone. Exchanges event item “Rune Fragment” for gold, item restoration tools, or runeshard.
o Boats could attack one another on L
o AoE spells now follow player’s Target Protection settings

==== Item Adds/Changes ====
o Added +2 int to small sash.
o Added Soul Pact ring
o Added new art for ant legs, werewolf claws, warg claws, hell hound claws, wolverine claws, snagglefang’s claw.
o New no drop item “Rune Fragment” for the Knight of Talazar event.
o removed item no drop on large knapsack
o Weapon and Armor artifacts adjusted to be viable end game items

==== Krog area balancing ====
o Added items to alchemy shop: yellow silk robe, wizard hat, mage wand/scepter, toothwand, small sash, potions of repair and stamina.
o added marsh light spawn
o add potions to shops
o bump to gold given in Krog area quests
o add faction point rewards to single quests
o bump xp on alchemist singaford quest
o Various polish details on quests and npc chat
o Fixed double chat message in Sewer quest
o add reward to sewer quest - large knapsack.

==== Quest Fixes/Balance ====
o Upped Shargar quest reward.
o lowered number of mobs on patrons to 35, min 20.
o Patrons now give higher faction reward.
o Newbie thrown weapon and polearms trainer now working properly
o Fixed issue on "finish your task with your other trainer" text
o DTM updates in chat when you kill a creature for the quest
o Fixed infinite xp for guild quest
o Fixed player response on stage 2 of galen quest (I took his life, but his soul) should have been on two lines in prompt.
o Guardian now looks for failed stage if you have failed to craft the pure crystal.
o Chaos knight updates appropriately.
o Updated some newbie dynamic quests
o Fixed finish your quest with your chery newbie trainer bug
o Fix for shipwreck quest.
o Some grammar and formatting changes in a few low level quests
o Fixed whisperdale emissary (spore quest) bug on stage 11 where there was no convo and got players hung waiting to talk.

==== Creatures ====
o Scaled back poison damage on scorpions (cut duration in half)
o Knight of Talazar brought up to 2020 level boss stats
o Deep shadows upped near whisperdale
o Adjusted kobold chief (better item drop chance)

July 14, 2020
  Artifact Event - July 18th 3pm ET
King Lotor has received troubling news...his spy network has heard rumblings of an impending attack from Talazar's fallen Knights!! Join us this Saturday July 18th @ 3pm EST to see what kind of mayhem will be unleashed on the lands of Dransik! NOTE: This is an artifact event, as the Knights have a chance to drop one of the 8 legendary artifacts. Be prepared for a boss level fight

July 01, 2020
  From FujiQ - Today at 8:18 AM
Hello everyone! Hope the summer is treating you well.
This whole month of July we're giving a bonus 10% to all token orders.
Hope this helps out during this crazy time!
Note this applies to orders made during July in EST time zone.

June 29, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.29.2020
- Bosses no longer spawning in walls (GoL, Projection of Kuthos, etc) GM QuanYin and GM Baldr breathe a sigh of relief
- Dynamic quest NPCs hit points adjusted up to 200+ range.
- Crumbled wall section in the Dwarven mine city was trapping player bodies; has been fixed
- Knight of Chaos when relogging no longer says kill #
- Chaos and Lotor knight quests when cancelled no longer in your quest log until you relog
- Newbie weapon quest details were not being sent to chat after accepting quest.
- Quest with branching stages were not sending stage information (Ivogur crate collecting quest, tree sample collecting, etc)
- Extended range of ghost kills that count for Father Augustan quest
- Newbie trainers needed exp no longer being decremented by other skills and quest xp
- Newbie Trainer quests, upon relogging, were telling you to return to trainer even if not done with that stage
- Patrons were giving quest if you had chosen their city as destination even if not aligned
- “Return to me after you have slain….” Grammar issue on plural kills
- Fixed issue where player object in boats could be targeted by monster AoE spells
- Stackable no drop items can no longer be traded
- Attacking Dynamic Quest NPC gave you good align credit for kill
- Can no longer Target Dynamic Quest NPCs with Target protection on
- Adjusted Krog encounters
- Fixed newbie entry gate so that you can't go past with the fishing rod.
- Adjusted Muk trap damage to random value between 200-300 dmg
- Adjusted transmute value to 15K
- Adjusted Renzel and Hemrich quest xp up
- Added gold received message in Jodrich quest
- Fixed Kobold lake quest (finding pages on brigands)
- Can finish the guild quest if you are in a guild, but you will not get a chance to create a guild unless you are NOT in a guild. This allows players to be given the guild deed without having to disband. There is still a 250K cost.
- Chat from NPCs is now being logged.

June 23, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.23.2020
- Fixed map issues in ToF islands
- Additional security in Newtown bank
- Hell’s bane animations adjusted
- Werewolf Matriarch drops bumped slightly
- DTMs give you correct # in quest window (was saying Kill 1 creature)
- Several low level quests not giving feedback for missed attempts so that you know when you are in the correct area (Shadow Temple book of agon pages, redwake Astari Spy)
- Guard in Josody now updating to the correct town alignment
- Options to show/hide NPC names now saving after you log
- Newly gained skills should now appear in skill window
- Upped value cap on transmute spell (6K)
- Can no longer go through barriers or traps (eastern gate, dragon gate, Muk dungeon spike traps, etc) using the Use cursor
- Vessel of Isos is ready to get whacked; must be on Disciple of Talazar quest to change the world to darkness
- Hammerfist Mines backdoor entrance now just an exit to work around quest anachronism

Client Patch
• Quest Log Floaters are properly sized
• Popups are over objects
• Orb/Essence allocation does not rollover back to 0
• Data file security added

June 12, 2020
  Patch Notes 6.12.2020
Another database transform was applied for the quests that use flags. They are as follows:
o Artraxis (should be set to complete not stage 9 now)
o Adelia Gnobol is losing it
o Draneth
o All of the “book” quests (if you are on one, you can now complete it)
o Zarowyn/Jhulara quests
o William the Younger
o Valekar’s Fortress quest
o Vadren and her shinies
o Shadow Temple guy lost some book pages now he’s in twouble
o Prudge’s sewer is donk
o Hemrich has some beef with Scalo
o That one quest where they guy gives you limes
o Russell the axe trainer (Flataga Mines)
o Raglnak the sword trainer (Silvest)
o Quest to kill pirates in Varg
o Moklad the doomed bat hunter
o Mirthik the polearms trainer
o Warrog, priest of Krog
o The kobold prisoner
o Kill the thieving Kobold King
o Ivogur’s mine
o Commander Garwyk
o Ettin the shady guy outside Chlera

Other Quest Bugs
• You can switch starting cities and get all of the patron gear if you so desire
• Required faction points for patron armor were adjusted down; designed to be able to acquire with normal gameplay around level 40-45. So if you have a lot of points saved up you may get several items in a row from the Lady of your town.
• Newbie Weapon trainers now recognize epool
• Redwake quest to kill Astari spies has been adjusted – the spawn of spies and the chance to drop plans
• Lotorian Knight et all no longer send you a message when you log in.
• Lotorian Knight quest no longer counts down weirdly in the quest window
• Players were somehow put on both faction quests; there is a fix to handle this when you speak to him (invisible to players but it will clear the other faction quest for you so you)
• Fix for Sonic Flyer quest (should be 40 not 50)

Misc Stuff
• The math behind treasure drops was adjusted. There was some funky stuff going on there.
• Innkeeper Kenzie in Newtown will let you stay the night at her lovely Inn on the beach.
• New Mainlands quest for totem of the wolf pup in Whisperdale from NPC Zerev and his pooch
• Ancient follower hit the gym; did not skip leg day this time. Beefier than ever!
• New sound effects from DrMeme for King Lotor, Fighters, Dwarves, Cultists, Pirates, Astari Assassins and Inquisitors, Artonians
• Issue with tradeskills artificially boosted by exiting during crafting process prior to using the adjustment item
• Holy Order Legs no longer make you look naked
• Wearing a skin no longer makes your backpack shrink
• Certain items were greyed out upon login; that should be fixed now (werewolf totem, stamina totem)
• A fix for skill window save state
• Named followers for chalice quests now use name instead of type


Anything Prior to June 8, 2020 - has been placed on the Archived News Page.

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